Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 20


[Level 4 infected life-form evolution detected!] [Possessing a large number of mutant evolution genes. Please decide the direction of the evolution.]

“Just let him decide on his own… “

Lucius stood at the edge of this building, looking down at the earth that had been covered in scarlet muscle tissue. 

“This is the power he gained on his own…let him decide…” Lucius opened his hands.

“Be reborn!” Soon after Lucius spoke. 

“Grrr… uhh… ah!!!!!” 

The scarlet muscle tissue that surrounded the zombies suddenly burst open. After that, a real monster came to view. 

Dark, horned skin covered its body. Bloody veins wriggled in the crevices of its skin like a worm, its body had the height of a three-story-tall building. Its appearance was like a worm.

No… a mixture of worm and octopus. 

Twelve pairs of scarlet compound eyes rest on its head. It devoured all life beneath its body. Just like a giant mouth!

A Level 4 infected life form!

Lucius looked at the creature with wide eyes. 

Kill…destroy…devour every creature in sight! You’ve become a monster! You should do what monsters are supposed to do! Lucius couldn’t contain his smile, even under the glasses’ disguise, it looked chilling! 

Stein noticed it. He was stunned at the monster’s sudden appearance. He knew who it was. The monster…was Yuri! The maggot he always bullied. The maggot that he could crush with ease! But now… why did it turn out this way!? He looked like the Demon King!

Did he cause all of this? Stein looked towards Lucius, who was laughing uncontrollably with excitement. He ran up and grabbed Lucius by his collar, lifted him up with tremendous force. 

“You bastard! What the fuck did you do?!” Losing his sanity, his forehead was overflowing with cold sweat as he looked at Lucius. This civilian… this powerless civilian! 

“What did I…do?” Lucius, whose body was being lifted by Stein and was suspended mid-air on the edge of the roof, the ground had become the zombie’s territory. As soon as humans fell into it, they would be devoured! It would be hell!

“What have… I done?” Lucius lowered his head and looked at Stein, who had lost his sanity. “Weren’t you the one that did it? Oh, Mr. Exorcist, what a mess.” Beneath the dark glasses, Lucius’ lifeless eyes gazed at the human who had lost his mind. 

“You… bastard!” Stein was certain that Lucius was the cause of this all. His hands that were still holding Lucius’ collars kept shaking, “You bastard defiled the Glory of God! Just tell me how to kill this monster?! Or else… or else… I’ll throw you into the zombies!” 

“That’s right!” Stein seemed to have an idea in his mind, or perhaps he had gone insane. With a crazy grin on his face. “I’ll have you thrown into this hell! You’ll be dead by the zombies gnawing on your flesh and bones. It hurts. It’s definitely going to hurt. So I’d suggest you better tell me how to do it! Quick!” 

“Kill it? Kill what, exactly?” Lucius showed a sorry expression, “Mr. Exorcist, you created this monster. Only you can make it disappear, right?” 

“Damn it!!” Stein raised his fist to attack Lucius’ face. What was that? Mercy? This civilian is pitying me! You’re just a commoner! I’m God’s Messenger! What did you have that I don’t?!

But at this moment… 

“So…hungry!” Sharp growls echoed throughout the sky as a scarlet tentacle struck this building, causing it to shake and shattered the glass. Stein was unguarded by the impact, he fell down to the horde of zombies. But Stein, as an Exorcist, instantly grabbed the edge of the building and avoided the fall just in time! 

I can’t die! I have to live! Just as Stein let out a sigh of relief, he found his foot and was grabbed by someone. Low and behold, it was Lucius! Below him, the horde of zombies kept reaching out their hands, craving for human flesh. 

“You’re just a puny civilian! Get off me!!” Stein had little strength left, he stretched out his feet to kick at Lucius’ face. But he dodged it, Stein continued to land another attack, but he held on Stein’s foot. Not pulling him up, but down! 

“Hell is good, Mr. Exorcist…” little by little, Lucius kept pulling Stein’s legs, which were already exhausted. His hand that was gripping on the edge of the roof started to tremble. 

This guy wants to grab me along to his demise?! Stein immediately recognizes Lucius’ intention. He couldn’t survive, so he tried to drag another person along? Stein looked down at the horde of zombies below. With the remaining of his sanity, he softened his voice. 

“Civilians…no, sir… please don’t do anything impulsive! If we continue this way, we’re all going to die. Let me climb up first, then I’ll pull you up! In the name of God, I promise I will absolutely save you! Absolutely!” Stein almost screamed. But he still could live, as long as he provided this civilian a hope to live. But the corner of Lucius’ mouth lifted. 

“Save me? Dear Mr. Exorcist, did you forget you just pushed your comrade off the roof? That was pretty impulsive!” 

“No… that was just a misunderstanding! I will save you this time. Or we’ll be dead! Both of us!” Stein tried to buy Lucius’ confidence in him. But he noticed Lucius added strength to his grip, to the point that he heard the bones of his own legs cracking. This… wasn’t the kind of strength a human should have!


“We’ll both die?” Lucius repeated the words. But he smiled again, this time, Lucius’ smile terrified Stein. “Hahahaha… Oh, respected Mr. Exorcist! Aren’t you mistaken about something…”


The moment Lucius laughed out loud, Stein kicked down again! He kicked! He was certain that no ordinary people could withstand his power. Die! A civilian’s life is worthless! 

This time, Lucius tightened his grip on Stein’s feet. 

“Arghhh!” Stein cried out in pain. With a sick crackling sound, his leg was crushed by Lucius. 

“You’re the only one who’s going to die!” 

“You… bastard!!” While looking down at Lucius, he froze. That eyes… were not the eyes a human should have—a scarlet color, richer than blood, lustered with a malicious glow. The corner of his mouth lifted, revealing shark-like sharp fangs. Lucius’ disguise glasses were kicked off by Stein, revealing his true face. A vampire! 

“You… is that you!!” Stein was now screaming out in madness. “The monster who defiles God’s glory! Vampire!’ 

“You’re right, Mr. Exorcist.” In his eyes, the scarlet luster erupted again as he used all his strength to brutally falter Stein’s last strand of resistance! The edge of the building crumbled by his strength as Stein grabbed on to it. When Lucius pulled him, both of them fell into the horde of zombies below. 

“Let’s go and visit hell together, O respected Mr. Exorcist!” 

“You monster!!!” 

Both of them swung their fist and hit each other hard mid-air as they fell. Lucius wasn’t as strong as his opponent. After a heavy blow, he fell onto the ground. So was Stein.

“Heh…” Lucius immediately stood up from the ground. The zombies ignored him, but they all growled excitedly. Because of a living person! A human! Had fallen into them! They would feast on the delicious flesh and blood! 

“Fucking ghouls! You… arghhhh!!!”

Stein used his arms, his limbs, all the strength he could muster, and began to fight off the zombie invasion. He stared at Lucius, who was outside the zombies, slowly rising to his feet.

“I’m going to kill you, you monster! I’m going to kill you… “Stein relies on his strength to knock away the approaching zombies. He rushes towards Lucius only to get overwhelmed by the mass of zombies!

“Arghhhhh!!!!” Stein screamed as the zombies bitten his body. One by one, the mouths filled with dead stenches tore into his body. Stein fell down right in front of Lucius. He lifted his head, the pain he endured was so great that he collapsed, his teeth clattered in anger.

“You….fucking…monster…” Stein stuttered.

“Such a shame… Oh, glorious, Mr. Exorcist.” Lucius stood in front of Stein, who had fallen to the ground. “You said being gnawed on by zombies was painful, right? How does it feel? It must’ve hurt. The pain is unbearable, it made me shiver.”


“I’m no longer a weak monster you can torture.” Lucius exchanged a pistol from the system and pointed it at Stein. “Feel it, hear it, see it! Everything around you…” Lucius’ hand rested on the trigger. The zombies roared violently, pinning Stein on the ground. Gnawing and tearing his body apart.

“It’s party time for monsters! The future of this world will be like this!”

“Kill me with your gun!” Stein couldn’t bear the pain of having his flesh torn from his body. He could only beg Lucius to shoot him down. Putting an end to his misery. 

“Kill me! Quick! Hurry up and kill me!” Devastated, Stein just wanted to die with ease. But… Lucius stopped.

“Ah, I forgot. A kid was starving.”

“What?!” Stein felt darkness engulfed the world. Then, a giant claw toppled the zombies and grabbed Stein’s torn apart body.

“No..no”! Stein saw the giant infected zombie that lifted his body. He tried to struggle only to find his limbs had been gnawed by the zombies.

“So hungry…” this giant infected zombie held up Stein’s body. After that, it opened its bloody mouth, “So hungry! “

Stein stared desperately as it bit his body and chewed it on his mouth. With that, the Exorcist’ scream stopped.

What a beautiful creature. Lucius witnessed the giant having its meal. 

“You… haven’t eaten enough yet, right?”

It turned its head to look at Lucius, smiling and pointing down to the frozen ground.

“There’s delicious food there, someone you love. Er… if you like her, you can devour her so you both can be together forever!”


The giant maggot-octopus mix struggled. The virus had completely overtaken his sanity. It crawled on the ground, aiming to the silver-haired Exorcist below.

Finally! Lucius looked at the giant’s back. The Exorcist Squad had been extinguished!

Lucius didn’t stay to witness the battle as he had something important to do. Lucius reloaded the pistol and looked upwards.

“You can’t run away.”

The two Americans should not be allowed to live either.

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