Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 180


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The inexplicable fear in Naiya’s heart was spreading non-stop!

‘What’s going on?’

Naiya opened her heavy eyes. Although she couldn’t move her whole body, Naiya could clearly see the figure walking towards her from the shadow of the forest.

‘What is… going on?’

‘Is it Lucius?’

If it is Lucius, Naiya can gladly accept her end. No matter what it is, Naiya would accept it because her life and everything she had were given by Lucius. Naiya is not qualified to refute Lucius’s decision.


That figure was not Lucius!

“The words spoken by the prophet are indeed correct.”

The expensive leather boots walked steadily on the weeds of the forest…

“You look awful, Your Majesty…”

The same voice came slowly, calm and thick, with strange magnetism to it.

That voice came from someone who was originally a polite old nobleman, the most eye-catching and successful one, among the several grand dukes in the Central Capital.

The patriarch of the First Family, Lissner Crowell…

‘Why… would he be here?’

Before Naiya could think clearly about this stranger’s visit, a sharp pain came above Naiya’s head!

“What’s wrong, your Great Royal Highness?”

Lissner’s voice was calm and undisturbed, but when he walked up to Naiya, who was lying on the ground, instead of saving the Empress whose life was in danger as a servant of the empire, Lissner heaved a foot on Naiya’s head.

Lissner looked down on Naiya at his feet from above, his blue pupils with endless coldness and a bit of teasing.

“Those fools in Central City are pathetic! You’re a dirty, lowly impostor! A mere wild girl who came out of nowhere, how can you inherit the throne?” Lissner said and kicked Naiya hard in the abdomen again!

“What makes you… able to defeat my heir? On what basis?”

Without stopping, the anger inside him made Lissner kick again and again on Naiya’s body, which didn’t have any strength at all.

What Lissner said is the truth…. Naiya has felt numb anyway. She will soon leave this world. There is no point in thinking about superfluous things.

Just then…

Naiya felt heart-drilling pain in the palm of her hand!


“You are vampires right?! The monsters living in the dark that can only be wiped out under the light!”

A jet black spear pierced Naiya’s palm and nailed it to the ground!

The blood flowed down from the wound on Naiya’s hand and dripped onto the green grass. It made a corrosive sound. This corrosiveness is brought from the blood of the true ancestor.

He did not wait for Naiya to react. Another jet black spear pierced Naiya’s other hand. She was nailed to the ground. Just then, Naiya felt the pain of her legs being pierced…

Faced with this torture, Naiya did not say a word, nor did she intend to resist. In the face of death, Naiya felt tranquility.

That man only needed her body and the status of the Emperor’s daughter.

Four black spears nailed Naiya to the ground!

Lissner squatted down, and with thick white gloves in his hands, he stared at Naiya’s dead pupil without a trace of expression, “I will make you experience this pain too! The same pain as my heir…”

Lissner suddenly took out a wooden box from his arms.

The surface of the wooden box is decorated with a large number of dark silver lines. The most striking thing is the seal of the silver and white cross in the center!

‘This is… this is….’

Naiya’s dead pupils once again glowed with a hint of brilliance.


The wooden box spread boundless fear to Naiya’s heart.

The contents of this wooden box made Naiya felt fear in every drop of blood inside her body.

Wait…. the blood flowing all over her body?

Right now, the blood on her body is Lucius’s blood, right? Why would that man have a moment to feel afraid? Impossible, right?

“Don’t think I don’t know your true identity!” Perhaps seeing the fear flashing in Naiya’s pupils, Lissner’s expressionless face wore a cruel smile.

‘Vampires …… He knows my identity?’

Naiya had thought that the only two vampires in this world were Lucius and herself, but it seems like that is not the case.

When he crushed the wooden box in his hand and revealed what was inside, Naiya could no longer restrain the fear from her blood, and her whole body began to tremble slightly.

‘What the hell is it?’

Naiya looked at the item held in Lissner’s hand with fear.

‘A nail….’

A nail that looks plain and unadorned!

But the most primitive fear kept spreading in Naiya’s heart!

The True Ancestor’s Blood was fearing and at the same time reminding Naiya to run away quickly!

‘Death… absolute death!’

Naiya, who had already planned to face death openly, saw the nail, her body began to struggle, but her limbs were nailed to the ground. No matter how she struggled, it was useless!

“Any vampire who is penetrated through the heart by this thing will certainly die! You, are the first! But not the last. I know there is someone behind you! I’ll find him and put this nail through his heart! Damn all of you monsters of the darkness!”

Lissner’s expression became more and more gloomy.

‘Run away? Run away quickly?’

Naiya knew that she would be killed, and when she was enveloped in endless fear, she did not think of running away…. Instead, she wanted to tell Lucius that he was in danger!

When this thought came to her mind and instantly filling it, Naiya think it was ridiculous! Lucius is so powerful, simply unbeatable, in front of him, they were utterly useless… Lucius must have expected and thought of how to deal with this kind of thing. Calm and unhurried, nothing can make a ripple in his heart.

Maybe she’ll just have to die quietly here so as not to give Lucius trouble…

Naiya knows that her value was only the Empress in physical body, not the soul named Naiya… And now that Naiya has completed all the tasks Lucius gave her, she was like a useless toy that should be abandoned by her master.

Inexplicable bitterness and grievance spread in Naiya’s heart, right at this moment.

“Damn monster, disappear from this world for me!”

At this moment, Lissner raised the iron nail in his hand high and violently pierced it into Naiya’s heart!

The entire iron nail did not enter Naiya’s chest. There was no blood, no cry of pain, only the true liberation of a helpless soul.

Thorns, almost instantly, the red and green thorns grew crazily, centered on the iron nail that pierced into Naiya’s heart!

The thorns aggressively covered Naiya’s entire body, wrapping her body and dragging it into the deepest depths of darkness!

Lissner’s victory-like maniacal laughter echoed in the forest.

Exhausted, but unfortunately, there was no place for Naiya to sleep peacefully…

Perhaps her death is something that Lucius had planned long ago…

At the moment when her consciousness was about to collapse, Naiya didn’t know why such a self-deprecating thought appeared, but it is also very true…


Lucius was drinking water in the Central Capital.

The Sky Harbor’s observation deck in the Central Capital can be regarded as a big tourist spot. Several young and beautiful waiters bring drinks to the tourists who stand on the observation deck and watch the Central Capital’s beautiful night view.

When Lucius asked for a glass of plain water, he was stared at by the people around him.

It doesn’t matter. Lucius was very thirsty because it has been a long time since he drinks blood.

But a drink is a drink.

Lucius leaned on the railing of Sky Harbor’s observation deck. He looked in the direction that Naiya, who was driving the small plane to fight the monsters, flies to. There was one thing that made Lucius pondering.

Where did Naiya go?

The fighter’s performance is too powerful. Lucius and Naiya’s bloodline induction also has a limited range. Naiya has disappeared from Lucius’s range of perception.

‘Forget it, finish this cup of water and then go find her.’

The blood of the True Ancestor protects Naiya. She won’t be affected by virus infection. Even if she was eaten by any magical beast, it wouldn’t be long before her vitality was restored again.

Lucius wasn’t afraid that Naiya would escape. Naiya was now Lucius’s little tail. Without Lucius, Naiya cannot live alone.


Lucius looked at the bottom of the empty glass. He asked the waiter for another glass of water, then took a few sips.

‘Why hasn’t she come back?’

More than ten minutes have passed since the small monster was defeated in seconds. He should be able to resurrect the demons there using blood immediately, no?

When Lucius took another sip of the water.


He instantly spewed it out and… accidentally sprayed onto another tall man beside him!


That guy is not someone to mess with, with his whole body getting sprayed, but when his eyes met Lucius’s…

This tall man suddenly fell to his knees, even lying on the ground! Sweat overflowed from all over his body, and he is unable to lift his head in front of Lucius!

“Get lost!”

After Lucius gave a cold snort, all the windows above the observation deck suddenly burst! Then Lucius’s figure disappeared into the night.

After Lucius left, the tall man sat down on the ground with lingering fear. What did he see?

‘Lord Dragon God….’

‘That pair of golden pupils was definitely the Lord Dragon God, no mistake!’

‘Just like the wrath of the gods…’

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