Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 179


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The longer she stood on top of this terrifying ‘airship’.

The more Naiya felt the horror of what she was stepping on under her feet…

‘This is simply not something this world should have!’

The oncoming gust of wind has no way to stop Naiya at all, for the monster was right in front of her!

The destructive power contained within this steel beast beneath her feet poured out under Naiya’s control!

Almost every attack was a full blast of firepower. —And each missile hit the infected body with unparalleled precision, blossoming into one gorgeous scene of fireworks after another around it.

Another missile burst as if there was no end to it. A barrage of missiles flies through towards infected under Naiya’s command!

The power of the engine has almost reached its maximum limit. Even if the knight’s code has strengthened it, this aircraft has practically a tendency to disintegrate under this unreasonable use.


Naiya’s eyes were glued to the fleeing infected…

Now Starla must be very scared… So, Naiya wants to end all this.

‘Just… stop!’

This degree of manipulation took a toll on Naiya!

The blood of the true vampire ancestor was not something that belongs to Naiya… or rather, that the power that Naiya currently possesses is not hers.

Naiya can only trade her life if she wants to become stronger, and this is what she’s doing just now!

The erosive power of the True Ancestor’s blood is gradually assimilating Naiya’s body, taking possession of it…

While it’s giving Naiya great power, it was also destroying Naiya’s body!

‘Just a little bit more! Just a little bit!’

Naiya didn’t beg to be able to redeem her sin in this way. She just wants to be able to fulfill that little promise she made with Starla.

‘To end the show…. It has to end!’

With her heart beating so fast that she almost suffocated, Naiya concentrated her mind and used all the power she could to the fullest!

‘We are finally close!’

Just as it was about to fly out of the Central Capital, the infected monster seemed weak or maybe exhausted by the continuous bombardment…

The monster’s speed slowed down, and the distance between Naiya and it began to close gradually.

‘Soon…soon, Starla… you will be relieved!’

The fighter jet beneath her feet was in danger of disintegrating. Its tail and flanks were already breaking apart from the excessive speed! Now Naiya was entirely relying on her own ability and talent to control this crippled jet fighter’s balance…

Naiya can even see the lines on the infected’s body armor.

‘It’s time now…’ 

Naiya stroked the blade of the Arondight! The infected monster seems like it has been waiting for a while…

Defying the laws of physics while in mid-air, it dramatically stopped!

Then the infected body’s abdomen ripped open, revealing sharp, barbs-like, jagged teeth!

Naya couldn’t control the movement of the steel behemoth, so she rushed up with the remaining momentum. She didn’t dodge, nor did she have the intention to dodge. She pointed Arondight straight at the most fatal spot of this monster!


The infected monster let out a shrill roar while Naiya’s body slammed into its body.

The blade of Arondight sword entered the infected monster’s body…

Now, Naiya was more like a vampire than a human. The blood of the true ancestor completely aroused Naiya’s ferocity as a vampire. —Or rather, as Lucius called it, an instinct.

Lucius knows where the infected monster’s most fatal point is, and Naiya, who has inherited Lucius’s power… also knows it!

Naiya’s legs and abdomen were penetrated by the infected monster’s sharp barbs, the monster’s whole body collapse from the impact!

Naiya’s sword stabbed into the infected monster’s most deadly place, Starla’s heart.

Not the monster’s heart, but Starla’s heart!

As the sword blade stabbed into the infected monster, Naiya found that Lucius had mercilessly deceived her once again… The hideous monster in front of her was nothing more than a layer of skin that wrapped Starla inside.

Starla’s petite body was still asleep among the writhing muscle tissue inside this monster’s body.

Did she regret it?

Naiya clutched the purple and black sword hilt. The monster lost any strength, and it falls from a height of a thousand meters with Naiya.

The sword transmitted its message. Naiya can clearly feel the moment when Starla’s body was penetrated, the moment when her weak heart stopped beating!

With this sword, Naiya had truly killed Starla.

She had killed that young girl, her only hope…

At the same time, it also put an end to this show.


The infected monster’s huge body fell with Naiya into a forest, unknown how far from the Central Capital.


After crashing several trees, they finally stopped…

The black-colored flesh of the massive infected monster’s body emits a disgusting smell. The sticky green liquid keeps spilling out of its punctured wounds.

‘It’s dead…’

The monster was killed by Naiya, as the shell alone simply can not live.

Naiya was lying on this monster’s abdomen. The armor on her body turned into stardust and shattered…


Naiya’s mouth coughed out a large amount of blood mixed from the wounds in her internal organs. Her body suffered from the broken flesh, legs, and abdomen of the horrendous wound.

A sense of weakness spreads across Naiya…

But Naiya didn’t stop because of this.

“Starla…” Naiya called out. Using her hands, she tore open the monster’s ugly shell with brute force, reaching into it with both hands in search of someone she knew so well.

“Don’t die… please!”

Naiya still has the last glimmer of hope…

Naiya touched something…

Something familiar…

She yanked hard… Eventually, she found Starla, naked, with her slender and petite body, from the ugly shell…

“Na… Naiya…?”

The young girl was covered with some unknown slime on her body. She opened her eyes slightly and looked at Naiya.


Under the shining of moonlight, Starla was completely the same, and nothing has changed…

‘She’s still alive!’

Naiya fiercely reached out and took Starla’s body into her arms!

“Great… you’re okay… it’s really…great!”

Starla’s eyes were a little confused. After being hugged by Naiya, she suddenly became awake. She stretched out her hand and hugged Naiya’s body. She was feeling Naiya’s dependence and care for her.

What a familiar feeling this is. It is the second time that Naiya has embraced Starla in her arms…

The first time was on the airship. She naively thought that the mourners would kill her… But when Naiya embraced Starla into her arms without any reason, she swore that it was the first time she felt the warmth of embrace in her own two lives.

For the first time, she felt like her life was cherished by someone… for the first time, someone would cry because of her life and death.

Starla was happy, really happy…


“Sorry, Naiya.. this time it seems… there is no way… to say it’s okay.”

Starla hugged Naiya’s body. Her hands gradually became weak, and her body slowly became transparent.

Starla Vernet should have died early in life, but she met a demon who let her continue to live. But now, the deal has come to an end, and it was time for the demon to take back what he should have.

Starla, who had lost the support of the Blacklight virus, had no right to exist in this world.

“Starla, don’t….”

“I’m already satisfied Naiya, to be able to perform on stage again and meet you, I feel very happy.”

Starla sniffed the smell of Naiya’s body, not to smell the infected monster’s blood, but to smell the scent that belonged to Naiya. She hoped to remember Naiya, but because her body functions had collapsed, Starla could not see anything…. nor hear anything. She can only smell.

Starla wants to remember Naiya’s existence…


This may be the only purpose for Naiya to live in this world. Revenge or anything has become irrelevant.

“Hurry up and escape, Naiya….”

Starla’s body disintegrated little by little in Naiya’s embrace, turning into a bit of starlight and dissipating.

“Now, hurry up and run away! Don’t go back… run away from that man’s hands.”


No matter how Naiya screamed, Starla couldn’t hear her.

Finally, Naiya desperately watched as Starla turned into starlight and disappeared before her eyes.

Naiya stared blankly at the scattered stardust…

The monster’s body on the ground was also in pieces.

Naiya fell to the floor. Her whole body lost all its strength… she fell down.

Not only her body but also her heart.

‘I don’t want to go back… Escape?’

The True Ancestor’s blood was rioting in Naiya’s body as if to swear its right, occupying every corner of Naiya’s body and destroying it at the same time. Death was not far away.

Naiya did not resist it. She lets it erode her body, every inch of her skin, every drop of her blood… was now beginning to belong to the man.

Naiya’s body will not die, but the power of the blood of the true ancestor will destroy her soul and dominate her body…

Perhaps, this was also what she hoped for. Naiya finally smiled to herself. The world was shrouded in darkness… Naiya could not find a place to stay, any person to rely on. There was no point in staying.

It’s very tiring, Naiya feels very tired, so it’s okay to sleep forever and run away with Starla.

But somehow, Naiya heard a footstep in the middle of the forest, and it seemed to be gradually approaching her….

‘Who is it?’

The exhausted Naiya slightly opened her eyes…


After seeing who it was clearly, Naiya instantly widened her pupils, and a feeling of fear grew in Naiya’s dead heart.

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