Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 193


If the first two knights order directly served under the Empire were their shields, then the Expeditionary Knights were the sword of the Empire!
Among the royal family, being exposed to the might of nature and the element, the missions performed by the Expeditionary Knights were always the most dangerous tasks, but the rewards given by the Empire were also the best.
And the pupil of the dark dragon was also the sword of the Empire, but contrary to the expeditionary knights, they silently arranged their service in the dark.
As one of the sharpest swords of the Empire, the full combat power of the Expeditionary Knights was of course many times higher than that of the Knights who live in the central city all day long and were responsible for the guarding the city.
They have plentiful combat experience, whether against humans or magical beasts …… often wandered on the edge of danger, which made them much stronger than ordinary knights.
In fact, to put it bluntly, this knight group was just the Empire’s death squad.
Today was a rare time for the Expeditionary Knights to rest and reorganize in the central city. Usually, they were positioned in the depths of the magical beast forest to crush that one dangerous magical beast and maintaining the peace of the Empire.
So before this group of warriors went off to their death, of course, the best thing was to let them rest and relax.
The calm before the storm.
If the nerves have been tense all the time for a long time, they will break.
Dodran the Great was a generous man. He often provided a super luxurious manor for the expeditionary knights to rest and have fun.
The wine, food, and so on were provided free of charge.
Lucius was now standing not far from the manor, silently gazing at the scenery of the estate.
The feeling that he felt for the first time as he walked closer to this estate… was probably anxiety.
Wearing a light knight armor lined with the invincible claws of a dragon, a weapon contained in a sheath was carried on the waist or back.
Even if the weapon was already in its sheath, it was also impossible to conceal the slight murderous aura spreading from these knights.
They were different from the royal knights who live in the capital city. These people in front of them struggled to live from the edge of death and life, and they have witnessed what hell was like.
Lucius had only experienced this kind of atmosphere in one unit before, and that was Black Watch.
It’s just that, what the dark forces usually face humans after all.
The Expeditionary Knights, on the other hand, had stepped on hundreds or even thousands of magical beast corpses to return here triumphantly.
Experts who hunt humans and experts who hunt monsters had a different aura.
Each of them was the pinnacle of human beings.
After Lucius scouted out the abilities of this expeditionary knight group, which was ranked seventh in the world knight group, he was deeply aware that this knight order absolutely could not be left behind!
A truly frightening division.
The Expeditionary Knights had just returned today after receiving information about the virus outbreak in the central city. Only overnight, they rushed back from a fierce and dangerous place.
If at the day of the Black Light virus outbreak. They happened to be stationed in the central city.
Lucius believed that Naiya had little time to appear on the stage and was put down by this group of highly efficient monster hunters.
So in Lucius’s next plan, this knight group was an important factor.
Lucius hated factors. Also, hate to gamble. He always lost every time he gambled. The god of fate was never on his side to begin with.
Only by firmly grasping everything in his own hands was Lucius’s style..
The blood mist under the control of Lucius gradually leaned in towards the premises of the Expeditionary Knights.
Initially, among the common sense of ordinary people. The central city was an absolutely safe place, there were no reason for them to put down their guard.
Even in the night, yet they still deployed several knights for the night watch duty. It was estimated that living in the fierce land full of magical beasts for a long time has led to this compulsion.
When the blood-colored fog silently approached, the alert knights suddenly stopped, reached their waist to grab their weapons, then began to scan the surrounding vigilantly.
The blood mist was ultimately coming from the blood of Lucius. They should have detected the smell of blood in the air.
Lucius realized that this assassination attempt might be a little trickier than the usual. Even if Lucius was strong, there was no way to kill a group of hundreds of knights without alerting anyone. —Not to mention that among these hundreds of people, there are several strong people at level 50.
Not bad for a division.
Perhaps today was to celebrate the triumphant return of the Expeditionary Knights. The atmosphere inside the manor was quite lively, presumably in a banquet.
Lucius could hear the sound of singing and dancing.
After all, they were human, they still need to relax, rest and had fun.
In the corner where no one is aware of, the blood puppet of Lucius quietly appeared beside him.
After the blood puppet and Lucius looked at each other, they smiled wryly.
“System, list out all the toxins that can work on the level five lifeforms, the more efficient, the better.”
Lucius once again called out the long-lost system.
“Searching for the host’s desired keywords, there are a total of one hundred and seventy-two classifications, locked into one substance according to the host’s optimal option.”
“Which one is the cheapest, most efficient, and stable?”
Combining these three points, the system listed out something for Lucius.
Surprisingly, the substance that the system recommended was the True Ancestor’s Blood.
The blood contained in the heart of the True Ancestor of the Vampire was a supreme treasure for the species itself and at the same time, a poison that penetrates deep into the very bones of human beings……
[Despair Point: 500,000 points.]
“Crap…when did my blood become so vicious?”
Lucius did not remember that vampire blood possessed such a lethal effect, but wait…
Theoretically speaking, any life form, as long as there was blood circulating on their body, even a little, then he will certainly die in front of Lucius!
Their life and death were at the hand of Lucius, just like Naiya…
In fact, had Lucius splashed his blood into the source of drinking water for Central City residents, the entire Central City populations in a short could become his puppet.
But not what he needed for now…
Still, this was a pleasant surprise for Lucius.
Lucius glanced at his blood puppet and then at the entrance to the quarters outside the Expeditionary Knights manor, into which a food cart was entering from time to time.
It seems that this group of knights was comforting themselves well. After all, often wandering on the edge of life and death, they might not be able to enjoy this kind of entertainment and leisure ever again.
But still, there was a problem, how can Lucius mix his blood with their food without them noticing?
Lucius looked at the people on the side of the caravan. There were butlers, maids, and dancers dressing up to entertain their guests ……
They were specially recruited to serve these knights.
‘Most of the knights in the Expeditionary Knights are men…’
‘What is the thing that could make men drop their guard the most?’
‘Women ……’
‘Beautiful women!’
The blood puppet beside Lucius is connected to Lucius’s consciousness, and suddenly a scarlet glow emerged from it. Then the once expressionless blood puppet turned into a beautiful woman with silky long black hair, wearing a black and white maid outfit.
Even Lucius also felt amazed by the appearance of this blood puppet in front of him.
“Damn, how can I look so pretty as a woman?”
Lucius’s appearance was initially fascinating to many women and looked slightly girlish, otherwise as a child would not have been mistaken as his sister.
Now that the blood puppet in front of Lucius had appeared as a beautiful woman, he was aware of its potential to kill both men and women to be far more effective than Naiya.
The blood puppet controlled by Lucius has the certain power of him resided inside, under the order of Lucius, the blood puppet easily infiltrated the team of maids employed by the knights, replaced a certain poor maid, and successfully walked into the premises of the expeditionary knights.
As for Lucius himself?
The crisp sound of cocking sounded in Lucius’s hand.
In his hand, suddenly, a pitch-black Death River appeared, shining with an ominous luster under the moonlight.
This was the city that Lucius had to live in the world before he had the Death River.

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