Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 212


To put it in layman’s terms, Vector manipulation was the manipulation of the direction of all energy. Thus, as long as the skin touches something, it was able to manipulate its direction.
Nobody could get close to the user of this absurd ability!
If this ability was evolved to the 6th level, in addition to Lucius’s vampire physique, this ability would make him invincible.
The only problem was… the requirement to reach Lv. 5 was extremely difficult. Lucius has no way to think of any good way to upgrade this superpower other than breaking through the fiftieth level of the top tower. —However, even in its current state of LV4, this ability was still powerful.
The stone-ground on which Lucius was standing cracked, and immediately after that, Lucius appeared above the demon in front of Lorna. His hand pierced the demon’s forehead, and its blood began to rage under Lucius’s control. After that, the demon’s body exploded violently…
Because of the vector control, the explosion of blood did not reach Lucius, not even a single drop of blood-stained Lucius’s clothes. It splashed into Lorna instead.
Lorna’s eyes are filled with fear. But as expected from the son of a prince, he was able to keep his composure and not vomiting after seeing that grotesque scene.
Lucius glanced at him and did not say anything more. In the eyes of Lucius, he was just a pawn to complete his task; Lorna’s survival was necessary for him to be able to enter Obsidian City.
The ravages of the entire demon army continued…
Hundreds of greedy demons have caused a terrible blow to these deserters. The inexplicable fear of the demons alone was enough to make many civilians paralyzed in fear.
The knights tasked to guard this convoy were divided into two by the demon rangers amid this chaos.
The demon rangers were a group of humanoid demons covered in black cloaks. Compared to those hideous demons, humanoid demons belong to a higher level of existence. They have their own free will. All of the demon sovereigns have a human form. If you look at their appearance, people might think they were regular humans wearing strange clothes.
But the demons were still demons. They have inexplicable fear emanating from their body. This aura was so thick and strong, it distinguished them from the other demon.
When ordinary people gazed at the demon ranger’s dark red pupil, all negative emotions known by humans will seep into the unfortunates, causing them to go insane. Such death was a desperate death. Which makes the human beings killed by the demon yielded 99% despair points.
If only the humans killed by Xerath’s bombardment also yield despair points, it would make an easy way to farm it. But, unfortunately, those humans have not yet realized what happened. They were bombarded by Xerath and died instantly with no shred of despair.
The demon ranger used bows, arrows, and daggers mainly. These weapons were very good at creating all kinds of traps in the middle of the forest to conduct guerrilla warfare and torture the enemy to death. This kind of battle in the outdoor and open areas was very unfavorable for them. Dozens of demon rangers with an average level of about 40 could die due to the counterattack of these knights.
That outcome, however, was according to Lucius’s plan. Lucius already arranged the deployment of a group of demons called the dark gladiator. They were three meters tall and possessed the same level of power as the demon ranger; Lucius believed that this army was able to demolish all the remaining knights. 
Lucius did not intend to kill this group of humans so quickly. On the contrary, he preferred the slow death, which will give him more despair points.
Just when Lucius glanced his eyes towards where the Knights confronted the demon ranger, Lorna suddenly tugged on Lucius’s coat.
“Quick…hurry up and go help them!”
Lorna had already recovered from the situation in which he had just fallen into fear. He wiped the dirty blood on his face, anxiously pointing at the group of civilians in the rear without the knights guarding.
Maybe there were many powerful folks among this group of civilians, but still, they were no match for the demons.
The turmoil of the civilians alone was enough for the greedy demons to trample on these people’s lives unscrupulously. They greedily munched on these poor humans non-stop.
“Why do you want to help them? That group of civilians seems to have nothing to do with you, right?”
“Even if you don’t know who those people are, it doesn’t mean that you should abandon people who need help!”
Lorna’s anxious expression was beyond words, but his kindness, he could not fulfill it himself, so he asked others.
Lucius raised his eyebrow, “Why don’t you go yourself?”
“I…” When Lucius asked, Lorna’s face flushed immediately: “My foot was twisted just now, and I can’t move at all… Please, please hurry up!”
‘So… he wanted me to risk my life and save those people?’
“Is that an order?” The expression on Lucius’s face became cold. He hated humans. One of the most annoying traits was hypocrisy. They use a pious appearance to cover up their dirty deeds. Unfortunately, this was something that almost all humans will have.
If you don’t have power, don’t be a hero.
Lorna obviously regards Lucius as the kind of role that can be sent at will, just like the two knight commanders. In fact, in the obsidian city, Lorna did practice this habit of asking others to do unreasonable things at will. However, because of his father, his request was generally agreed upon, and he did not care about other people’s feelings.
“No… it’s not an order.” Lorna was a little scared by Lucius’s cold eyes, and his tone weakened: “I beg you, Master Lucius, please save those people!”
Seeing that Lucius remained indifferent, Lorna suddenly pulled out his own sword and put it against his neck. “If Master Lucius does not agree, I ……”
“What?” Lucius didn’t believe that this kid who was afraid of death would sacrifice his life for this.
“I don’t have the face to meet my father if I let those people die in vain, I might as well…” Lorna said that as he pressed his blade stronger and stronger into his neck.
‘This troublesome brat!’
Lucius grabbed Lorna’s hand, and at this moment, Lorna’s face showed a delighted smile.
Lucius looked at Lorna condescendingly. The gaze from Lucius’s scarlet pupils made him scared.
“Do you…know the price of justice?”
Cold, utterly cold, this man was even scarier than his father. Lorna did not dare to move the slightest, did not even dare to answer Lucius’s question. His body trembled uncontrollably.
“Well, in any case, if you want to become a hero, do not do such a dangerous thing.”
The cold gaze in Lucius’s eyes melted, replaced by the blinding sunlight. Lucius reached out and pressed his hand on Lorna’s blonde hair and rubbed it.
“If you die, it’s all over, and so is everyone else, so don’t joke with your life in the future! Understood?”
Lucius instructed Lorna word by word.
Lorna was a little stunned by the great change in Lucius’s mood.
‘As expected, Lord Lucius is a good man! Same as my father.’
There were tears in Lorna’s eyes.
“I…I understand, Master Lucius, I will not do that ever again!” 
“Then I will go there first, be safe.”
“I will.” Lorna nodded.
Lucius looked at the group of humans who were wantonly slaughtering the demons and vented all his anger accumulated in his heart on this group of demons.
‘Even though you’re powerless and naïve….’
The moment Lucius touched the demon with his hand, all these ferocious monsters burst into pieces.
‘You doesn’t even have the courage to face these monsters… But why are you still talking about saving others?’
‘How ridiculous!’
Lucius kicked the ground, and the opposite force blast Lucius forward, controlling his trajectory with his vector manipulation, compressed air gathered in the soles of his feet. Lucius’s blow slammed one of the biggest demons.
‘If it wasn’t useful to keep you alive, you’ve already become fodder for these guys!’
The greedy demons who had wanted to slaughter and do whatever they wanted were easily killed by Lucius. These demons were flinched by fear.
“Come here.” Lucius glanced at the dreaded demons and said coldly, “Whoever kills me is the master of the dark world!”
As the name suggests, the greedy demons were the most greedy among the demons.
Now, how great was the temptation to become the master of the dark world?
This group of demons immediately abandoned their food, converging into a group, and charged into Lucius.
‘If you want to live in this world, you must first know how weak you are!’
Lucius will never forget what the church taught him.
‘Failure to do so will only bring disaster to yourself!’
Lucius stepped on the rocky ground under his feet. The cracks began to spread around him, and the entire ground was cracked instantly.
‘You have to pay the price for anything you do!’
Under the vector control, the broken stones floated beside Lucius, shooting at the demons at the speed of a bullet. The ground under Lucius continued to shatter, turning into one sharp stone one after another, striking those demons.
Hundreds of greedy demons all died in a flash.
Lucius panted. Vector manipulation drained too much energy.
“Thank you so much for your help, my lord!”
“It’s Lorna’s order. ……”
“God bless Lord Lorna. He hasn’t abandoned us.”
The surrounding civilians who survived all cast a grateful glance at Lucius. Lucius saved these humans from the hands of those demons. But ……
Lucius turned his head and looked at Lorna, who was admiring him from afar.
‘Watching these people survive…are you satisfied?’
‘Is it so satisfying for you to be able to save these people, even though you’re not doing anything?’
‘Could this still be called justice?’
‘Longing to see grateful eyes from those who were saved by oneself? Desire to be regarded as a hero by others?’
The corners of Lucius’s mouth curled up slightly.
‘Since you want to help others so much, I’ll teach you a lesson….’
‘The price of justice.’
Lucius stomped on the corpse that was still squirming on the ground and found one person lying beside it. It seems that there was still a survivor of the demon’s attack here. Lucius observed the crouching figure, covered with blood and tattered all over.
It was a little girl…with a petite body.
“Still alive?”
The humans here who were able to survive on this spot should’ve been the ones who fought the demons, this girl…
“Can…can you bring Yuka’s sword? I need to get my sword.”
‘So.. her name is Yuka?’
Lucius glanced at her disheveled scarlet long hair.
Lucius followed the direction of her finger and found a sword.
‘But … this sword is really big, this young girl’s height was only about one and a half meters, but that huge sword was two meters long. Is that sword really something this little girl can hold up?’
Despite some doubts in his mind, Lucius handed the heavy sword to the struggling girl named Yuka.
“Thank you, big brother… big brother is really powerful.”
She was probably lying on the ground and saw Lucius demolished those demons within seconds.
“Where are your parents?” Lucius switched to his good-guy mode.
“Well, Yuka is in her twenties this year. Yuka left her parents long ago to live on her own.” She shook her long and messy hair and spoke meekly.
‘Twenty years old?’
‘So… legal loli really exist….’
Lucius was shocked when she told him her age. But he pretends that he didn’t care about it at all.
‘So… what comes next?’
Lucius didn’t have anything to tend her wounds, she got so many wounds on her body, but the scar on her abdomen was the most visible. Although it didn’t damage her internal organ, it was still a severe injury.
“I have a medical kit here!”
Lorna, who had broken his legs, strugglingly approached Lucius and Yuka and handed over the medical kit to Yuka —In such a chaotic war, the medical kit was one of the most important things. But, unfortunately, not many people were able to get their hand on this necessity.
“It’s… it’s okay, Lord Lorna, Yuka is in good health, and she can recover quickly.”
She seemed to want Lorna to give these precious healing potions to others. In order to persuade Lorna, she straightened her body and puffed out her chest to make her looked like a strong person, but this sudden movement made her internal injury worsen instead and resulting in her to coughed up blood.
It made Lorna became more and more worried about her injury.
‘This girl…’
So Lorna strictly ordered her to tend her wound using this medicine kit.
The knights who fought against the demon ranger on the front line had also returned, and most of them were wounded.
A demon attack caused many civilians to panic, not knowing what to do.
The atmosphere in the entire team has also become a little depressed. At this time, Lorna must stand up and say something to make these knights feel motivated and not drowned in despair.
‘What kind of speech could Lorna use to encourage these people not to give up hope? ‘
Lucius had estimated that only a small few of these people could survive his demon onslaught and get to the Obsidian City. So it was also an excellent time to teach this naïve son of a prince a lesson.
‘You will never become a hero if you can only rely on other people.’
Lorna was powerless. He could only save other people by ordering Lucius to save them. Lucius was the one who saved those people, not Lorna.

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