Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 172


Twenty minutes ago, at the number one grand theatre in the central capital.

All of the words in the world were not enough to describe the magnificence of this place. The theatre, which can hold up to 100,000 people, filled. Whether it was commoners, nobles, and even those who did not have admission tickets, they circled the theatre several times.

They all came tonight for one thing only.

And that was to listen to the number one singer, the one with the most beautiful voice in this world.


All of the lights dimmed. There’s only one light shines on one person standing on the stage.

Tonight, this stage belongs to her alone.

Starla Vernet.

Tonight, Starla was more beautiful than ever. The white dress, the way her slender body stands, her long silver and grey coloured hair falling to her waist, and her lightly make-up face… It was all effortless. Yet, it was breathtaking.

Starla Vernet stood on top of the stage, in pure white light, with elegance and beauty.

The audience stopped breathing for a moment… fearing that they would disturb the singer on stage.

Starla closed her eyes, her long eyelashes twitched, and her cherry-coloured lips sang the first note of the night.

The performance began to play silently. Starla’s song is like the moonlight in the sky, soaking into everyone’s heart and echoing.

What Starla Vernet sang was the epic of this world.

Many years ago, the Dragon God descended on this barren world and used his power to give new life into every inch of this world. When the whole world became vibrant, the god felt a little lonely. He then gave the world its most intelligent lifeform, human… who shares his very own blood.

According to legend, in ancient times, human beings were able to soar above the nine heavens by turning into dragons from the virtue of the dragon god’s blood within their bodies.

The song Starla sings started with the ethereal sound of emptiness and gradually turned vivid and vibrant. She ended magnificently like a dragon soaring into the ninth heaven, singing out the hymn of the world perfectly.

After Starla Vernet sang the last note, everything was silent.

Starla opened her eyes and looked around at the figures sitting in the stands under the darkness. The thunderous applause came from everywhere. Some of the audience even burst into tears. Starla Vernet was very familiar with this scene, and tears swell in the corners of her eyes.

Anyone would feel excited and moved by the realization of their dreams, wouldn’t they?

Tonight, Starla Vernet’s dream has come true.

She felt very satisfied.

After bowing slightly to the crowd, she left the stage and walked to the back, behind the spotlight.

Starla Vernet left the stage, but not one person in the audience left.

The show is far from over.

This was just the beginning of Starla’s performance.


After walking backstage, Starla Vernet walked quickly towards the dressing room.

Starla did not know how much time she had traded to that devil and how long she was able to realize her dream.

It’s just that there’s not much time left. The demon lying dormant inside her body may breakthrough at any time and reveal its fangs to the world.

When Starla opened the door to the dressing room and saw Naiya sitting by the mirror, her anxiety somehow calmed down a bit.

Eh? Starla!?”

Naiya immediately covered her chest when she saw Starla coming in.

For the next show, Starla has invited Naiya to go up and perform. Even though Naiya was afraid of being watched by the crowd, she accepted it gladly because it was an invitation from a good friend.

So now Naiya is changing her clothes!

When Starla came in, Naiya just took off her last top, the tender, smooth shoulders, and the willow waist without a hint of fat. In fact, Naiya’s body was beautiful beyond words… of course, that was if you ignore the pitiful part of her chest.

“Ah, it seems that I came in at the wrong time, Naiya.”

Wearing a white dress, Starla Vernet slowly walked into this room with a smile on her face looking at Naiya, who is covering her chest with a red face.

“We are all girls, Naiya. Why do you have to be so shy?”

Girls… girls?

Yes… Starla is also a girl, in theory! Why do you care about this little thing?

But Naiya looked at Starla’s slightly elevated chest and her own small, flat chest!

How could she be honest?

Any girl was very concerned about her breasts’ size, especially after learning that there is someone she might like, and that guy might like women with bigger breasts.

There was no way for Naiya to be frank in front of Starla Vernet!

‘I can’t believe I was compared to a young girl!’

This is really kind of sad for Naiya.

Even if Her Imperial Highness has a majestic appearance, she was still a young girl. She was only nineteen years old. Being with Starla gives Naiya a feeling of comfort, like when she was living in a small village.

At this moment, Naiya’s face was blank. After pretending that she didn’t care about such things, she tried to reach out her hand to pick up the costume next to the dressing table that Starla had prepared for her.

“Is that so?” Suddenly, Starla stepped forward at the same moment Naiya’s hand was moved away from her chest, so fast that Naiya didn’t even have time to react!

Starla instantly went around behind Naiya and stretched out her hands.


With a mischievous voice, Starla’s two restless little palms suddenly caught on Naiya’s chest that just a moment ago was tightly clutched!


When Starla touched her sensitive chest, Naiya’s ears turned red. The heat coming out of her face was enough to steam eggs!

“You…what are you doing?” Naiya’s voice changed its tone a little, she tried to break free, but Starla’s body was practically glued to Naiya’s back.

“Let’s check if your development is good, Naiya.” Starla said in Naiya’s ear in a slightly mischievous tone, with hot air from his lips blowing into Naiya’s ear.

That is the first time someone touched her, and the feeling was like hundreds of volts of electricity flowing through every corner of her body.

“Don’t…touch there…oooh!

Naiya cried out with a sigh, and the pale pink bump on her already bare little chest was pinched by Starla Vernet’s evil little claws, instantly causing her to surrender.

“It’s so small, Naiya.”

This little girl took advantage of Naiya’s first moan.

“If Naiya didn’t have such a beautiful face, I would have thought you were a boy, just by looking at your chest!”

Oooh… don’t say that!”

This mighty girl, who can fight against a thousand enemy, singlehandedly! Her Imperial Highness, whose combat power was endlessly overwhelming, unexpectedly lost all her combat power under the tiny palms of a young girl.

Naiya’s cheeks were red, tears flooded corners of her eyes, and she began to gasp for breath.

Clearly, Starla’s technique was very skilful!

The young girl didn’t know how many ignorant girls had been ruined for her to develop such a mature technique. In this regard, the innocent Naiya did not stand a chance at all.

The most embarrassing thing for Naiya was Starla’s words!

Saying that her breasts look like a boy?

This was definitely not a compliment for any girl!

“Naiya, if you do not grow up, you will not be liked by any boy, just like your butler. He seems to like women with mature bodies! If you want to impress him, you have to grow up fast here.”

Like women with mature bodies? Lucius’s face flashed in the mind of Naiya, who was already in shock!

That man was obviously a 10,000-year-old Lolicon, okay?

The feeling of discouragement and resignation came to Naiya’s heart again…

Lucius does not like anyone.

But this resignation was instantly washed away by the stimulation coming from her breasts and the shame brought by Starla.

“But Naiya, Starla heard that if you massage it, you can make it bigger! Do you want to try it?”


Naiya will not give her virginity to a girl! Moreover, a girl younger than herself!

But… resistance was useless.

“It won’t hurt, Naiya.”

Starla gently applied pressure to her hands and instantly pounced Naiya to the ground!


‘Oh my god! What the hell do you want to do to my subordinate!’

Lucius, who turned into a bat, stayed on top of the chandelier in this dressing room.

As soon as Lucius flew into this room, he felt a lustful aura spreading in the room.

This was perhaps the second time this evening that Lucius felt surprised! Lucius looked at the bold behaviour of the two young girls below that suddenly went spartan.

Starla Vernet, who had pounced on Naiya, also glanced upward, and it was clear that she… knew that Lucius was inside the room.

But even so, Starla did not stop her move but was now even bolder.

Simultaneously, she looked backwards to Lucius with a triumphant look in her eyes.

Ah….” Naiya moaned. There is simply no way to resist. Her vision becomes blurred gradually. Her power is too great. Naiya was afraid that it would hurt Starla, who was just recovered from a serious illness!

But this electric shock-like feeling makes Naiya overwhelmed.

‘If… it’s Lucius ……’

Wait, Lucius?

Naiya, in a blur, suddenly found that Lucius’s face appeared within her sight.

Is it an illusion? It’s definitely an illusion, right?

‘No… it’s not an illusion!’

Naiya’s pupils suddenly widened, and she grabbed Starla with one hand.

And saw… Lucius was standing in the doorway of the dressing room, wearing a butler’s uniform.

Ahem….” Lucius squeezed his eyes shut, trying his best not to let himself see this erotic scene in the room. Otherwise, he would be hungry.

What follows is an ear-piercing scream with a cry.

His subordinates are lewd, Lucius feels a little stressed.

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