Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 213


The casualty count was probably around 10,000. There were clearly not enough medicine kits to tend all of these injured knights. Disputes naturally occurred in this situation. Lucius didn’t care about it at all; It wasn’t his business.
After walking for a whole day, night came.
The night was the most active time for demons. As a result, their speed and power will increase a lot. Some special demons can even hide their bodies through the darkness of night.
After a whole day of marching, the team that had been exhausted chose to find high ground and set up a defensive array to take a break. Lorna was in the center of the team, and a small tent and a bonfire were set up.
‘What a rare sight, this pampered young lord can actually cook.’
Now Lorna was cooking a pot of broth. He skillfully stirred and cut the ingredients. He must be very good at cooking.
As for why this young master cooks himself, the reason was probably a common problem of men. Men were always tried to look good in front of a girl. Lorna was no exception.
“It smells so fragrant.”
Amid this stern and cold atmosphere, her energetic voices seemingly lit up the night.
Lucius glanced at the 1.5 meters small girl who was sitting next to him, with a bandage on her abdomen, her messy crimson long washed, she probably took a bath on a nearby river, and she was still wet. —Because Lorna and Lucius saved her, she automatically followed Lorna and Lucius.
“Well, these are spices made from Yaori pepper, a specialty of the Obsidian City, and you can’t buy them in other cities.”
Lorna was still somewhat proud of his cooking skill.
“Can Yuka …… eat it?”
‘Her way of speech… she’s similar to Arthas.’
Lucius could almost saw a constantly wagging tail on her back.
Yuka’s eyes lit up in excitement, probably because she was starving. But she was very conscious of herself, she understood that she was only a peasant, and Lorna was the son of a prince, a royalty.
“I made this soup for three people, so you can, of course, eat it.” He took out a few bowls and chopsticks. His movement looked very professional.
“Then thank you, Lord Lorna!”
Yuka was not polite. Hunger made her almost snatched the bowls and chopsticks from Lorna’s hand and then shoved it into the boiling broth.
“Careful, it’s hot!” Lorna was startled. The broth temperature is at least about 100 degrees, and it hasn’t cooled down.
“Well, it’s fine …… Yuka is not afraid.”
Her mouth was bulging, stuffed with food, and her lips shining because of the oil stains, A happy expression surfaced on her face. Lorna gazed at her and unconsciously smiled.
“Fancy that kid?” Lucius gently tapped Lorna’s shoulder and spoke quietly.
“No way!” Lorna replied to Lucius.
“She’s just a kid.”
“But she’s 20 years old, she’s not a kid, she’s a proper young woman.” Lucius jokingly said. “Could it be that you think she is way younger?”
‘Twenty years old?’
Lorna looked at the childish Yuka, who was excited like a child because of the food, “No way.”
“Then take advantage of it.” Lucius once again patted Lorna’s shoulder. “This is a good chance for you. A hero sometimes feels lonely, right?”
“Master Lucius, it’s not what you think.” Lorna wisely chose to change the subject. “Master Lucius keeps saying hero. What do you mean by that?”
Lucius stood up, patted the dust behind him, stretched, and glanced out into the distance.
“You’ll understand.”
‘I will understand?’
This answer made Lorna even more confused. Lorna wanted to ask, but Lucius walked away and did not give Lorna a chance.
“I’ll go outside to get some air.”
“But won’t you eat with us?”
“No need.”
Lucius was a vampire. He did not have any food to sustain his body.
The sky was clear and starry.
Lucius looked at the brightest star in the sky. That was Xerath, who was working as radar at the height of 10,000 meters above. Lucius began to communicate with Xerath.
“Xerath, how powerful is the leader of the demon army closest to here?”
“A sinking demon with a level of four,” Xerath answered.
‘Sinking demons …..?’
This was also a new type of demon that was not affiliated with the Seven Deadly Sins. It has a similar appearance to that of a goblin, but its wisdom was much lower than a goblin.
“No way” I need a powerful demon.
“Summoner, with all due respect, within a thousand miles centered on you, there are a total of three high-level demons above level 5. However, no matter which one of them came here, it will still be able to wipe these deserters.”
The strongest knights currently known to Lucius in this team were the two leaders of the knights, respectively, the fifty-first and fifty-second floors of the Top Tower, and they are both at the fifth level. Because of the inexplicable fear carried by the demons, it was easy for a demon to suppress two humans of the same level.
“Tell me about them.”
“Echidna the Demon Tree Ruler, three-headed hell dog Cerberus and an elite thunder beast…”
After hearing Xerath’s explanation, Lucius somehow could already tell how they looked. However, Lucius really wanted to know whether these demons had absorbed the memories of human beings on Earth and how could they be so similar to the fantasy of some humans in his mind?
But overthinking was unnecessary.
“Let the Demon Tree Dominator come over. Don’t tell her that I exist and send three hundred lower demons to tentatively attack from the right side of the human team! Let three greedy demons and the ruler of the magic tree come to be together.”
After instructing everything, Lucius glanced at the campfire. Now, it was time for Lucius to make this Prince’s son understand how ridiculous his so-called justice really was.
This was the price, Lucius in his life, hated humans to the extreme. One of the most annoying things about them was hypocrisy, wannabe hero.
‘Now… are you ready to play, little guy?’

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