Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 187


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The empire condition after this vicious event is nothing short of a bloodbath.

First of all, the first family patriarch and his heir died in a strange disappearance, resulting in a vacuum of power as the other elders now fight for the position of a new patriarch.

And the most crucial thing left was the issue of the second business family’s integration.

 The second business family, Vernet, although not as good as Crowell, owns most of the entertainment industry throughout the world—it can be said that 80% of the world’s casinos, brothels and amusement parks, and other facilities are under the name of this family.

 The Vernet family also firmly controls the entertainment industry. Starla, as a singer-songwriter, was famous all over the world, partly because of her bloodline.

Although not openly tries, the emperor planned to exterminate the Vernet Family. In fact, almost all the top power holders were put in chains and sent to prison, awaiting their execution.

 The Vernet family controlled the dark side of the Central City, equivalent to the underworld. If the emperor decides to exterminate the Vernet Family, the casinos and brothels under its command will be cut, thus causing the central city to lose its order, and chaos will ensue.

 It was a pity that the emperor had already anticipated this.

After swearing in the merits of Naiya, he began to declare on how to deal with this family formally.

Vernet Family was an essential part of the composition of the Central City. It was equivalent to a main body of the central capital. To cut off this body part from its own flesh will always be painful.

 In the end, under the emperor’s eloquence, he finally let the civilians put their hatred on the mourners rather than focus on the Vernert family.

 “There is light and there is shadow, the tragedy of the central capital was caused by that group of ghosts, and now they have been scattered under the heroic struggle of Her Imperial Highness, never to be reborn! For the Vernet family, who were also victims, their elders and patriarchs involved in this incident were publicly executed within a week! And the patriarch’s hereditary Grand Duke and the patriarch’s seat, by the current tenure as a Royal Knight Academy, the eldest daughter of the Vernet family will inherit it!”

Said a tall figure under the eyes of the crowd as he walked out.

Naiya took a look at that figure. Suddenly she remembered all the wrongdoings he had done to Starla. She felt slightly bitter in a sense because she owes too much to Starla’s family. But she does not have the right to repay.

 The young girl named Renè, with a pair of rimless glasses above the bridge of her nose, wearing a light blue satin robe, just stood there quietly, mature and dignified.

‘Is this Starla’s sister?’

Naiya was secretly sizing up the other party, who seemed to have sensed it and turned her gaze to Naiya.

Naiya instantly lowered her head in shame and did not dare to meet the other party’s eyes for the guilt of Starla. Naiya was never able to truly forgive herself.

But in front of this person who killed her sister, this new successor not only did not show any expression of hatred but serenely showed a smile to Naiya.

It was not a cover-up. She did not hate Naiya.

It’s true that her own family almost destroyed in one night. She should shoulder a lot of pressure.

Perhaps Renè as a tutor of the Royal Academy of Central City still has a lot of popularity among the people, making her feel a little secure. —Especially among the nobility, where most of the young nobles there were once her students.


The scene of the speech was not chaotic despite the fact that the empire was in peril. Only a few people booed. Still, the sounds of salutation quickly flooded it.


 After these were read out, The emperor did not continue to talk. Instead, he swept a circle of his people below with a sharp gaze.

On top of the high platform, the emperor’s gaze almost caused all the people to stop talking.

Tens of millions of eyes gazed at the emperor standing on top of the high platform, wondering what surprising news he was going to read next.

 “Gentlemen, a month ago, the nation was in mourning, grieving the loss of our prince, and two weeks ago, the nation was in doubt! You were all questioning the new heir to the throne and why it was a little girl who was not known!”

People were silent. Indeed, most of them were questioning the judgment of the unknown royal daughter …… and their imperial highnesses before this.

 But ……

 “A week ago! The empire lost a hero, that is, the head of the First Order of Knights, Kensel Dodran! But at the same time, he brought back to us a hero, an empire’s hope!”

 “Three days ago, the virus outbreak that made the whole Central City tremble was also due to the presence of the person who took refuge in the Lord Dragon God, her! Put this crisis to death ……”

 “Yesterday …… the world’s most terrifying assassination organization was also completely dismantled under her sword.”

 No need for Dodran the Great to say the name. The crowd below already began to raise their arms and shout out Naiya’s name.

 The sound almost split the sky in half!

 The emperor seemed to be satisfied with the scene in front of him ……

 “And today! You no longer have doubts about this imperial daughter, what she has done for the empire is absolutely supreme glory in the presence of the lord of the dragon gods ……”

 “I am old, but the empire will not age because of this, but will continue to prosper in the hands of the imperial daughter.”

 “Therefore, I hereby declare.”

 Dodran the Great’s voice paused here as the deafening roar below also came to a halt…

Because the next thing that came out of Dodran the Great’s mouth could be a major event that determines the fate of the entire empire.

 Although everyone expected this outcome, how could they expect that it would happen so quickly? Is it really appropriate to announce a matter of such importance today when a crisis was just quelled yesterday?

But, no one can influence the emperor’s decision.

 Dodran the Great announced in a loud voice, “I, Dodran XXI! hereby declare today that the throne will be passed to Naayan Dodran one day later! This royal daughter, who is sheltered by the Dragon God, Your Highness!”

 There was no sound of celebration, nor was there any sound of cheering.

 The change of throne was such a big event!

But being announced so sudden, many people still feel that it was too hasty.

Just …… the moment after Dodran the Great’s words just fell.

The sky suddenly descended a dazzling golden beam of light! It enveloped Naiya’s body ……

The blinding light caused many people to close their eyes ……

As the light dimmed and then faded, everyone once again gathered their eyes on top of the stands.

 Then they …… froze ……

 Naiya quietly stood there. There was no sign of change other than her pupils. It sheds such blinding light to make people simply unable to look at the radiant golden-yellow with it!


 A voice sounded.

The crowd turned their heads and found that the originally highly respected pope stood up on top of his seat in the stands, bowed, and knelt down towards Naiya. As the closest people to the Dragon God, they think this was their own gods’ will. Do other believers still need to doubt it?

Of course …… there was no need!

Suddenly, the people in front of the stage, and even the entire central city, with joy, fear, exhilaration, a variety of complex emotions, fell to their knees!

The original dense tide of crowds suddenly forms a wave kneeling down one by one. The hesitation of Naiya to rule the empire was completely disintegrated by their belief in their gods!

 The golden pupils, represented by the bloodline of the Dragon God, prophesied to be able to change the fate of the entire world.

 The beam of light just now was clearly the Dragon God’s manifestation!

 If you do not kneel down, you are denying the will of God and will be punished by heaven.

 This concept has long been deeply rooted in the heart of every person.

 Belief can control many things inside the hearts of the people, and even the emperor also knelt down towards Naiya.


Naiya watched as tens of millions of people respectfully kneeling towards her and made her a little overwhelmed.

The respects of people are genuine, and most of them are for the gods, but now no one has a right to deny Naiya, who was recognized by the gods.

 She will inherit this empire, and under her leadership, the entire empire will turn a more glorious page.


“History seems like it should be written this way.” Lucius sat on the back of the big bird and looked at the spectacular scenery below: “But this is the end of the history of this world, too.”

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