Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 227


What remains of the place that Lucius has destroyed were only the ruins that represent the destruction.
In the past, Lucius was always followed by a group of demons, but today there was none.
To be precise…they were all killed.
The seven deadly sins of the demon army—Wrath, Pride, Envy, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, and Lust—were all wiped out!
His subordinate of nearly hundreds of millions of demon forces, all … have been reduced to dust.
The sky was blue, clean, and transparent, the sun shone from the sky, and flowers representing new life have blossomed above the ruins. The influence of the Dark Dimension has all disappeared, and this world was being reborn.
And on this battlefield…
“This world! It will never be destroyed the likes of you!!!”
Many lethal wounds covered his body, almost making it impossible for him to survive those damage, but still, the man stood tall and indifferent.
Lucius grabbed the commander of one of the culprits who destroyed the demon world in front of him, leading an army made of fire golems.
He was a saint, and those fire golems had all been turned into ice sculptures by Lucius alone.
Lucius grabbed his collar. Despite how he struggled, he only felt the power in his body was blocked by the man in front of him somehow. There was no way to break free!
‘Is this the end?’
This world has at least a dozen more cities, hundreds of millions of humans were still alive, but the demons he ordered to hunt humans have all been killed in action.
‘When did humans become strong to this extent?’
The most troubling thing was that now killing any human would not yield any despair point. On the contrary, the human heart of this world was filled with hope.
‘I won’t let it end like this!’
Lucius’s hand pierced into the man’s body, the dark red light wrapped around the man. Finally, his entire body assimilated into Lucius along the arm… And his memories were also absorbed and read by him.
‘The gods… have really awakened?’
The next step was to find this guy.
But it seems like there was no need for that.
“Yo, how does it feel to become alone, at last, brother?”
The figure stood mid-air and looked down at Lucius, who was burnt to a crisp below in the ruins of a city.
The will of this world, the being called God, Michael stood there.
The feeling of terror and helplessness creeping in into Lucius… But no matter how difficult or how dangerous the situation was, he was always able to get out and claimed victory.
“I am furious now, brother. You have made so many abominable little bugs on top of my body!”
Lucius did not say any more words and summoned the Yamato Blade!
With his hand wielding the blade, his eyes became unprecedentedly terrifying.
“It’s really terrifying, but …… will you be able to defeat me now that you are alone?”
Michael’s hand gently waved. Then, on Lucius’s side, those fire golems that he had crushed before piled up into the stone blocks and began to vibrate violently, giants of different forms appeared around Lucius.
All of them were on par with a saint!
“Grab him!”
At Michael’s command, these stone giants rushed towards Lucius.
Lucius used the most straightforward technique of the Yamato Blade, which was a draw and slash, a flash of azure light, a crack in space-time emerged in front of Lucius. Still, those stone giants who were slashed by the Yamato Blade were unharmed!
They might be created from the cheapest material, but the power of Michael made these golems the most powerful force in this world!
‘If you can’t destroy it, then……’
The moment the stone giant’s arm grabbed Lucius, the ground under Lucius’s feet trembled and then protruded out of the ground. This force made Lucius able to reach Michael. He once again sheathed his Yamato Blade and then, in an instant, draw it out of its sheath with speed imperceptible to the naked eye, swung out thousands of times in succession!
“Infinite Dimensional Slash!”
Lucius relied on the memories absorbed in his brain and replicated this move perfectly.
Around Michael’s body, the time-space fractures caused by this ability become more and more severe. Then the sound of breaking glass resounded in both of their ears.
But… Michael was unharmed.
“No, it’s not working at all, brother!”
The air around him formed a giant of nearly 100 meters, and the air surrounding Lucius’s body became the arm of this giant. It clenched Lucius’s small body!
Lucius coldly snorted. Pitch-black feathers rushed out behind his back and embraced Lucius’s whole body, perfectly encapsulating him with a pitch-black wing.
“Escape?” Michael cocked his head. He felt the energy of the surrounding air.
“Power of space, huh? No, wait… this skill!”
The pleasant smile on Michael’s face suddenly became stiff because, at the other end of the planet, an indescribable aura was suddenly generated… Michael aimed there and broke through the air… His speed was almost instantaneous.
Michael appeared at the other end of the planet, a volcanic eruption of lava territory.
In a world covered in black smoke and a hot red glow from the lava, a blue figure was seen above the sky!
Ancient Spirit, Xerath!
After such a long battle, Xerath had gradually unsealed himself, and the power of once the strongest magical being gradually returned.
At this moment, Xerath gathered all the power of his whole body into a single point and aimed it at Michael, who was below him.
No… instead, to the planet!
“I say to you, God, do you believe that his power can penetrate this planet?”
Lucius also appeared at Xerath’s side. The glow of the Yamato Blade in his hand dimmed a bit.
“What an annoying little bug!” Michael could no longer maintain his calmness this time. The power of arcane gathered in him, the power hundreds of times stronger than Xerath. —The will of a planet!
“Get your ass back inside your coffin!” Michael shook and waved his hand at Xerath. Suddenly the air around him arranged itself into a complicated magic mark, one after another pierced into Xerath’s body.
“I… live on forever! No one can extinguish the glory of my magic!”
The devastating magical power that Xerath was channeling was just about to be unleashed.
Michael created the world’s strongest barrier, layer upon layer. Turning it into a coffin to seal Xerath. He continuously stacked thousands of layers, almost turned into a huge layer of stone monument with Xerath as its core.
The earth shook, the volcano also began to erupt, the magma could not damage the world’s strongest barrier in the slightest.
…. And Xerath, too, was unable to break through even the first layer.
The ancient spirit was once again imprisoned in the coffin.
Now, what remains of this world was only Lucius.
Lucius waved the feathers behind him, but ……
Michael coldly gave this order, the surrounding air froze, and chains after chains emerged from the void to pierce into Lucius’s limbs, bound Lucius firmly in mid-air, with no way to move a bit.
The chains rattled, dropping Lucius hard to the ground and hitting the solidified lava on this volcano.
With a flash, Michael appeared in front of Lucius, whose limbs were bound, and looked at him expressionlessly, “How pitiful, brother.” 
“It seems that the choice you made at first was completely wrong, huh? And now you are still doing this kind of thing for an ordinary woman, but it ends here. The one who won this game is me!”
Michael cracked the corners of his mouth, and a lavender-colored flame emerged from his left hand.
“Let’s see what your despair looks like, brother. How about letting you dream of having that woman killed again?”
The purple flame seeped into Lucius’s heart!
But…at that moment, Michael’s expression stiffened.
“Who are you?”
Michael looked at the expressionless Lucius in astonishment, “You are not him… you… have no memory of him! Who are you?!”
A dark red hue wrapped around his body, and Lucius’s figure began to disintegrate, replaced by a pair of cold, pitch-black pupils.
Alex Mercer!
The perfect form of the virus, the man who might now be called the man who has deceived the gods!
“You haven’t won yet,” Alex replied lightly to Michael.
Alex was not a talkative person in the first place, but he knew that everything was too late, after all.
‘Where is my brother?’
Michael fell into a panic…he took a few steps back, and suddenly, Michael clenched his heart and screamed at Alex.
“What did you do?! Where is my brother?!” Michael scanned every corner of the world in his mind and finally found Lucius’s figure.
Michael ‘saw’ Lucius… and his almost identical smile, only with cracked shark-like teeth that looked extraordinarily ominous!
“Damn it!”
With a wave of his hand, Michael’s chains ran through Alex’s body in layers, immobilized him, after which he headed in the direction of Buried Golden City, rushing forward at the fastest speed he could muster.

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