Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 173


After seeing Lucius, a strength emerged from somewhere in Naiya’s body. She pushed away Starla, who was pressing on her and screamed very sharply at Lucius…


Lucius rubbed his eyebrows and didn’t continue to look at the topless Naiya again.

If he came one step later, perhaps Naiya, the little girl, would have been pushed by Starla Vernet.

This kind of overindulgence towards a girl younger than herself is a big taboo for Naiya, who’s in front of Starla.

Naiya was very strong. The fact is she can single-handedly act as a demolition team in the infected area means Naiya’s strength belongs to the level of monster strength.

Panicked, Naiya pushed Starla to the ground. Looking at Starla’s upset expression while rubbing her behind, the fall must have been painful.

“Put it on.”

Lucius threw out a dress prepared for Naiya to change onto the table. Naiya reached out and grabbed the dress, not sure why she was so flustered herself, although it is a little strange that Starla wanted to …… well… to make her breasts… bigger… 

Naiya, who has recently reached adulthood, was very troubled by her childish figure.

But Naiya knows that Starla’s actions can easily be misunderstood as that kind of thing… Even though they are all women…

Oooh… it hurts. Naiya is really heartless, maybe it’s because she is afraid of being misunderstood by her beloved?”

Although Starla saw Lucius, she was still cruel with her words. Her strange eyes kept sweeping between Naiya and Lucius.

Hearing the three words “of her beloved”, Naiya’s cheeks once again emerged in a scarlet colour!

“He… he’s not!”

The girl’s shyness almost made Naiya blurt out Starla’s words, but there was still a slight sense of expectation in her heart.


“Her Royal Highness and I are only a master and servant. There is no other relationship, unlike what Miss Vernet thought.” Lucius spoke, not in the voice of a friend but in a cold voice that makes it difficult to feel any intimacy.

After Naiya heard Lucius’s words, any remaining trace of expectation is now worn out.

Master and servant?

Lucius was the master, and she was the servant, right?

‘Who am I?’

Naiya completely extinguished the unrealistic delusions in her heart and forced herself to stop begging for feelings that she would never get.

‘I am nobody.’

Naiya bowed her head and silently put her clothes back on.

“That’s quite a cruel thing to say.” Starla seemed to feel a hint of displeasure at Lucius’s answer.

“I don’t think that you need to put in any kind of feelings for a prop to be used.”

Lucius’s eyes radiated a faint scarlet colour. After glancing condescendingly at Naiya, who stood up in distress, she responded to Starla Vernet.

“Then, as a butler of Her Imperial Highness, you have come here to visit. What do you need to do?”

Because Naiya was present, Starla and Lucius played the roles they had. Naiya was unaware of the relationship between the two.

Starla Vernet voluntarily cooperated.

Starla Vernet may be the only friend Naiya has in the central capital but after tonight. This royal daughter will have nothing…

The real nothing.

As for the number one singer, her highness?

Lucius’s purpose here is to ask her for what she should have!

“I’m here to inform Miss Starla Vernet that tonight is your last performance. If you don’t hurry, you might not be able to make it to the next performance.”

Lucius’s meaning was apparent! It’s time to end this transaction.

Once Lucius gave Starla a new life and healed her body… he also gave her the opportunity to stand on this stage again, but it was limited. Demons are all greedy; exchanging her insignificant life only gives her a pitiful amount of time. Starla didn’t have much time. Now, it was time for Starla to pay the price.

Hearing Lucius’s words, Starla Vernet’s face changed.

Even this saint, who has lived for hundreds of years, her heart could not be calm after hearing this news.

But in the end, Starla still faced Lucius with a smile, with her most beautiful posture.

“Really? That’s… I really thank Mr. Lucius. I still think it’s better to call you by your name. Then… will you be an audience tonight?”

“Of course.” Lucius looked straight at Starla, who was smiling peacefully as if she hadn’t realized what she would be facing next.

“I will. I didn’t see the opening of this show tonight, but I will always see the end… Please dance to your heart’s content, Your Highness the number one singer.” Lucius leaned slightly, making way, besides Lucius was the passage leading to the much-anticipated stage.

Starla has walked countless times, and every time Starla has stepped onto the stage with her most perfect posture, perfect, confident! But today… maybe it is the only time that Starla stepped on this passage with trembling legs.

“Did you…also…like her performance?”

Naiya, who had been listening to Lucius and Starla’s dialogue, curiously asked.

The more time she spent with Lucius, the more Naiya felt the horror of Lucius… his appearance made people feel warm, but the things he did were cold and piercing.

This man, could he possibly like the song and dance of a little girl?

“I’ve never watched a performance by Miss Starla before, but…” Lucius replied to Naiya, “I’m going to love tonight’s performance! Absolutely! And I’m looking forward to your performance in this show, Your Majesty…”


Hearing Lucius’s words, Naiya had a bad feeling for some reason.

Yeah, she’s going to participate in this performance too.

Probably the bad feeling is about the crowd.

Naiya reassured herself.

After knowing that Lucius would be watching the show, somehow Naiya had the courage to stand in front of everyone.

“Come on, Naiya.”

As always, Starla took Naiya’s tiny hand and pulled Naiya towards the passage.

“Well! Let me get ready, Starla.”

Naiya was caught off guard by Starla Vernet and led out of the room, walking quickly towards the end of the passage.

Lucius leaned against the door of the dressing room and gazed at the two playful young girls.

“They are good girls, aren’t they?”

Lucius said to no one in particular… he took out a candy, ripped open the wrapper and threw it into his mouth.

“The number one singer…I will definitely finish watching this dance of murder.”

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