Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 186


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Lucius didn’t bother to clean up the messy scenery in that room. No one would even visit this place in the next few days. Once the game starts, it will not stop.

The Pope and the commander of the Templars simply exist in the form of puppets. They cannot exist in this world for more than a few days.

The day when the world collapses is approaching.

The Pope and the Templar commander were ordered by Lucius to attend the commendation ceremony of this Central capital incident.

Although it was said to be a commendation ceremony, all eyes were focused on Her Royal Highness. It can be said that almost all of the commoners came to this ceremony to see Her Majesty’s heroic appearance.


Lucius left the church and began to move towards the place where the ceremony took place, on a common square outside the inner city.

Now it was clear why the crowds on the other streets of the central capital are extremely sparse because all of the people gather here to watch.

Colorful colored flowers fell in the sky along with the sound of cannons.

All kinds of celebratory sounds converged.

This view is not so much a recognition ceremony. It is more like a carnival feast attended by all.

Lucius did not like the crowded place, so he changed into a small bat. Not long after, he found a bird that stagnated inside the central capital, which seemed to be large enough in size. After controlling it with his magic eye, Lucius, who had turned into a bat, stood on the back of this bird and let it carry Lucius over the crowd and hovered over the recognition ceremony.

Don’t ask why Lucius didn’t want to fly by himself after turning into a bat.

Lucius is a blood-sucking species, but not a bat … he has stayed as human for so long, he had difficulty flying with wings. In fact, even walking is a little difficult for Lucius in the bat state, so he usually just bounce.

This is why Lucius’s habits about vampires are uniformly absent. Except for the desire for blood.

Standing on the back of this bird, the bat form Lucius poked his little head out to look at the view of the human gathering below. The permanent population of Central Capital is hovering between tens of millions, and the floating population is as high as 100 million.

This is the center of the entire world, the dream city of all people, so this city is never short of people.

With the current population density, if Lucius threw a bottle of blacklight virus down there, it is estimated that the entire Central Capital will turn into a zombie paradise within only a few minutes.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise in the crowd that was already very noisy!

The sound of carnival.

On the stage of the commendation ceremony, the messenger read a long speech. The emperor who stood aside personally issued the commendation medal. After awarding the members of the Royal First Knights, the emperor is finished.

It’s time for the main character of this conference to take the stage.

The bats’ hearing was a little too good, and the shouting from below was so overwhelming that Lucius was forced to close his hearing.

They all shouted the name of just one person, and that was Her Imperial Highness.

Finally, wearing simple jet black men’s clothing, Naya, who is simple and capable but heroic, slowly walked onto the court.

Some strange organizations raised some peculiar signs and shouted some quirky slogans.

It might be seen that some people have not yet come out from the shadow of the number one singer, Starla, turned into a monster, but some unscrupulous people directly entrusted their life to Her Royal Highness.

Naiya is attractive to both men and women, not only young men in the central capital, but even young women have many strange feelings for Naiya. —Well, Naiya is most likely the cause of the recent spike in the rate of love loss between men and women in the central capital.

Lucius has no care for these human feelings.

Lucius cares about only one thing!

Lucius gradually shifted his gaze to the scene farther away to a machine unique to this world, called ‘magic mine’.

To put it bluntly, it is a magical part camera and stereo player as one.

The technological development of this world is not much different from that of the Earth, but because of cultural constraints, it is far from reaching the information age. But there’s some alternative for the technology on Earth here.

For example, the projection of the hunt, which completely reproduces the scene of the recognition ceremony…

With Lucius’s eyesight, he could even see the same image in the streets and alleys, every few hundred meters, floating on the walls of buildings or on the windows!

It was offered to those who could not get to the scene to watch live.

In other words, the whole city is watching live!

But after seeing Naiya’s heroic figure appeared on the projection surface, Lucius is finally relieved. It seems that the principle behind this so-called projection is different from the Earth’s camera.

Naiya is a blood-sucking species; Lucius is also a blood-sucking species, a race not recognized by the gods.

But after coming to this world, Lucius found that whether it was a mirror or a reflection of the sunlight, Lucius could see his own reflection.

This world does not seem to reject the blood-sucking species.

Anyway, it is enough to be able to project Naiya’s body ……

This is the reason why Lucius came here. To confirm this matter, does his descendant’s reflection appears?

The bat Lucius once again looked at the crowds, and suddenly, Naiya also raised her head.

Lucius and Naiya’s eyes crossed in the sky for a moment.

Naiya recognized that the being who had turned into a small bat and was crouching on the back of an unknown bird was Lucius.

The original tension of being watched by 10,000 people, which almost made Naiya suffocate, was somehow washed away.

Lucius, who had turned into a bat, stepped on the back of this bird under his feet with his claws again, and it came close to the crowds, with a heartfelt understanding.

At this time, the king began to read up a paragraph of the most important things ……

At the same time, it is also something that some of the central capital citizens who are extremely fond of Her Highness, the number one singer, don’t want to hear.

“This is a sorrowful truth! That singer who has the most beautiful voice as well as the most beautiful dance in the world, Starla Vernet is the mastermind of this evil that has put almost all residents of Central City in danger!”

The emperor ignored the people’s astonishment and questions below… and indifferently showed Starla’s identity as the ruler of the mourners to all the people of the Central Capital, as well as laid out a large amount of evidence.

In the emperor’s mouth, the originally renowned singer will perhaps also be recorded in the annals of the people to feel disgusted hatred in the history of the Central Capital.

Many of those who adore the singer turned their attention to Naiya… Because they all know the relationship between Naiya and Starla is not simple. They can’t believe that a young girl like an angel will be as evil as the emperor said.

But Naiya did not say anything.

As the best friend of Starla, Naiya did not stand up for Starla to justify anything… Although Naiya still didn’t know Starla’s true identity, she also believed that everything was imposed on Starla by Lucius.

But Naiya did not defend her.

After the incident of that night, Naiya has deeply realized what she should do… That is to accept the glory for defeating the heinous sinner, Starla Vernet, and stand in front of everyone as her Royal Highness.

Even if Naiya thinks that Starla is innocent ……

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