Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 225


Under a city consist of several different tribes in the middle of nowhere, they couldn’t afford to build an eye-catching and prominent building. So they only built a small and efficient building.
Almost dozens of different tribes inhabit the entire northern snowy mountains, but because they worshipped the Dragon God, conflicts rarely occur.
In this group of tribes made up of igloos, the silver-haired, silver-eyed figure was sitting in the middle of the building complex and inside the most magnificent igloo.
A horse milk yogurt was put on the table as an offering.
In this room full of religious atmosphere, there was a huge dragon totem at the center of the lobby.
Dragons in this world were very noble creatures. The demons with a form of dragons weren’t purebred dragons. The real purebred dragon was so mighty when it manifested itself; no humans could stand its magnificent aura.
Among the complex totem carvings, behind that dragon, there was a slim human shadow.
This represented him.
An existence that stood shoulder to shoulder with the gods.
After waiting for a few moments, Orna, the chief of this tribe, walked into this room in full armor and saw Esnorris’s figure and was about to kneel and salute when he interrupted Orna by reaching out his hand.
“Are you ready?”
“Yes, My Lord, everything is arranged, and the 30,000 warriors of the northern tribe are ready to march at your command,” Orna said humbly. Still, his face carried a slightly hesitant expression.
“Do you have doubts?”
“No, there will be none at all!” Then, after he glanced at the emotionless pupils with some trepidation, he immediately lowered his head.
“I didn’t ask you to deploy those soldiers to defend this encampment but to launch an all-out attack!”
“My deepest apologies, Lord Es. But if you want to launch an all-out attack on those demons….”
“No chance of winning at all?” He seemed to have guessed what was going through the mind of the man in front of him.
“The number of that group of demons is never-ending. Even 30,000 people can’t defeat that army of demons….”
“What do you believe in?” The cold, emotionless voice sounded undeniably stern.
“You, Lord Es, and the Dragon God as well.”
“Then if I say.” He turned sideways to reveal the totem portrait behind him, depicting a giant dragon with its wings up, “This, is the will of the Dragon God?”
“The will of the Dragon God?” Orna lifted his head in surprise and looked at the person in front of him.
If the saints in the hearts of ordinary people were God, living gods, then the so-called dragon god is nothing more than a spiritual trust, nebulous. No one has ever seen the so-called dragon god!
Compared to this actual existence in front of his eyes, to protect their own powerful existence, the dragon god sounds like a fairy tale in children’s bedtime stories. —Although Orna knew that it was treacherous to think so, he really could not believe that the so-called all-knowing and all-powerful Dragon God really existed in this world.
“Yes, the Dragon God has fully awakened a few days ago.” His icy tone seemed to take on a hint of yearning, “He is a true being. He rules over the Court of the Gods, all the saints, and our power, and a few days ago, the power of the Dragon God’s has returned.”
“He, like what you believe in, is the omnipotent God, and the mere demons are but a bunch of little creepers in his eyes, so the time has now come to fight for your faith.”
Because his words were devoid of emotion, they were able to convince the hearts of people, as if they were stating a fact that could not be simpler.
‘The arrival of the Dragon God …..’
Even if Orna had doubts in his heart, he did not dare to offend this powerful being again and again.
And he was talking about meeting the Dragon God personally!
That means everyone in the northern snowy mountains will be sheltered by the Dragon God.
“Lord Es, please give me a day to prepare. No, half a day will be enough.”
“Go ahead. The sooner, the better.”
He finished and stood there, looking up at the totem, not knowing what he was thinking about.
A day later.
A group of brothers and sisters with their families in tow gathered in front of him. They suppressed their curiosity of whether or not the Dragon God has manifested upon this world, but asking the same question, again and again, might be taken as an insult to the saint.
They marched together with the saint. The abnormally thick snow that was once made these tribes hard to move was now just a child’s play before the saint’s power. He could split the snow and made a path for these armies to marched on without any problem.
The demon army forces that popped up from time to time were easily defeated by this powerful saint.
This journey made the tribesmen believed that their choice to launch an all-out attack on those demons was the correct choice.
Although still under the freezing point, the temperature gradually turned warmer. Finally, they have reached the end of the uninhabited territory where they lived in.
Surrounding them were the branches of silver pines hanging… The influence of those demons made this world bleak. Even the snow was tainted with the color of black, making them greyish in color. But when everyone gradually went deeper into this forest, they saw that all of the trees started to blossom with their own eyes!
This cold winter…was dispelled!
The ground here is littered with demon limbs. These limbs have turned into nutrients for the trees as if the arrival of spring had been fast-tracked hundreds of times, and the branches of the dead trees sprouted shoots and blossomed.
The grey clouds in the sky also became clear, and the sun shone down on the world again.
At the center of this incredible sight lies a small city…. Just like the dreamy city in the fairy tale, without the grandeur and prosperity of the big city, this sunlit city can make people feel a little warm in this world surrounded by darkness and frozen terrain.
After the tribesmen stepped into the sunlit area, they felt their bodies were warmed up, their fatigue disappeared, and their inner depression also disappeared.
With the mood of excitement as well as anticipation, under his leadership, this group of tribesmen came to the entrance of this small city and saw who inhabits this beautiful city.
Not only humans, but all kinds of humanoid creatures of different forms have been living in seclusion in the mountains and forests, so many creatures of legends living in harmony together, even the orcs who were not very harmonious with humans.
They were all gathered here! Creatures of all shapes and sizes on this planet were gathered here.
“Clan…chief?” This group of tribesmen who had never seen the world had been stunned by the view.
Orna was also stunned as he looked ahead at the figure with silver hair and silver eyes.
“Rest in this meadow, and remember not to mess with anyone!”
He just softly instructed with a short sentence and then continued to walk out towards the front. At the same time, he also emitted a pressure felt by everyone present, the aura of a saint!
The powerful magical beasts and the rude orcs, sensing his aura, gave way to him.
The gates of this magnificent little city suddenly opened, and he was the only one who walked into the city.
The buildings of this small city are very unusual, ordinary but in a comfortable way.
There was abuilding at the very end of the city.
He followed the steps and walked into the building, which could barely be considered magnificent.
The door was pushed open, and he found that there were already twelve people present who had arrived here, plus him, made thirteen of them.
These thirteen people consist of six humans and other various races…… He just faintly swept a glance and stood in the seventh position of these twelve people.
All of them were saints who survived the fall of the Court of the Gods, the strongest power in this world…. And he belonged to the seventh position among this strongest twelfth person.
The saints did not communicate with each other. They collected their aura here and quietly waited …… for the arrival of the legendary Dragon God.
“Yo, everybody, good afternoon!”
That wasn’t the impression of the legendary being full of majesty. —In the back of this hall came out a young child who was no more than twelve years old. Long hair as dark as charcoal, naturally scattered down, wearing a fancy dress-like slightly dragged clothing.
With a smile on his face, he introduced his identity, “I think as the administrator of the Court of Gods and the first saint, you should already know the identity of me, Saint Michael, very clearly, but this is only the part of it. My real identity is the dragon god in the lower realm. I also represent the world. It can be said that I am the will of this world. Let me introduce it formally. I am the seventh God of the God Creation System, Michael.”
The radiant golden-yellow pupils flashed out of the eyes of this boy, who appeared to be very delicate in appearance.

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