Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 226


Winter, demons, blood, death, vampires…
That’s the only view so far.
On top of the ruins of a city, Lucius, dressed in a pitch-black jacket, looked down at the corpses on the ground, both demonic and human. But this time, the corpses were mostly demons.
‘Those humans are pretty strong.’
‘Surely it was because the world’s consciousness has awakened?’
Lucius looked at the edge of the world and felt that there was not much time left. It was taking longer and longer to capture a city, even with the aid of Xerath, but because of the sudden surge in human power, even an ordinary woman could take a sword and matched the power of a lower-level demon.
Lucius pondered. He took out a pack of cigarettes from his arms.
“I hate the smell of smoke.”
Lucius threw the pack of cigarettes. He had absorbed so many people. What he got was not just their power but their bitter memories as well.
“Master, the three demon kings—lust, gluttony, and sloth—have been killed by humans, and their troops will be wiped out… The last remaining humans seem to have become much stronger.”
At Lucius’s side, a demon whose bones grew outside of flesh and blood spoke to Lucius with some concern. In the demon world, he was a curator-like character, the only existence among demons whose intelligence was higher than their instinct. As a result, he was able to control his own actions with reason.
“Keep attacking,” Lucius commanded.
Demons enjoyed killing. They didn’t have any reason to stop.
“By the way, I told you to tell the Inferno Tyrant and its legions to stand by in the Buried Golden City. Did you convey it down?”
“Yes, the Inferno Tyrant that represents wrath and his subordinate, the lava demons, are all stationed in the Buried Golden City, but… Master, the demons of the wrath lineage are the most aggressive. In this emergency situation, his power could help us win this battle.”
“That’s fine. Tell them to guard the mines.”
Lucius interrupted the demon curator’s words and continued looking at the borderless realm line.
Esnorris stood solemnly at the end of the hall, his emotionless silver eyes looked at the boy in front of him and smiled.
He was looking at Michael, and Michael was looking at all the people present.
After sweeping his eyes over several people, in turn, Michael clapped his hands.
“Well, as you all know, the group of filth that lives next door to us has run into this world of mine and did whatever they want, even disrupting the order of my world. I don’t like a bunch of vermin bouncing around my body. I prefer the beings I created myself, that is, you guys.”
He was the will of this planet, representing the entire existence of the earth, so Michael uttered this sentence without any exaggeration.
Starting from being a single cell and evolving to became such a colorful world. In a sense, the boy in front of them was the father, or perhaps the mother-like existence of everyone present.
“Because the function I have is the creation of lineage, not the order or the death lineage, I can only ask you all to get rid of those damn bugs. No, I should not say that. How should I say it….” Michael raised his tiny fist, “Let’s all defend our home! That’s all I have to say. Do you have any questions?”
Among the twelve, a large man with a very gloomy expression raised his hand slightly. He walked out of the crowd under Michael’s gaze and kneeled in front of Michael.
“Forgive my rudeness, Lord Dragon God. I have fought with that army of demons. They are not only endless in number but also carry the kind of aura that simply makes ordinary soldiers unable to fight!”
“I remember that you are the god of war, Castellite, the commander of the world’s number one knight order?” After searching the many memories in his head, Michael remembered him.
“Precisely I am.”
“Then do you think that with this army, you will be able to defeat those bugs?”
Michael waved his hand slightly.
The air in the entire room, the stone slabs on the ground, and the sunlight shining in the sky suddenly all began to reorganize and twist, condensing and finally turned into a giant creature.
Made of air, made of stone, made of light ……
There were almost hundreds of giant puppet creatures.
—And the aura that exudes from them was not weaker than that of Castellite, who was a saint!
All of the twelve saints gathered there, in addition to Esnorris, who usually never showed any emotion became excited.
“Did you forget who gave you your power? The saints?! If I could create twelve of you saints, I could also create hundreds and thousands of saints. If it weren’t for the fact that you are powerful people with souls and minds that even the gods can’t shape, you would be nothing more than ordinary people.”
‘Having a strong power, you must have the same state of mind to be able to harness it. Otherwise, you will only lose yourself.’
When Michael thought of this, he suddenly remembered the pitch-black figure that was accompanied by blood.
‘Brother, are you the same way? Come on …… you have such tremendous power. Can you control it perfectly?’
‘I’m going to see you soon!’
Michael snapped his fingers, and the twelve saints did not dare to object to his word ever again.
“I will give you each a thousand, ten thousand, no matter how many you want, I can provide it, can have it made of light element, wind element, stone, water, take your pick, they will be completely at your command, with this large army, that small group of worms was no match.”
‘Trample them!’
In this world where a single saint could turn the world upside down and even be worshipped as a god and in addition to an army of thousands or even tens of thousands, even if the Dragon God weren’t with them, they could still unite this world with ease!
But this was just a blind thought.
“All hail the Dragon God!”
Michael began to instruct these people on their formation and which army to engage. And then came Esnorris’s turn.
“You just lead a group of frost attributed saint golems, go to the bottom of the earth, into Buried Golden City, where there is a swarm of hot and spicy bugs, I felt bad not being able to teleport you straight into that place since I do not have the power of space, but well, it is what it is. Now then, everyone takes your positions and onward to your newly appointed base of operations!”
“As for the leader of these demons, I will take care of him myself!”

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