Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 176


‘Innocent civilians keeps on dying all the time…. Someone had to put an end to this horror.’

Her Royal Highness, who can face the enemy in whatever battle she met with the most assertive posture. Right now, her sword trembles in front of the monster flying in the sky…

Even if the monster’s hideous appearance cannot be associated with Starla, the reality was this… that monster was Starla Vernet.

The girl who had just said some childish words to her a few minutes ago!

Maybe Naiya has time to hesitate, but the Empire’s major knightly orders don’t. Since when did the Empire need an underage girl to save it?

Don’t underestimate the power of the central capital city administration!

“Elevation angle of seventy-five degrees! The largest destruction bomb is allowed! It doesn’t matter if the magic gun is overheated and burned! Shoot that damn thing down!”

These knights might have been at ease for too long, and their bodies gradually begin to rust. Some of the knights felt fear, facing the sharply roaring monster in the sky.

The people behind them were all fleeing in panic and in fear, making them realize what they were responsible for. —To sacrifice for the sake of the Empire, from the moment they swore to become a royal knight, they were ready to accept this fate!

The frontline army is the was First Order of Royal Knights of the Empire led by Kensel!

In the hands of these knights, the alchemical device called the Magic Cannons, the most powerful strategic weapon in this world. Both single soldiers and the military had adjusted to their maximum power. This gun, which looked like a medieval cannon, was gradually enveloped in a dangerous crimson color with a light blue glow.

Hundreds of guns were aimed at the infected flying butterfly in the sky!

After the infected butterfly tasted human flesh and blood, its colorful wings emitted a deadly appearance… The moment the colorful phosphorus powder sprinkled down, the infected butterfly charged down towards the knights below!


These knights were not afraid; when the flying monster approach them, they just wanted to give it the most damage.

The blacklight virus will devour the parasitized host’s soul and brain, turning the host into a monster that only knows how to kill and feed… Even if this infected body was lucky enough to evolve into a fourth-level infection, it was still the same. It relied on its instincts to act. It did not realize how dangerous the red-light emitting weapons in the hands of the humans are!!

At the moment the launch command was issued, hundreds of beams between the golden and white rays burst out suddenly. At the same time, there was the sound of firearms bursting due to overload!

The beams lit up the night sky, piercing everything in their path ……

And that includes the infected!

The beams scorched the infected butterfly’s magnificent wings!

Its charging body lost its balance in the air. It began to wave its wings again, seemingly intending to fly away…

Only… it’s not that simple!




The master of shadows of Central Capital instantly appeared next to the infected body that was struggling to fly upwards again, hundreds of meters from the ground!

The human body was so insignificant compared to this monster, but…. the human intelligence was a hundred times stronger than these monsters!


The moment the first dragon pupil’s icy command was given, the Dark Dragons under the pitch-black cloak surrounded the butterfly-shaped infected from all sides and moving towards it. One after another, cold and dark chains stabbed out violently! Several pierced into the abdomen of this monster, fishy green liquid splashed out from the wounds in all directions…

The monster hissed, trying to use its tentacles to cut off these things that bound its body.

But in the next second, several more shadows appeared next to the monster’s angry waving tentacles…

The black blade pierced the surrounding air and cut off several sharp tentacles!

The monster howled with pain and was torn apart by the human!

Almost as soon as the tentacles were cut off, the floating black cloak quietly appeared on the monster’s back!

“Don’t… underestimate humans!”

The first dragon pupil raised a giant sword that was inseparably linked with assassination. Using his instinct as an assassin, he aimed at the nerve center of the monster’s brain and pierced it with all his strength!

The sword pierced through the monster’s strong armor and entered the monster’s body!

The sharp hissing sound was so loud that the ground also began to shake.

Finally, under the siege of humans, the monster was torn from the sky, destroying nearly half of the theater. The colossal monster fell heavily in the theater audience!

After all this, the black shadow landed firmly on the ground… The figure shrouded in the black cloak exuded a frightening aura.

The first dragon pupil stood in front of the creature, seeing its twitching body, his sword aimed at its brain, wanting to give it the final blow…

Some beings, even though they only rely on their instincts, are still terribly intelligent…

How many legs does a butterfly have? How many tentacles? Six legs and two tentacles, isn’t it?

But this monster was not a butterfly, but a monster infected with a mutated version of the blacklight virus!

The human ignored this, and they will pay the price.

The moment the first dragon pupil raised his sword, the monster’s abdomen suddenly split open, and a shockingly fast black shadow ejected from it… Even the first dragon pupil could not catch it, and the black shadow penetrated his abdomen!

The moment blood gushed out from his body, the black-colored sword in his hand fell to the ground…

After seeing his leader’s injury, the member of the Pupil of the Dark Dragon leaped onto the audience stage with fantastic speed from his feet. He drew the dagger in his arms and stabbed it into the body of his leader, who was still alive!

At the moment the dagger pierced, the cold assassin’s heart trembled…

“I’ll leave it to you!” The head of the group gave his last order in life. There were no extra words, but the palm of his hand was put together with the hand of the member who killed him…

After that, the member grabbed the black-colored sword that was still falling mid-air and rushed towards the struggling monster, succeeding his leader to complete the unfinished mission.

Humans who were injured by monsters will only become monsters! From the moment they joined this legion of shadows, their lives no longer belonged to them…

The Emperor’s order is to kill this monster!

Even at the expense of the whole army, they must finish it!

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