Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 199


Engrave all of this glory into your body.


Will Thou, who art about to inherit this world, be able to follow the order of the world forever?

From the time I descend into this world, I will always follow it.

This world will bear Thy name and hold the imperial power. Thou shalt be the new ruler of this world!

The throne succession.

This was an important ceremony in any world.

A step before someone officially crowned as a ruler of this Empire.

Knights in golden armor stood on both sides of the road, with their hands on the knight’s sword, announced this solemn moment to the sky.

The banner with the dragon’s wings soared in the sky fluttered on the roof of every house.

Since yesterday, Sky Harbor has ceased operation. Today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, there will no longer be any activity suspended until further notice. This represents a kind of respect. No one can be here except for the Supreme Saint and Dragon God. The king was overlooking them in the sky.

The people stood on both sides of the road. Both nobles and commoners, under the majesty, all remained silent.

The hymn to the hero, like an epic orchestra, resounded and echoed.

Stepping to the tune of the music, when she descended here, the knights standing on both sides of the road, along with the sound of steel clashing, drew their knightly swords, aimed at the sky, and staggered together.

Unknown flower petals fell from the sky like rain.

Even today, one of the most important days in history, Naiya didn’t do much dress up, she was still wearing dark-colored men’s clothing, and it might even make people think that she was a child who ran out of a commoner’s house.

But today’s Naiya…. truly her aura befitting that a royal empress, bearing such majesty that made people bowed their heads and did not dare to look at her directly.

Naiya stepped on the petals scattered to the ground as she walked, and suddenly, all eyes are on her!

Dodran has become even older than a few days ago, but today, no matter what, he will continue this ceremonious event without fail.

There was no panic, no fear.

Naiya walked up to the center platform where the gazes of millions of people were watching. Her Imperial Highness gazed without any emotion at the people below, who were about to become her own people.

The preparation was completed. It will soon begin.

Dodran did not like superfluous speeches. He was wearing armour facing the crowded audience, representing the most glorious profession in the world of the Empire.

“One thousand two hundred and seventy-two knightly orders under the Empire!!! You are the strongest blade of the Empire, do you acknowledge that this royal daughter succeeded the throne of the Empire as your Empress?”

In this world, the knights played the most important role, and the emperor was just a role to give them orders.

The total number of knights registered in the central capital is 1,272, and none of these knights was absent on the day of coronation…

The knight’s armour emblazoned with different medals glowed in the sunlight, they may not be fully under the command of the royal family, but they are all soldiers of the Empire.

Protecting the people against foreign enemies.

The emperor respected them.

That’s why the words were asked.

If anything, a week ago, among the twelve hundred and seventy-two knights, hearing the news that the throne was to be replaced, there will certainly be a disagreement between them! Many people were even laughing in shame that Naiya was just a wild girl from nowhere.

But today… they have witnessed Naiya’s strength. During the Battle of Burying the Golden City, with her help, they managed to repel the giant monster that was judged to be level fifty.

The airship attack event, relying on her wisdom and ability, led thousands of people to escape the attack on the sky-claw demons!

Those two feats alone, perhaps most of the knight leaders present were able to do.

But ……

At the age of seventeen, she conquered the fiftieth floor of the top tower and became one of the strongest in the world, with the ability to lead knights!

This was an honour that not even the most powerful knight, Don Quixote, could have achieved. ……

Together with the destruction of the group of ghosts in the world that terrorized the people, The mourners. she managed to restore the peaceful condition of the Central City!

These deeds were enough to make any knight’s blood boil!

Who else would dare to deny her abilities? Who could deny it?

Without any rehearsal, without any prior agreement, the steel torrent that stood under the command of the Central City, stretching to the edge of the city walls, the 1,272 branches of the Central City, totaling tens of millions of knights, straightened their bodies and spoke out their respect from their hearts to Her Imperial Highness, who stood in front of them, looking down on everyone with golden pupils above all others!




The shouts that resounded through the clouds seemed to tell the whole world!

They admitted, from the bottom of their hearts and without any shred of uncertainty, that the girl in front of them, who was a dozen or even a few years younger than themselves, became their ruler because she possessed the qualifications to be above them!

Perhaps now Her Imperial Highness was still young, but they believe that the Empire will one day reached a new pinnacle under her leadership.

As the sound that resounded through the clouds gradually stopped, The Dodran emperor solemnly received the crown held by a person beside him.

The radiant crown was as golden as Naiya’s pupils. Even Naiya’s cold heart was throbbing under the roar of these knights. She looked at the expectations, excitement, and worship of the people around her.

Inside, she truly felt a sense of responsibility.

Naiya slightly lowered his head, the king put the crown on Naiya’s head, and a cloak with stitching of dragon soaring in the sky was draped behind Naiya ……

When Naiya raised her head again, below, not only the knights but also the commoners began to shout!


More energetic shoutings… What an exciting moment.

Naiya looked at Dodran, who also had the same uncontrollable excitement in his eyes, and holding a sword blade that represented the emperor’s power, he flattened it before handing it over to Naiya and spoke, in a voice that the entire city could hear.

“Naiya Dodran! I hereby ask you, as an ancestor of the Empire! Will you inherit the will of the Empire, forever maintaining the order of the Empire, forever guarding the people of the Empire, fight for the Empire with your sword, let your blood flow for the Empire! All the glory of the heavens will be upon thee, and the great 22nd Dodran order will be with thee forever!”

The tens of millions of pairs of eyes with expectations behind them, and even the whole world was watching this scene through the magic projection.

At this ceremony, the whole world was watching!

When Nayiya did not say anything, the sky suddenly shone down with a beam of light! The original turquoise blue sky was gradually shrouded in a shadow.

Just then, the golden glow was all over the city!

Everyone raised their heads in unison ……

The miracle of God!

At this moment on the ground, in addition to Dodran and Naiya, no one dared to stand. Everyone fell to their knees and raised their heads with amazement and reverence to look at the city that appeared in the sky.

That’s right.

It’s the city of Caelum.

No different in size from the inner city of the central capital – a city suspended in the sky.

A place of miracles that everyone in the world dreams of, a place where the saints converge.

The Court of the Gods!

At this moment of the enthronement ceremony, the gods themselves came to this world.

This time, all of the humans who were in the vicinity converged their eyes into one person.

That …… was Naiya.

Inherit the will of the Empire and protect the people of the Empire.

This is what a king should do!

Naiya, at this moment, stretched out his hand and held the sword under the gaze of everyone holding their breath.

“Become strong, Naiya..”

The familiar voice, the moment it sounded in Naiya’s heart, who held the sword blade representing the imperial power, suddenly pitch-black scales appeared on her arm ……

Naiya’s pupils suddenly changed into golden yellow vertical pupils!

She was crowned as a king.

Lucius swore that he was really happy to see what Naiya has managed to become today… Naiya was so beautiful. All the people in this world were witnessing her beauty.

Once, she was a little wildcat who followed behind him and only knew how to ask for food. She finally grew to this level.

Lucius stood in the middle of the crowd. Flower and flower petals fell from the sky into his hands. Lucius looked at the delicate and slender flower petals then forcefully crushed this petal with his five fingers!

“The glory of the empire is….. with Her Imperial Highness….”

Lucius faintly repeated what they said.

Lucius’s lips opened and closed for a moment, and the sound was transmitted to Naiya, whose heart was already filled with malice that could barely be controlled.

“Naiya… im glad that I met you….”

“I like you….”


Naiya was startled. She stiffly turned her head and found Lucius smiling face amongst the crowd, a smile so gentle.

‘Is that a lie?’

‘Are those just fake words?’

‘Even if it is a lie …… for me….’

‘But… of all times… why now?’

Naiya showed her last smile, responding to Lucius feeling, tears could no longer be restrained from streaming down her cheeks.

‘But …… even so, I’m still very happy……’

Finally, the consciousness belonging to Naiya was completely swallowed by the malice of the black light virus!

The girl named Naiya no longer exists in this world and was replaced by a monster that makes the world cower in fear!

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