Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 21


The city has gone into complete chaos and panic. Forget about the zombies. Today, a monstrous infected body popped out of nowhere! The army guarding the city realized it was no longer time to stand by and began attacking. It’s the cause of the misery in this city! 

The entire land shook with the monster’s appearance. 

Under a bridge… 

“Brother… I… I can’t run anymore.” The female journalist, Dana, gasped and leaned against the wall. There was a chaotic collision of vehicles under the bridge. They had to climb on top of them to continue. 

“Dana… you’re out of strength?” Dana’s brother looked at his sister, who was sitting against the wall behind him. He can’t forget the view of a monster with the height of a tall building! 

The moment it collapsed, he wisely chose to run away with his sister. The Exorcist had gone mad, he couldn’t possibly protect them.

What the hell is going on with this world? He looked around and noticed that the walls and floor were covered with the scarlet tissues that made him feel uneasy.

“Dana, we can rest after we leave this bridge and escape those monsters…” He reached out his hand to pull her up. 

“But, brother…” As Dana spoke, he suddenly smelled a familiar scent. It wasn’t the smell of blood or flesh, but the pungent smell of gasoline. 


Shit! He took a glance at the collided vehicles. And nearby, fires were raging in the city. A feeling of danger rose up within him. 

“Dana! Get down!”


She just got up to continue running when she heard her brother tell her to get down. Unfortunately, she reacted too late. 


The collided vehicles under the bridge exploded due to a gasoline leak. Right now, the fire was even more dangerous than the zombies. 

The shockwave threw them both against the wall. The American young man’s consciousness was fleeting when he saw Dana’s unconscious figure fell to the ground.


Flame surrounded them. He forced himself to stand up but noticed something tied him down. 

What is this? He lowered his head, the scarlet muscles covering the floor and walls were wrapped around his body like ropes, and it grasped him tighter! 

What’s going on? This thing is really alive?! He wanted to break free of them, fighting with all his strength. Just then, he heard footsteps coming from the mouth of the tunnel. He looked up and saw a figure. 

“What a mess…”


That guy is still alive? The last thing he saw before he escaped was where Stein grabbed Lucius’ collar, and they both fell into a horde of zombies. But now, he’s still alive?! What the hell is going on?! The zombies didn’t devour him? Could it be… because he’s also a monster?! 

“Here.” The clear sound of a pistol being reloaded echoed throughout the bridge. Lucius stood in front of him, aiming the gun at him. No human was immune to it. The young American man was frightened. It’s true, as long as they are human, they will fear death.

What do you want to do? He looked at Lucius, who was pointing a gun against him. Was he going to kill me? Those eyes…only belonged to a monster! 

His legs were bound by the scarlet tissues. No matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t break free. He became an easy target for Lucius! 

Am I going to die? He didn’t dare to blink, he looked at the gun in Lucius’ hand that was resting at the trigger. The moment he blinked…


A gunshot! 


He closed his eyes tightly in fear! 

The shots were fired at his body. But why was there no pain? He slightly opened his eyes and was confronted with a pair of calm dark eyes. As if the scarlet pair of eyes that made him tremble just now never existed! Beneath the dark glasses, there was a slightly worried look. It was the eyes of a human. It was as if the one standing in front of him just now was just an illusion. 

An…illusion? He struggled and found the scarlet tissues that bound his body had been shot by Lucius. He shot it to save me? He looked at Lucius, puzzled. 

“Hurry up and escape.” With a gentle smile, Lucius looked at him, “Quick! Stand up and flee! The horde of zombies could overrun this place anytime soon.”

Escape? He was trying to save me? He was still confused. But then, another violent explosion erupted from above the bridge. As well as a monster’s roar.

Once again, he was frightened. Without asking anything, he stood up, intended to run away with his survival instinct. 

That’s right. Hurry up and escape. Lucius stared at the young American in front of him. Lucius hated killing humans that had no will to fight back. Show me the dark side of humanity…

He glanced at the female journalist, Dana, who laid unconscious on the ground, and then at the young man who had risen to his feed. 

This woman is a burden to you. You’re already weak, you can’t escape with her. Sacrifice her so you can continue to survive. That’s the right decision, right? That’s what humans did in order to survive. The same thing happened that night, with that kid. You’re just the same as him, right? 

Having no intention of letting the humans go, Lucius sensed a zombie was hiding under the shadow of the bridge. If they escape, the zombie will attack them. 

Just like that night… 

He will die in despair after being given hope. 

Lucius loved witnessing such scenes. That’s why he didn’t kill them with his own hands. 

But instead, the man didn’t flee. He was covered in scars and clearly had no strength left. But he half-crouched on the ground, reaching out to embrace the unconscious woman. His sister…

Idiot! Lucius stared at them and gritted his teeth. 

What are you doing! You can’t survive this with a burden! You can’t live without power! But he didn’t give up and held his sister’s body tightly, struggling to stand up. 

What a joke… A powerless human… such a fool! 

“You’ve gotta be kidding me!” Lucius raised his gun and pointed it at the man. 


He was frightened by the change in Lucius’ tone. And the gun that was pointed at him. 

So he was really a monster? He’s going to kill me? 



The gunshot sounded continually with a low growl. Lucius aimed at his head and pulled his trigger. 

The man’s eyes trembled, and his body shivered. But there was no pain. He missed it? No… it was an accurate shot! He turned back stiffly to see a zombie lurking in the bridge’s shadow, trying to gnaw on them. 

Blood flowed from the zombie’s head that was pierced by the bullet. It twitched a few times before it stopped moving. The previous shot was to take down a zombie that was trying to eat them. He turned back and looked at Lucius, who still maintained his shooting position. The muzzles of the gun in his hands still emitted a wisp of smoke. 

“Get out of here! Escape!” Lucius spoke, looking at him. 

Judging from the pistol in Lucius’ hand. There were no more bullets, this gun lost its use. It couldn’t kill them. He understands if he stayed here, the monster would kill him and his sister. Though he didn’t know what made that monster end up releasing them. But he decisively embraced his sister and headed out of the bridge. 


“Wait!” Lucius’ voice made him freeze. Fear began to spread in his heart. Why did he tell him to wait? He looked back to find an unknown object was thrown at him. He instinctively raised his hand and grabbed it. The cold metal touched his hand. He looked down to find a pistol. 

Why did you give me this? He glanced at Lucius, who just threw another small soldier bag to his feet. By its sound, the shoulder bag should be filled with ammunition for this pistol. A lot of it. But why? He was even more puzzled. 

“In this world, a powerless person can’t protect anyone.” Lucius glanced at him for one last time and turned around to walk in the opposite direction. 

A powerless person couldn’t… protect…anyone… As if he understood something, he looked at Lucius’ departing back. 

“My name is Alex! You?” 


After raising his hands and waved it, Lucius left the tunnel without looking back. Merged into the shadow under this bridge. 

A monster? Alex looked at the bag of bullets at his feet, the bag that Lucius had left behind, hoping that he and his sister would survive. Could a monster have such mercy and sadness in their eyes? That was what Alex saw in Lucius’ last glance. 

“Protect her…”

“What?!” A voice suddenly rang out in Alex’s ear. When he glanced around, there was no one under the bridge. 

He had no time to lose. He picked up the ammunition bag, carried his unconscious sister, and began to escape.

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