Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 194


The original world that Lucius lived in was Earth, a world dominated by firearms.

After he became an adult, when Lucius and the Italian Mafia were fighting in the street, no one was sane enough to face them using a melee weapon or a sword since they were fighting against real guns and live ammunition. A slight mistake could kill you.


Lucius had long forgotten who taught himself how to shoot. But the art of killing people with guns was something that Lucius learned on his own.

As a vampire who had lived in the modern world, Lucius’s specialization points were all on marksmanship. Some of them were the skill in operating war machines. In fact, Lucius could drive any fighter jets and tanks in theory, but there was no time for practice.

But after coming to this foreign world, although there were firearms present, they are basically in the era where cold weapons are king.

And firearms were seen only as strategic weapons, rarely used amid human-to-human combat.

Lucius didn’t want to use Yamato Blade tonight. Since his swordsmanship and melee weapon fighting skills were lousy, it would be challenging to fight in front of these knights proficient in melee combat.

That being the case, Lucius didn’t have to fight them in a battle where he was at a disadvantage.


The evening breeze blew on Lucius’s face. There were many high spots around this estate…… Lucius chose the tallest building in the central city!

And that…was the Divine Dragon Church!

This place was more than fifteen hundred meters away from the residence of the Expeditionary Knights. But even under this distance, Lucius sure he could use this weapon in his hand to achieve the purpose he wanted.

The M200 Sniper Rifle was his weapon of choice. He named this weapon ‘The Black Death’. In Lucius’s hand, it was the perfect assassination weapon. Even in his original world, its range is one of the best in its class, just not very powerful.

Lucius, of course, did not expect the firearm could instantly kill the more powerful member of the Expeditionary Knight …… Normally.

This gun, however, has been strengthened by using System Transformation.

The mere 500,000 points of despair value, seconded only by the Yamato Blade one-sixth of the despair point value.

You can see how high its price was.

Lucius loaded a bullet forged by alchemy into the barrel of the Black Death. He opened the bipod and lay on top of the roof on the first floor of the Church of the Dragon.

Undercover of the night, no one would find Lucius.

As for the sound of shooting…

Lucius’s vector control ability has recently been upgraded to lv4… it was utterly possible to nullify all vibrating sound sources when the sound is emitted!

Lucius took a deep breath and peeked through the scope of the Black Death, and looked at the distant quarters of the Expeditionary Knights.

The knights were gathered in the square in front of them, drinking and chatting, watching the dancers’ performance to have fun.

After the scouting of the Blood Puppet, there really weren’t any knights who went to bed early. Probably because they don’t want to miss the rare time to relax, this was also an opportunity for Lucius.

Men always needed something to vent all their stress and problems, don’t they?

This time, the wine becomes the best choice.

But they did not notice…. They drank something that has been contaminated by his blood, a lethal poison, so to speak.

The Expeditionary Knights have a total of five hundred and twenty-one men.

Currently, there are four hundred and seventy-two people whose lives are already in the hands of Lucius.

And this number was still rising.

Lucius silently observed the situation on the square through the scope. The figure of the blood puppet wandered around the group with a smile. Without none of them noticing, one death after another was confirmed.

Four hundred and eighty ……

Four hundred and ninety…

Five hundred…

Without noticing, the number of people who drank the diluted True Ancestor’s Blood grew.

Before Lucius trigger the toxicity of the True Ancestor’s blood, they could not notice anything unusual at all. In this way, death approached them one step at a time, and little by little, the angel of death put the scythe against their necks.

But not all members of this knight order relied on their hot-bloodedness and courage to fight and completed their missions. Many relied on their calmness, rationality, and wisdom.

A few knights sat on the side indifferently, away from the noisy atmosphere, quietly wiping their beloved sword, waiting for the next battle.

They did not drink alcohol. For them, it will only affect their judgment.

Lucius’s primary target was these men, who did not fall to the temptations of alcohols, people who indeed had powerful hearts…

There are five people in total, and one of them is a commanding knight above level fifty.

If you shoot now, it’s all over.

The most important thing for snipers was patience, to bring the spirit of waiting for the prey to the extreme.

But Lucius didn’t have that much time!

It was now time to use his blood puppet.

A beautiful young maid was seen holding a tray with a few cups of tea in her hands, walked towards the group of knights who were emitting a chilly aura.

Perhaps they consciously avoid this celebration, but they were still participants in it ……..

It might be because the little maid was trembling while holding the tray. She probably felt the cold and serious aura emanating from these knights. She accidentally slipped and fell to the ground while crying.

‘It hurts ……’

Lucius felt that pain.

A knight sitting in the front was drenched in tea. He could have easily avoided the liquid that was spilled on him, but maybe because he looked at the appearance of the little maid, and he got careless.

After all, they were still men.

The knight, who was soaked in tea, stood up but saw the little maid’s teary eyes, who kept saying, ‘I’m sorry,’ I’m sorry’. At the same time, her body was constantly trembling as a member of the Eight Great Knights.

Excellent knights of virtue, of course, they couldn’t let this pitiful girl be in that state. So they helped the girl up, and the knights who were soaked in tea left the scene hastily, not knowing that the scythe of death also caught up with them.

The wind direction is four-thirds to the right, confirmed… the distance is 1,600 yards.

Lucius held his breath, the vampire’s blood began to flow throughout Lucius’s body. His pupils emitted a dangerous scarlet color. He managed to achieve an inhumane intuition.

In the scope, a departed knight walked towards the resting place behind the station.

‘Enemy sight… there is no one around ……’

Just at the moment when that knight turned to the corner and passed a patch of grass, Lucius pulled the trigger.

The Death God’s sickle swung down swiftly, and the bullets processed through alchemy in the chamber exploded with great power and shot out of the barrel, almost instantly hitting the knight’s chest.

The knight did not even have time to react, and his body fell towards the grass in the back.

Amid the terrifying erosion effect of the alchemical bullet, his body turned into a wisp of blue smoke in just a few seconds.

No one noticed.

They couldn’t even Lucius’s killing intent.

Life was just simply passed away.

Such was the fragility of human life. It was so easy to kill a human.


The little maid was busy in the middle of the venue.

Of course, in order to rule out the possibility of being suspected, he won’t let his blood puppet use the same trick twice!

Lucius pulled the bullet chamber, the cartridge shells ejected with the cold sound of discharging, and landed beside Lucius, a total of five yellowish bullets, imbued with markings that bullets produced on Earth would never have.

Five bullets, five lives.

Today, Lucius’ shooting did not miss.

When on Earth, his clash with the Black Watch made him a better sniper, a. excellent experience.

The next thing was ……

Lucius searched for the unsuspecting knight through the scope while also looking for the most crucial target.

The most important target was the Knight Commander of the Expeditionary Knights.

Finally, Lucius found this knight leader in the back garden. There weren’t many people in the back garden, and it should have been a perfect spot for an assassination…… But….

The person standing next to the knight leader named René was….


“Why is she here?”

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