Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 184


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The blood was tasteless. Lucius does not even know why.

In the deserted corner of this church, Lucius loosened his arms. He embraced a little nun who was already blushing and panting.

The two bloody holes at her neck looked particularly hideous.

Being able to enter a place that can be called a forbidden place in the church, this nun was undoubtedly a loyal believer who serves the gods both physically and mentally.

It’s just that… it’s tasteless.

Lucius wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. In front of the nun’s dull eyes, he snapped his fingers. The nun immediately regained her original appearance. After confusedly glanced around, she found that there was no one at all. She hastily clutches the book in her hand, not knowing whether it was a Bible or something else, and ran towards the end of the corridor.

After she left, Lucius’s body quietly emerged from the darkness.

Her blood wasn’t pure human blood.

Lucius finally came to this conclusion. This nun who served the gods with both body and mind, the blood in her body gradually changed from a human being to more like other creatures.

But no matter what, Lucius analyzed the memories drawn from her blood. Finally, he found out the whereabouts of the prophet that he was searching for.

Although Lucius hates to admit it, this church is too big; its corridors are intricate, almost like a maze.

Even as a little bat, he was lost. So, Lucius had no choice but to find a passing nun to “ask” the way.

After asking, Lucius easily found the room where the prophet usually stays.

The prophet was not a priest of the Divine Dragon religion. He does not even know if this priest is a believer in the Divine Dragon. However, he has the qualification to inhabit the most important depths of the Divine Dragon church.

His existence is equivalent to a guest, and even the Pope needs to respect the guests he receives.

In the nun’s memory, there was not a single piece of information about the prophet. She only knew which room the prophet usually lived in.

Lissner’s memory was the same.


Lucius walked along the corridor to a massive stone gate, where the prophet lived.

It is a pity that Lucius turned the Pope and the Commander of the Templars into flesh and blood puppets. Otherwise, he can read their memories, and everything will be clearer.

But now…

‘You want to play mysterious?’

Lucius raised his head and looked at the stone gate. Seeing the complicated structure of the stone gate, it seemed that it needed three keys to be inserted at the same time to open it.

These three keys are in the Pope’s hands, the Commander of the Templars, and himself.


Lucius laughed coldly. The Yamato Blade suddenly appeared in Lucius’s hand. He put his hand on the hilt and drew the sword at an incredible speed!

The azure glow cut through everything in front of Lucius.

In the exact moment when the hilt and sheath of the Yamato Blade closed, the heavy stone door in front of Lucius cracked into hundreds of pieces and fell to the ground.

The rumbling sound spread in all directions.

The loud sound alarmed the members of the church.

It was startling and alarming.

But don’t forget!

This church was already Lucius’s property!


The room was spotless, and there is no dust at all. Lucius walked inside, stepping on the broken stones.

The whole room was filled with a strange blue color.

In the middle of the room, there was a figure who was covered in a white robe. He did not seem to feel frightened by Lucius’s forced entry. Instead, he continued to sit calmly at the table in the center of the room, playing with the crystal ball in his hand as if he knew Lucius would come.

“Quite sharp.”

The young voice echoed throughout the room.

“My knife is a bit fast, I’m really sorry that I accidentally destroyed your door, next, you will be destroyed!”

Lucius did not wait for an answer. He just stepped slowly towards him.

Lucius couldn’t distinguish his figure and appearance with the white robe shrouded all over his body. He could only tell from his voice that he was a young man.

He heard Lucius’s words and was silent for a moment.

“Give me a chance.”

“Chance?” Lucius smirked, “What chance do you want? Who am I to give it to you?”

Since Lucius came to this world, he was the first troublesome existence that he met. He even nearly ruined the plan that Lucius had painstakingly worked on!

The scariest thing for Lucius is his possession of the holy nail!

For vampires, the holy nail was the most deadly among all things. No matter how he got the holy nail, such a person cannot stay.

“I had no choice before, now, I want to be a good person…”

Be a good person?

‘As a prophet, were you forced by anyone? Do you realize the charges for framing the Empress, don’t even mention what you done to me.’

Good people do not pay for their life. Lucius will not pity good people.

“You… are better off to ask for mercy from others in hell, no, maybe you can’t even go to hell.”

The Yamato Blade was quietly unsheathed in Lucius’s hand. The smooth blade reflected the figure under the white robe.

“So that means you want me to die?”

“You must die… This is the end of this boring conversation, you will not rest in peace, prophet…”

But… when Lucius wanted to slash down the Yamato Blade, he felt that something was wrong… Lucius was very close to the body now, but he didn’t feel the smell of blood flowing in his body.

‘It can’t be….’

Lucius ran over and violently lifted the figure under the white robe shroud.

“Happy birthday! Brother!!!”


Under Lucius’s astonished eyes, several salutes exploded among the cloak, and colorful paper flowers exploded all over him!

Lucius swings the Yamato Blade, and all of the paper flowers are shredded.

Lucius’s eyes once again gathered on that round table.

There was no one… no one at all!

Only a small MP3, it is indeed an MP3! Items that belong to the Earth and not to this world, this small instrument was playing a recording on a loop.

“Pretty sharp.” “Give me a chance.” “I didn’t have a choice before, now I want to be a good person.” “That means asking me to die.”

If Lucius remembered correctly, this… was clearly a movie line from a movie called “Infernal Affairs” in his own world!

Was he being fooled? Lucius froze. He looked at the MP3 next to a few small balloons written on top.

“Happy Birthday”.

And the passage in the MP3 just now…

Lucius picked up the MP3, but the moment his hand touched it, sparks burst out, destroying the MP3, and it fell into Lucius’s hand.

‘Calm down…’

‘All this was arranged by someone… But, Who is it?’

Lucius’s brain was running fast. If he counts the time carefully, his birthday was almost within these few days. Because he lives in a life of fear every day when he was young, he had forgotten his birthday and this kind of thing…

Even his sister doesn’t know his and her own birthday…

Because Lucius and his sister were abandoned children, they do not even know who their parents are. So, on the day the nuns adopted them, it was their birthday.

But after awakening the lineage, Lucius knew his birthday through inherited memory…

This was definitely something that only he knows!

Why… would anyone else know?

Lucius glanced at the bottom of the balloon. There was a small paragraph of words under the Happy Birthday letters.

‘To my dearest older brother.’


Just a moment ago, the MP3 also uttered such words.

‘That voice.’

Lucius recalled that voice. There’s nothing wrong with the child’s voice. It is crisp and pleasant… But… it is not his sister’s voice!

That is very strange.

Lucius has never heard it anywhere.

Is it possible that he still has a younger brother or younger sister?

No…it can’t be!

Lucius refused to believe it! There is only one beloved sister in his heart… There was no one else.

‘Is this another trick?’

The balloon suddenly exploded…

Lucius sat on the chair and looked at the burnt MP3 that was now black.

Maybe it was the prophet, using prophecy or something like that, to know his affairs. If this is the case, then this guy must be killed, regardless of the cost… Because he is too terrifying.


In the dark corner that even Lucius did not notice, a pair of scarlet eyes watched Lucius’s back and then quietly disappeared into the room.

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