Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 175


Naiya stared with wide eyes, her brain simply unable to think… she just sat down on the ground that had been covered with scarlet muscle tissue. She couldn’t accept it… there was no way to accept it.

Originally Naiya thought that Lucius was her only hope in the middle of this already desperate world.

But what is behind this hope? Still despair!

“Impossible! Starla must be saved…”

Naiya tried to stand up but found that her body… could not move?

“Why… can’t I move?”

Naiya struggled, but a voice rang out in Naiya’s mind.

‘Where are you going?’

“Of course, to save Starla! If I use the sword, I can cut through that muscle tissue and Starla must still be inside, and if I save her, everything will be like as usual…”

‘You think you can save that child with a sword? Don’t be silly! She’s right under your feet! And in front of you too! What you step on is part of her body, and what you see in front of you is also part of her body!’

“No way! Starla is not one of these ugly things!”

When Naiya heard this voice, she was so scared that she didn’t even think of moving.


‘It was me who turned that child into this, she said something about wanting to stand on this stage again, I granted her wish. The little ignorant little girl was overjoyed when she was standing up in this stage again! But I lied to her, and there was a price to pay for! What a poor child, right?’

Although Naiya guessed that he had done all this, everything was arranged by him, and Naiya had to follow the script he had placed… she had to follow…

How can she continue to obey?

The scarlet red in Naiya’s eyes suddenly burst out, clenched her teeth, her canine teeth began to grow longer… her long, dark hair fluttered without wind.

A long purple-black sword appeared in Naiya’s hands. The power that had suppressed Naiya’s body shattered like glass under the flow of her blood! Naiya’s body rushed out like an arrow from the string and rushed straight towards the “cocoon” in the centre of the stage!


Lucius suddenly felt pain in his fingers. It was broken…

Lucius’s five fingers have controlled everything within sight with the presence of blood silk thread. The connection is now severed!

Naiya broke free of Lucius’s restraint!

“What a surprise.” Lucius stared closely at Naiya, who had already stabbed his sword into the ‘cocoon’.

Lucius felt that he should re-evaluate Naiya’s potential. If she were given enough time, perhaps she would grow into existence similar to him.

It’s just a pity that she can’t get to that time… toys that betray their masters always have to be dismembered and discarded, even if it’s just because of a single impulse.

Lucius will not allow…


The audience suddenly became confused because of that huge “cocoon”!

But in the next moment, a large number of knights wearing heavy plate armour, holding a sword in their left hand and a shield in their right hand, broke through the gate of the theatre and rushed to the edge of the stage!

At the same time, under the sight of Lucius, several dark shades arrived as expected.

Too late…

Those dark dragon pupils came too late. A scene of fear had already happened!

The audience began to swarm towards the exit passage.

Scarlet fog spread throughout the venue!

The incident in the infected area during the day had made the entire central city panic, plus what happened now… all sorts of horrible rumours were confirmed by the people.

Fear was always the driving force that drives people to live.

“Stay steady! Hurry up and support Her Royal Highness!”

It’s not known which knight shouted the order, but the knights who came to support them instinctively interpreted Naiya’s actions as attacking the ‘cocoon’ and protecting the masses.

The Dark Dragon Pupils members also seemed to have gotten the Emperor’s order and used their strongest weapons to aim at the slowly beating ‘cocoon’.

It was only because Her Imperial Highness was lying on top of the ‘cocoon’, some large-scale killing weapons could not be used.



Naiya’s hand reached into the wound that was torn with the purple and black great sword, among the sticky blood and muscle tissue, hoping to grab the body that she knew.

But no… there was nothing.

The ‘cocoon’ pulsed faster and faster and faster… and finally, the terrifying life birthed within it broke out of its cocoon!

The weak and vulnerable human body has faded and evolved into a killer who can turn every inch of its body into a weapon!

Even when turned into a monster, the number one singer was still so beautiful.

The wings of a colourful butterfly that were more than ten meters long are shining with beautiful shimmer under the spotlight.

But seeing these two-winged lives that were almost like works of art, ugly and disgusting…

The butterfly looked beautiful because it has a pair of fantastic wings. The butterfly itself was hideous, but people do not see the butterfly itself…

But how about magnified it dozens of times?!

That was absolutely unacceptable to anyone…

The monster, which had turned into a bug, stretched out its wings and flew violently into the sky!

“Starla…” Naiya sat on the bursting ‘cocoon’ and stared blankly at the life flying in the middle of the sky.

Beautiful and ugly at the same time…

Naiya’s hand, which had been deep into the ‘cocoon’, was stained with a dark red tint, and the pain reminded Naiya that this was all real.

‘This is the reality…’

Starla turned into monsters, monsters that gnaw on human flesh and blood in the middle of the infected zone!

At the moment when Naiya was dazed, the infected butterfly body in the sky let out a sharp roar!

The ear-piercing sound waves swept across the theatre! Surprisingly, the upper deck was shaken off and hit the audience!

The humans’ screams of fear were unending… The infected butterfly’s body hovered in the sky and chose the most crowded platform to swoop down!

Its evolved six legs were sharper than any human forged sword blade! The hurricane with wings swept every corner of the theatre, and its sharp tentacles swept the bodies of those humans who fled in panic… 

Blood splattered everywhere!

Those humans who didn’t die were taken into the sky; then they were sent into its mouth to be chewed…

It was like hell.

The monster hovered in the sky and told these people what it means to be afraid.

The monster in the sky seems to have spotted Naiya sitting on the ground. It swooped down again, and its sharp tentacles slammed into Naiya!

But it was blocked by a tall body!

More than a dozen knights in heavy plate armour raised their shields to block Naiya’s body.

Some knights were knocked to the ground, yet some knights were split in two by the sharp tentacles…

Those who survived remained steadfast and stood in front of Naiya!

“The first squad protects Her Royal Highness, the second squad goes to help the civilians escape! Hurry!”

The short but resounding order came down from the knight leader.

This was the purpose of their battle…. to raise the shield in hands to guard their nation, their monarch.

So… as the Empress herself, what on earth… was she staring at here?

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