Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 198



Nobody knows how much time passed until….

Lucius, once again, experienced such emotion!

His limbs were numb, not knowing what to do next!

It was the feeling of fear!

The emotion that only weak people have, he now experienced it!


Lucius began to escape. Even when the resentment of millions of people inside his Dead River constantly haunted him, it couldn’t be compared to the emotion he now experienced……

On the contrary, Naiya now had an indescribable feeling inside of her. Finally… she saw the real Lucius for the first time. For the first time, in Lucius’s calm smile, she was able to see this state of panic and disorientation.

Why is it like this?

Was he faking it? Could this fear, too, was disguised by Lucius?

Or… is it because the way her long hair is falling down resembles someone?

Naiya no longer has time to think so much. She was scared, afraid that Lucius, who was at a loss at the moment, would disappear in front of her… So, Naiya reached out and grabbed his hand.

‘Even if it really is fake…’

‘Then let’s live in this falsehood!’

Naiya held Lucius’s hand tightly, feeling the cold temperature and its soft sensation. This was like a dream…a dream that one does not want to wake up from.

Even if this dream was what Lucius want her to see… still, for her, it was too perfect…

At least this gentleness of Lucius, even though it might not be his real self, tonight… it belonged to Naiya.


It was very light.

Lucius’s body was very light. With just such a light push, he fell backward. Naiya felt she must protect him…

Naiya took the initiative to attack. She bit Lucius’ lip awkwardly and greedily savored the taste of it. Lucius did not resist. He was overwhelmed, scared by this indescribable feeling. In his eyes, there was only the blushed face of Naiya that he could see.

Instinctively, Lucius wrapped his arms around Naiya’s waist. He suddenly understood at this moment, he could not escape after all.

‘If you can’t escape, might as well finish it once and for all.’

Lucius took her into his arms firmly. He had no chance to resist Naiya as she began to attack Lucius on every position fiercely.

That night, Naiya really had him under her mercy.

Although it was only a short night, all the effort was almost worth it.


Time passed quietly.

In a daze, Lucius woke up.

Lucius had his one hand against his forehead, looking at the ceiling above. The sunlight slanted into the room along the windowsill. Lucius’s side-eye glanced at the bedside. The scene of Naiya’s beautiful body has disappeared. In its place was a glass bottle that had become empty.

This time, Lucius was truly in possession of all of Naiya, both spirit, and body.

Suddenly, Lucius heard a voice outside the window, a cheer that almost broke through the sky.


It was the day of the crowning of the Empress!

The day when the throne of the monarch changes!

The day when a hero turned into a king of the world ……

Lucius sat up from the bed. Rubbed his somewhat messy hair, the sheet fell from Lucius’s body. His white body was gleaming in the sunlight.

After a short moment of silence…

“When will the plan be executed?”

The icy voice sounded in the doorway of the room.

Lucius looked up, black and white jacket, even the shadow of the hood enveloped his icy eyes.

‘Alex Mercer!’

He was the biggest traitor in human history and the strongest infected person in the earth’s history. Just three days earlier, Alex had come to this world through the Stargate.

“When is the execution?” Lucius lifted the covers and put his foot on top of the ground.

“As I said, the plan officially begins on the day you perceive that an infected stronger than you is about to be born!”

Alex didn’t say a word while he held a black coat in his hand.

Lucius reconstituted his clothing with the Death River but without the outer layer. Lucius then took the black coat from Alex’s hand and put it on.

Again without any words, he directly brushed Alex’s shoulder and walked out the door.

“It’s a beautiful world.” Alex suddenly said.

“It is exactly because of its beauty that I has so much value destroying it, Alex, are the genes of this world ready to accept it?”

“It’s been ready for a long time.”

Lucius pulled out his long-awaited smile.

Lucius did not have anything to hide this time, in the middle of the world filled with white and golden hues.

Lucius strode down the corridor.

Alex was half a step behind Lucius, following him closely like a shadow.

“Hey! Who are you guys?! Trespassing ……”

Several royal knights rushed over with weapons in hand. Before they could finish their words, one of Alex’s hands turned into a long, pitch-black whip, cutting off these knights who rushed with swords at the waist! The body was split in two, blood flowing down on the ground, internal organs pouring out, the same horrified expression froze on their face.

Stepping on the blood, Lucius stepped without haste towards the outskirts of the palace.

The royal knights patrolling the corridor were almost frightened by the murderous aura overflowing from Alex’s body. Even the action of drawing their weapons was halted. But as the knights who maintain the safety of the royal members, how could they allow these two foreign intruders who do not belong to the palace to act as they want!

Royal knights kept rushing out from the corridor, trying to intercept Lucius and Alex.

But the name of the strongest black light virus-infected body is no joke!

Sharp blades, claws, whip fists, virus bombs!

Alex, like the black feathers extending from behind Lucius, turned all the royal knights who came near him into one corpse after another fiercely.

Lucius’s footsteps did not stop for a moment, always maintain its original speed.

Because none of the Royal Knights could get within three steps of him!


Finally, they arrived at the end of this corridor. Lucius stretched out his hand and pushed open the door.

What met him was not sunlight but ten beams of extremely destructive energy cannons.

The commotion caused by Alex had shocked the entire Royal Knights stationed at the palace, and a large number of Royal Knights clad in golden knight armor with roaring dragon heads tattooed on their shoulders had gathered before this building.

Under the leadership of the Order’s leader, they used the most destructive concentrated energy cannon!

Today is the coronation ceremony of Her Royal Highness. Nobody allowed to destroy it. This will tarnish the glory of the Royal Knights otherwise!

“Lock on target, twelve o’clock direction, maximum power! Fire!”

Under the chief’s hiss, the top ten destructive and terrifying beams were shot at Lucius, who pushed open the door.

A violent explosion ran through the entire building.

The explosion caused a wave of air that nearly toppled the Royal Knights in the front row. The sound of the explosion nearly deafened everyone present.

Dust was lifted up and covering everyone’s sight.

With this level of power, even a strong person on the fiftieth level would not be able to survive after getting hit by it.

Despite this, the Knight Commander didn’t tell his knights to stop being on guard but instead ordered them to continue preparing for the second shot!

The Royal Knights kept their eyes fixed on the smoke, and the dark shadows that emerged from the smoke made their hearts rise to their throats!

It would be best if they saw two blown-up bodies, and even if they didn’t, they would have escaped the blast from the cannon, and then it would not be trouble to fight the intruders in melee battle.

But … the last thing they wanted to see was …

The cannon managed to hit its target, but their opponent was just stood there unscathed!

‘What kind of monster……’

There was no longer any extra time for thinking because, in the front row, the knights in charge of firing the energy cannon, their brains, had been thrown into the sky and fell to the ground like trash.

A dozen headless dead bodies, with spurts of blood, fell to the ground.

The smoke, likewise, was completely torn apart by this terrifying blow, revealing the presence of those standing among them.

The surviving knight took a few steps back and looked in horror at the figure that appeared after the smoke cleared.

‘That… what kind of monster is that!’

A metallic, hardened armor covered his entire body, more like the scales of a creature than human armor! The left hand that was covered with barbs contracted, the sharp tip, stained with blood, representing that this was the murder weapon that had just killed ten knights in an instant.

This is Alex’s real strength, the strongest evolutionary form of the black light virus.


The knight leader was not shocked by this terrifying sight of Alex and ordered those surviving knights to once again aim at Alex with the already prepared concentrator cannon in their hands ……

The beam of destruction erupted again. But, this time, Alex was prepared. The pitch-black hardened armor covered Alex’s arm and turned into a massive shield.

Protecting Lucius from these devastating attacks!

The Knight Commander obviously discovered that this attack was useless against Alex.

“All hands, form up, draw your swords, today is the most important moment in the history of the Empire! No one will be allowed to disturb ……”

The chief of the royal knight did not manage to finish his sentence…

They finished their initial burst of attacks, and this time …… it was Alex’s turn.

The crimson luster surged on Alex’s body, faintly roaring with the sounds of thunder and fire.

Alex clutched his body and concentrated the terrifying energy on him. Under Alex’s roar, it turned into tens of millions of tentacles hundreds of meters long, entwined with lightning and flames, swept across All the living lives around.

Alex covered his body, gathered in his body terrifying energy, under Alex’s roar, into tens of millions of tentacles hundreds of meters long, wrapped around the lightning and flame, swept around all living life.

A thousand tentacles to end everything!

This was a huge range of destructive powers that Alex has evolved after devouring an unknown number of superpowers. In addition, Alex has swallowed the genes of a lightning and fire class superpower, which made him able to wield both fire and lightning and enhance them to this level of destruction. There was a huge mess all around, decapitated bodies, limbs tumbling, and a rain of blood, but Lucius just stood there.

Alex turned sideways and gave Lucius the unobstructed road ahead.

Lucius never stopped moving forward, never, and now is the first step to destroy this world!

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