Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 183


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Naiya had a very strange dream…

In the dream, she was a happy mother… she had a very cute and adorable little daughter pestering her. Naiya loves this little girl very much. But the child’s father never appeared…

This beautiful dream was mercilessly broken by a ray of sunshine.

Naiya was now sitting in front of the dresser, combing her long black hair. And Lucius was sitting by the balcony, biting a candy inside his mouth, looking at Naiya.

What happened last night… Naiya remembers it very clearly, how he healed her, even if she was stupid.

The stubbornness and fear that she had pretended to have in front of Lucius all disintegrated last night… And now, Naiya was panicked because she doesn’t know how to conceal her embarrassment in front of Lucius. She only could comb her long hair over and over again…

“You did a good job last night.”

Without any disguise, Lucius looked at Naiya through the mirror.

Hmm...” Naiya replied in a low voice.

“I think after last night’s battle, the name of the Empress should have penetrated deep into the hearts of the peoples.”

Hm…” Naiya continued to reply in a silent voice.

“If I’m not wrong, within a short three days, you will be crowned Queen! By then, when the saint arrives, you will be able to complete your revenge…”


Hearing this, Naiya stopped combing her hair for a beat.


At this inappropriate time, the door of Naiya’s room was knocked on. The voice of the new servant who is serving the Empress came from outside the door.

Lucius was already listed in the central city’s personnel records as a member of the treacherous organization called the Mourners. Moreover, he was supposed to be dead… Lucius knew that if he was seen here, it was not a good thing.

“Then I look forward to the day when you will rule the world, Your Majesty.”

Lucius’s figure turned into smoke and disappeared from the room.

Looking at Lucius’s disappearing figure, Naiya felt empty and lost inside.

The plan was still going on, and the relationship between her and Lucius hadn’t changed much from what happened last night.

Naiya shook her head and buried the extravagant hope in her heart.

If her life was given by Lucius, then let’s burn it up for him.

Naiya made up her mind and tied the black ribbon from Lucius to her long black hair again.

At the same time, she also ordered the person knocking outside the door to come in.

Well, perhaps the Emperor was being cautious. It was a rather cute-looking maid who came in.

“Your Majesty…Your Majesty, I…am your…new maid, and… Also, His Majesty the Emperor has asked you to come over now… immediately.”

This little maid didn’t look as old as Naiya and was very shy after seeing the person she serves and idolizes for the first time.

“Immediately…” Without any distractions, Naiya put on her clothes and once again became the heroic royalty.


“Xerath…” Lucius whispered the name of his familiars.

Now, Lucius was on the road to the most sacred place in the central capital, the Divine Dragon Church’s church.

“What is the matter, Lord Summoner?”

Xerath’s voice rang in Lucius’s ears. He was ten thousand meters above Lucius, just one command from Lucius. An arcane catapult no less than a small nuclear bomb would descend on any location in Central Capital, blasting everything in Central Capital to pieces.

Probably because of the catastrophic accident last night, there weren’t many people on the streets of the central city.

The fact that Starla, the number one singer of the all-name idols, had turned into a monster was depressing for many fans who loved her.

“How large an area can your maximum destructive power cover?”

Lucius looked up at the huge church. Words are not enough to describe the magnificence and shock it gave.

The Central Capital Palace was one of the castles in the whole Central Capital, and this church was the other one.

In the early morning sunlight, the walls emit a light golden glow, sacred and beautiful.

“I am the purest arcane-magic-composed life in the world… If all my power is brought together into one point, I can erase any ‘roots’ of existence. If my power is formed into a line, the city will be split in two. If my power is spread into a single surface, then all existence within your sight, Lord Summoner, will be destroyed!”

This arcane being has absolute confidence in the power he controls. The power of a single lightning arrow from Xerath was enough to rival an intercontinental missile, and he can fire this level of arrow at the speed of a Vulcan machine gun!

As a level 7 being, Xerath was a completely mobile humanoid self-propelled cannon, a strategic weapon! The proper weapon to destroy a city.

“Then, can you feel the power protecting the area around this church?”

Lucius approached this church like a pilgrim.

The divine dragon religion did not advocate the equality of all beings. Because of the divine dragon blood flowing in their bodies, they only respect humans who the divine dragon favored.

Classism, almost at birth in this world. The concentration of the so-called dragon god’s blood carried in their body has already determined the path and status they will take in this lifetime.

This was not a fair system.

But it was the same with Lucius’s race.

This was the system practiced by the blood race!

Bloodline determines everything about you.


When Lucius just stepped into the range of the church’s holy light, Lucius felt he had passed through a thin film of nothingness.

This is an existence this world calls spiritual energy, the energy that makes the machinery of this world move and also makes this world measure human beings by the Dragon God’s blessing. For humans who wanted to obtain spiritual energy, there is only one way.

That was to challenge the Tower of the Top!

Lucius also obtained this power, but it was absorbed and strengthened by the super power in Lucius’s body called ‘Vector Control’.

What a generous god.

“It doesn’t take long to break down this energy wall.”

Xerath didn’t seem surprised by this power. After all, he himself was a convergence of energy.

“Are you familiar with it?” Lucius has no idea about the power formation of this world.

“Lord Summoner, I can call all the energy in this world’s arcane magic! The composition of this world’s energy is also the same, although they are arranged in different ways, but the essence is the same. It comes from the origin of the human soul. The power of life, whether it is birth, old age, sickness, or death, it will be continuously consumed and regenerated.”

“I don’t understand…”

Lucius’ very concise answer caused this arcane life stunned. Luckily, Xerath did not have a throat, or he would have choked.

“Well, perhaps there is no way for you to understand…”

“I don’t want to understand all that nonsense, power for me is nothing more than a tool that can be used for action, it just need to be strong enough! Now, Xerath I ask you! Are you stronger than this thing you call ‘energy wall’?! Do you have the means to tear it apart and guarantee that you will be able to severely damage what is inside?”


Although Xerath’s name was long forgotten in its world, Xerath’s take pride in being the strongest arcane controller in Shurima until the rune shacked that sealed him fades it.

The shackles cannot bind Xerath forever. Sooner or later, he will break through these chains and let the world witness his unmatched power again.

“These things, I only need to put a small spark to break it, even if it was strengthened a hundred times, it would still be the same.”

“So, if the city protected by these things is no less than the size of the central capital… what would happened?”

Lucius has walked to the door of this church. There were many patterns representing various meanings on the walls of the church. Among them was a giant city suspended in the sky, while the humans on the ground kneeling in worship.

The Court of the Gods!

The City in the Sky…

Lucius couldn’t imagine how large the sky city that imprisoned those saints was. It would, at least, not be much less than the area of this church.

‘In this world, how was it possible to build such a thing?’

Lucius does not believe that this world, which is in a Victorian steampunk era, could create a city suspended in the sky. The steampunk style of the world and this white and gold-colored architecture style simply do not fit together. There must be something…. Something unknown how many years ago, there must be some horrible existence that multiplied and thrived here.

Or maybe this is the work of the real gods.

Lucius knew very little about this world. In the end, he realized that he didn’t understand it at all.

Whether it was the Tower of the Top or the Court of the Gods, no matter which world you put it in, it was a remarkable miracle!

“The city… the city….”

There was hesitation in Xerath’s words.

Xerath had absolute confidence in himself, to the point of being arrogant! If not, there was no way he would have done something as crazy as converting his body into pure arcane energy.

Absolute confidence in his power and absolute confidence in his judgment…

But it doesn’t mean that Xerath was not self-conscious. Any existence that practices magic was wise, and so was Xerath.

“If it is a city of this level, I can’t do anything about it… If it’s just a city the size of this church, it will take a while for me to destroy it.”

Xerath didn’t say he couldn’t, just that it would take a while. There is a limit to one’s power, after all.

But Lucius needed Xerath to destroy in one hit.

One-shot, just one shot to blast this city to ruin.

But just as Lucius was thinking, a small beetle suddenly appeared on the ground at Lucius’s foot.


Lucius squatted down and grabbed the beetle, which was only the size of his palm, and found that it carried a letter on its forefoot.

‘Treasure, master, go home. By Arthas.’


Lucius looked at the note and translated what the whimpering King, who was not very good at expressing herself, was trying to say.

‘We’ve dug up an unbelievable treasure! Master, hurry back, you are needed to finalize it, By Arthas.’

That’s about it.

What kind of treasure is it? That the great Lich King did not hesitate to send one of the four warlords under him, the Crypt Lord, to be a messenger?

Lucius glanced at the small beetle on the ground that had burrowed into the earth again.

“Xerath, are you good at archaeology?”

“A little bit.”

“Then I now order you to return to our stronghold once again and assist the Lich King.”

‘My little kitty, it is at least half a month’s journey from the Buried Gold City….’ 

Lucius’s plan is progressing to a critical time, but she told him to go back… He simply couldn’t. But, Xerath is different. He was a humanoid self-propelled gun integrated with supersonic jets. It only takes minutes to travel between Buried Gold City and Central Capital.

“Yes, Lord Summoner.”

Xerath was not afraid that Lucius will be killed again or something. Xerath clearly has defined its position. Xerath was not Lucius’s bodyguard but the nuclear bomb button in his hand. A bodyguard would kill at most two or three people, but if Lucius pressed the button in his hand, the entire Central Capital is going to be destroyed.

Besides, Lucius simply does not need Xerath’s protection. Even Xerath himself could not kill Lucius.


The arcane being crossed the sky with a meteoric tail trail and disappeared in the sky above the Central City.

Lucius had no thoughts about Xerath leaving.

The new holy nail that appeared last night made Lucius very concerned.

Now, Lucius came to this church for the same purpose!

After absorbing Lissner’s memory, Lucius discovered that he was used entirely as a pawn… Lissner’s holy nails were given to him by someone else. All the information about Naiya and Lucius was also revealed to him by someone else.

And this person was in the cathedral in front of Lucius!

“Since I have been given such a big surprise gift.” Lucius faithfully stepped into this church that can’t be described as a holy city, “How can I not give back a proper gift? Don’t you think so? Preacher!”


Countless people were praying in the church.

The recent turmoil in the Central Capital has made people panic, but faith is a spiritual anchor. It can calm people’s nervousness.

Templar knights wearing golden armor and priests wearing white robes are walking back and forth.

Several templars guard the entrance to the road that leads deep into the church.

It wasn’t easy to get into the depths of this church.

However, since Lucius’s record in the Central Capital was a deceased wanted criminal, not many people know about his status as a mourner at all.

Lucius thought about it carefully and turned into a bat. Slowly, he was jumping on the ceiling of this church and leaped into the depths of the church.

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