Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 229


The starry sky, what was it really like?
This was an unanswerable question for vampires who have never broken through the constraints of the atmosphere and came to outer space.
But Lucius personally experienced the feeling of wandering in the space today.
The temperature and various rays in the space made Lucius too busy to watch the spectacular scenery of the outer universe.
“System, simulate the earth environment around my body!”
Lucius ordered the system as a last resort to survive this harsh condition. —Even if Lucius was a vampire, a creature that has died, there was still a slight need for oxygen.
Not long after, a layer of Earth-like climate was formed around Lucius’s body.
In the void of the universe, a blue-colored figure gradually drifted towards Lucius.
It was Xerath.
As an arcane spirit, he had transcended the concept of life. As a result, he was completely able to survive in the environment of outer space. Perhaps it was a great fortune among misfortunes that the coffin plate that trapped Xerath’s body kept him from turning into debris along with the planet.
“Where is Alex?”
“He returned to Earth earlier.”
Even if he was trapped by Michael, Xerath knew everything about the outside world.
“Is it okay…?” Lucius looked around at the cosmic junk drifting in the surrounding cosmic space, the fragments of a planet, the impact of the explosion spread out to the whole galaxy.
But no matter what, this world was destroyed. There’s nothing more than that.
And the despair point ……
“Is it still about 200 million points short?” Lucius looked at the number and was 200 million short of ten billion, which was a disappointment, but it was the reality that he had to admit.
At the last moment when the war was going on, because of the revival of the gods, it caused the acquisition of despair value to be significantly reduced since those humans had regained hope. —At a later stage, it was difficult to obtain even a little.
‘Still 200 million short. Where could I get more?’
‘Unfortunately, the system also had no new task for me.’
Thinking about this, Lucius was inexplicably annoyed inside.
‘How difficult it is to find an intelligent planet in this vast universe?! Not to mention the fact that I don’t even have a spaceship of any kind.’
‘Xerath may be fast, but at planet-to-planet distances, this speed is slow.’
Perhaps sensing Lucius’s annoyance, Xerath’s hand pushed a metal object to Lucius, “Master, I found this.” 
The shape was like a coffin.
—Wait, Lucius knew this thing.
“This… how is it possible?” Lucius was in some disbelief… a cryogenic hibernation capsule! The only unopened capsule found on Lodhran’s ship.
The quality of the Federation-made stuff was quite good. So it was able to survive the planet’s big explosion unscathed?
Lucius stretched out his hand and touched the surface of this life-sustaining capsule.
“Do you feel it, Xerath?”
“Hmm.” Xerath nodded, “The metal of this object was given life. That’s why it has such a strong hardness.”
“Gifted with… life ……”
Curiosity drove Lucius to open this life-sustaining capsule. After a bit of research, Lucius turned on the activation program… The icy mist was invisible in the sky, and there was no sound of transmission. The life-sustaining capsule was opened.
In the midst of which lay not a human being, nor any creature.
“Stone?” Lucius froze, in the Life-sustaining capsule stored a crystal that emitted radiant light.
Lucius stretched out his hand and grabbed this crystal. Lifeforce overflowed within this crystal. After the crystal left the life-sustaining capsule, the metal surface of the life-sustaining capsule was covered with a layer of ice crystals.
When Lucius gazed at the crystal, he found that the thing that radiated light.
—Surprisingly, it was a point of light similar to the sun. The stars inside this crystal were like a galaxy, rotating around one of the largest sources of light.
‘Perhaps, what’s stored inside this crystal is a universe.’
This absurd thought rose in Lucius’s mind.
But, the system’s voice rang out, making Lucius put down all other thoughts.
[“A presence containing a powerful life force has been detected, which can be used to create the physical medium of human beings.”]
“‘Creating… human being? System, could this object be used to resurrect humans?”
[“Answer, yes.”]
“Then, if you use this to resurrect life, how much despair point is needed?”
[“Ten billion points of despair point.”]
The price given by the system is still the same, which Lucius was short of 200 million.
‘Why… didn’t it decrease at all?’
Lucius’s heart sank.
‘This ten billion despair value was so outrageous.’
‘The system follows an exchange of equivalence, was human life really so expensive? Ten billion people’s lives for one person…’
The cost was high and somewhat terrifying.
“Since this crystal was used to shape the body, then what else am I missing?” Lucius questioned the system.
[“Soul.”] The system gave Lucius the answer indifferently.
But, when the system said this one word, Lucius froze.
Lucius remembered something, ‘So…was this soul still the original one?’
Was it the soul of the person that Lucius knew and spent time with a few years ago?
Replaced or original? —even if the memory was the same, even if the appearance was the same, but! Lucius was sure that the person with whom he was attached to her soul was burned up at the stake years ago.
This was the reality!
Even if the system resurrected her, it was just another existence with his sister’s memory and his sister’s appearance, but her real self was already gone.
Perhaps, if it was just a toy that he had broken, Lucius could just re-buy a new one, exactly the same, but she was his sister!
Lucius wanted the original, not a substitute.
Perhaps, there was no other way but to turn back time…
It was the truth that his sister died years ago.
Lucius covered his forehead, feeling a little dizzy. This has always been the feeling of his own efforts in vain or the feeling of being deceived by himself. Did he work hard just for a substitute from beginning to end?
‘The soul that had disappeared five years ago…’
Uncontrollable tiredness swept through Lucius’s body. Now Lucius just wanted to find a place to rest well, a place where he could relax his whole body and mind, but it didn’t exist in this cold space!
Suddenly, Lucius remembered a young girl.
A scarlet crystal appeared in his other hand, the heart of Naiya.
That somewhat stupid but very persistent maiden.
What contained here was Naiya’s soul, the original soul.
Since he had the medium to shape the physical body and the soul on his hand…
After Lucius found that everything was feasible, he made a selfish move.
The simulation range of the earth’s environment began to expand, and the two crystals in Lucius’s hand began to twist and combine together, gradually forming a virtual shadow of a person with the help of the system.
Lucius looked at the familiar figure in front of him and fell into her arms.
She opened her eyes in confusion. Her memories were in a jumble, so her thoughts were a little messy. —Naiya’s memory stays at the time when she fell into darkness, which darkness continued until today.
Naiya felt her consciousness was liberated by some strange power.
Naiya has not yet figured out what exactly happened, but it felt like she touched a familiar body, cold, but warmed her heart at the same time.
“Lucius?” Naiya subconsciously hugged Lucius, she was surprised beyond belief, but Lucius wasn’t able to talk.
Time was ruthless. His obsession, in the end, turned out to be an effort to make up a substitute for her dead sister.
‘….. If only I could rewind the time.’
‘…. Wait!’
Lucius suddenly remembered Michael and all kinds of magical power that he possessed.
From nothing, he could create anything he wants, disobeying the law of the universe, The gods!
‘Gods ……’
Maybe…there were beings in this world that could do this, there were gods of creation, and there must be the god of time.
It could always be found.
‘In this vast universe, I could rewind the time and traveled to the past!’
‘Use my power in the past and changed it so that nothing happened to her sister.’
A new motivation ignited within Lucius, and without waiting for Naiya to speak, Lucius’s hand brushed her cheek.
“I need your power, Naiya!”

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