Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 230


“Surely my suspicion is valid? The Battlecruiser, Naiya?”
“I told you not to call me that name! Although it is true that this ship is me.”
A giant warship that exudes science fiction moored on a planet full of yellow sand.
Lucius was lying on the bridge of the ship, resting his head on the one hand, holding a rice cracker in the other, and nibbling on it, looking at the interstellar navigation chart displayed by the holographic projection in front.
This ship’s bridge was large and luxurious, and Lucius was its captain, so he didn’t care at all about him lying around on the floor, chilling.
This super warship sailing in the universe came from the fantasy in Lucius’s mind, the Gods warship in StarCraft, the Battlecruiser.
This ship was not a mother ship but belonged to the category of a battleship. Still, the interior space was able to accommodate many people.
Because Lucius was familiar with human architectural design, he designed the interior of this ship to accommodate humane living. —And at the body of this ship, standing beside Lucius, with her hands crossed and glared at Lucius, was Naiya.
So the first ship that Lucius has in the universe, without question, was named Naiya.
“What does it matter to be able to assimilate into such a large warship? What an envious ability.”
In addition to Lucius, there was another member aboard this ship, Tokisaki Kurumi enviously looked at Naiya standing next to Lucius.
“Why do I have such a strange ability?” Naiya still couldn’t get used to the fact that she had become a battleship!
But who knows. Before Lucius destroyed the planet, he had ordered Alex to get the battleship in the Buried Golden City out of the explosion range. He planned to make that battleship his temporary base.
The three people, Lucius, Alex, and Xerath, were probably the strongest people in this world, but they couldn’t operate this ship at all.
“I think it’s that core in your chest that gives you the power.” Xerath looked into the corner of the ship and afterward turned back to answer the question for Naiya.
‘The core on my chest…’
Naiya was wearing a man’s suit, but she could still feel something weird between her two breasts.
The core that Lucius used to revive Naiya was now in her chest, providing her with the power to survive in this world… It also gives Naiya the power to assimilate with mechanical objects.
Although I don’t know what this thing is all about, it’s not bad for Naiya’s body.
“But why are we here anyway? The feeling of the sands prickling my skin was not pleasant.”
Naiya refers to her own body as a warship, the area where Naiya was currently staying was a deserted planet on the edge of the galaxy. It seems impossible for life to exist at all. There was nothing interesting as far as the eyes could see except for the yellow sand and only more yellow sand.
Lucius was lying in boredom.
Naiya sneaked a glance at Lucius. She didn’t know why but after she regained her life, the contract between her and Lucius disappeared. As a result, the original feeling of fear of Lucius within her heart also gradually decreases. So in front of Lucius, she no longer looked so cowardly.
In addition, their original world has been destroyed, all the knots in the heart have been untied. So whether Lucius is a demon lord or how many people he killed, it doesn’t matter to Naiya now.
Now in Naiya’s mind, Lucius was her benefactor and this relationship…. Naiya blushed.
‘This… should not be possible,’ Naiya thought to herself. ‘Lucius already has someone he likes, this kind of secret was better to keep for yourself.’
In this ship, there was no relationship between the top and bottom, only partners who fight together and friends.
“Because there are fascinating creatures on this planet….” Before Lucius finished speaking, there was a notice of application for communication on the holographic projection in front. “Connect it.”
Yuri…the mother of the blacklight virus. She was currently walking on top of a planet with a temperature close to over sixty degrees and non-stop sandstorms. —Although being the mother of the virus, this environment could barely withstand it. The expression on her face looked a little tired.
“How about it, can you survive in that environment?” Lucius was not trying to punish Yuri. The black light virus has a powerful assimilation ability. Lucius just asked Yuri to find a terrifying creature on this planet.
Lucius believed that as long as one was successfully captured and their DNA was analyzed, combined with the characteristics of the blacklight virus, he could create one of the most terrifying predators ever existed.
“I have already infected their hive-mind.”
The fatigue on Yuri’s face was swept away when she saw Lucius on the screen, and she excitedly turned sideways to show her results to Lucius. There was a huge worm, like the larvae of flies, magnified ten thousand times. It flowed with disgusting liquid. The erosion of the blacklight virus could already be seen.
Insects, a race that would scare people in several worlds, were born to destroy.
And what Yuri captured was just one of the brains that manipulated all the insects on the planet.
This was what once caused Lodhran’s ship to make a forced landing on that planet, where they seemed to have been targeted by this group of monsters on their flight.
Unfortunately for Lodhran’s ships, it didn’t have consciousness like the Battlecruiser Naiya.
Whenever Lucius recalled Lodhran’s memories, there was a feeling of fear, hatred, and anxiety within the life-sustaining capsule. It was more suitable to call it a cage rather than a life-sustaining capsule. And Lodhran was its warden.
“Are you able to extract their DNA?” Lucius asked Yuri.
“All have been acquired, provided there is enough protein to be able to fully replicate the group of this animal.”
As the mother of the virus, Yuri excitingly jumped at the chance of being able to strengthen her blacklight virus.
“However, there is also a small problem here.”
After the excitement, a slightly uneasy look appeared on Yuri’s face.
“What’s wrong?” Lucius did not feel any powerful force on this planet.
“A human,” Yuri answered him.
“Just kill it ……” Lucius didn’t really care about the life of humans.
Yuri didn’t know how to answer for a while. In the end, she could only turn the camera lens to the open space where the yellow sandstorm was slightly stopped. There was a figure there, relying on the excellent quality of the transmission device that Yuri carried; she zoomed into the figure, and when the figure appeared on the other side of the screen…
Lucius was surprised.
The face that appeared on the screen was none other than Lucius himself!
“Is it a disguise? No …… there is no reason to…”
“Ever heard of parallel worlds?” Tokisaki Kurumi, with a slightly playful voice, spoke. She glanced at Lucius, who had already stood up, “I think he should be very useful to you.”
“Indeed ……”
Very very useful!

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