Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 23


My daughter.

The day you were born, the very forest of Lordaeron whispered the name, Arthas.

My child, I watched with pride as you grew into a weapon of righteousness.

Remember, our line has always ruled with wisdom and strength.

And I know that you will show restraint when exercising your great power.

But the truest victory, my daughter, is stirring the hearts of your people.

I tell you this, for when my days have come to an end, you shall be king. 

The moment she was crowned as a king, the maiden’s heart freezes crumbles within her. 

The knight maiden, once sheltered by the holy light, had lost her heart. 

Arthas Menethil…

It’s my name! 

“Aaah!!!” She screamed and sat up in her bed, panting. The city was frozen in the icy darkness, her people, her father, who had fallen by her sword. 

That was…my memory…

Arthas stared at her hands, pale without blood. Not the hands a human should have. 

Where… am I? She glanced around in confusion. She was lying in a warm bed, but her body couldn’t feel the warmth. 

“You’re awake?” A peaceful voice sounded from her side. She turned around to see Lucius sitting in a chair, reading a book. After seeing her awake, he closed the book and gazed at her. 

“Where… is this?”

Both her face and tone couldn’t express the emotions within her, it was so empty that there was nothing to show. Only the two drooping cat ears on her silver hair showed the owner’s heart’s disturbed state. 

“In a house in a small town, far away from Wenhan City.” Lucius held a book and looked at the description of the New Federation of China’s territory in the book. “I settled you here and had a diner along the way.”

They both exchanged glances.

Dinner… Arthas sniffed, caught a scent of fresh blood in the air, and glanced at the corner of the room. Where a human arm covered in blood is exposed. This man was a vampire, and that was his dinner. 

“I say… You..” Lucius showed an amused expression and looked at the black-faced Arthas, “What do you know about your situation right now?” 

“I… died.” Arthas covered her chest, finding herself naked. Her chest… there’s a hole inside her chest. Her once beating heart was now gone. No… it’s not gone… 

“And you’re my master…” Arthas continued, looking at the vague scarlet six-pointed star mark on the back of Lucius’ hand.

Her heart didn’t disappear but was held in the hand of the vampire in front of her. 

“Correct.” Lucius put down the book in his hand and crossed his fingers. His eyes hidden behind the dark glasses relieved a hint of surprise. 

“I thought you’ll be reacting differently. You were an Exorcist, enslaved by a dark creature. I thought you would start resisting or killing yourself. But it seems like you have no attachment to the Church.”

“The Church…” Arthas lowered her head, stopped at the words. And shook her head, her blank eyes made her look like a puppet. 

“So I’ll take it you don’t have any feelings for anything? You’re just like a puppet…” Lucius pointed to her chest, “Your heart and soul in my hand. What will you do now, Great Lord Lich King of the Underworld, Lord of all undead creatures?” 

“Are you going to keep your dignity as the Lich King and kill me, a lowly creature of darkness?” 

She was the Lich King. Lucius was certain of it. So what would she, as a king, choose? 

What should I…choose? 

She suddenly realized that it was better to remember what she had once had than not to remember at all. She remembered that she had everything but had destroyed it all with her own hands. 

To her, there was no meaning to life. She had died many times, resurrected each time… 

She no longer cares about anything anymore. 

The title she had, “Lich King,” was nothing more than a joke.

“Master… Please treat me like a puppet.” She understood that she couldn’t escape from this man. Also, there was nothing else to do in this world that she never even cared about. “Do everything you want until I break.”

That… was something Lucius had never expected. His eyes were once again glowing with excitement. 

The system?

Is this what the system did to her? Not just her body that changed, but her mind as well. Terrific! 

“Really?” Lucius held out his hand, and she locked eyes with Lucius, “Everything? Every inch of your skin, every drop of your blood…all of it?”

What does he…want?

Arthas had walked this earth for many years, she understood the meaning of it. Right now, she was naked. Even if he was a vampire, the person in front of her was also a male. 

“Yes…” She lowered her head, waiting for her ‘first’ time. 

But, Lucius’ hand rested gently on her head.


He didn’t…want that kind of thing? She lifted her head to look at Lucius. 

“Good girl.” Lucius stroked her head, “From now on, you’ll have to listen to me. Understand? Whatever you do, you shall not disobey me!” 

“Understood, Master…” 

Arthas couldn’t figure it out. 

My bad, I’m a dead man, I had no interest in that kind of thing, even if you’re cute looking. Also, please stop your shoulders from trembling when you lightly say things like you have completely submitted to me.

The only thing that Lucius hated was humans.

“By the way, I’m still curious about something.”

“What is it?” Arthas tilted her head to look at Lucius, her cat ears shaking above her silver hair.

“It’s…” Lucius grabbed Arthas’ nekomimi, “Is this real? Eh? It’s real! It’s so soft… You’re human, right? Why did you have this?” 

It’s really soft. Compared to the girl’s long soft silvery-white hair, these two nekomimi were on a whole different level. Lucius couldn’t help but keep petting her. 


Suddenly, a cat’s whimper sound escaped her lips. Lucius looked down and found that the girl was now flushed with tears in her eyes. 

An undead could blush? 

And… were this nekomimi the only thing she can express her inner emotions?

“Master…Master…” Arthas gasped and struggled to speak, “Please…please stop bullying me…….”

Is her nekomimi a sensitive spot? After Lucius let go of her, she slumped onto the bed. 

“What a peculiar Lich King. instead of calling you Lich King, I’d rather call you Neko King.”

After shrugging his shoulders, a woman’s clothes appeared from his hands. He tossed it to Arthas and then took out a cloak that could warm her. 

“Get dressed and follow me. Hurry.” Lucius walked out of the room. “I’ll show you my hometown.” 

The vampire’s…hometown? Arthas pondered as she got dressed.

What was that place? A mansion?

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