Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 22


What an idiot I am.

Lucius walked down the chaotic street where the zombies have become so violent that they were destroying everything within sight. But Lucius, having taken down his disguise glasses, casually walked past them. As if the things that happened around him weren’t important. 

Truly… an idiot. Lucius looked at the Level 4 infected life form rampaging in the distance. It truly behaved like a monster.

“American Colt M1911 pistol, 700 despair points.”

“A total of 172 rounds of ammunition, 172 despair points.” 

Tch… nearly 800 lives. 

Lucius walked towards the direction where the monster was wreaking havoc.

In his mind, he was thinking about something else. Was it a good choice to give it to a human? To let him escape?

Just now, Lucius couldn’t even pull the trigger of his gun. 

“Damn…” Lucius kicked a leaning zombie out of the way. 

“Well, he was infected with the Blacklight virus anyway.” Lucius exhaled his breath to vent his emotion, “Soon, he’ll turn into a monster. The moment the virus gets inside him, he’s a dead man. Just a monster walking in human skin.” 

Just like me, one day, he will also stand in front of Lucius as a monster. That’s what he believes, as long as the doomsday continues. 


Lucius stood in the middle of the street. Glancing at Level 4 infected life form rampaging at a distance. And it wasn’t ice that was battling it, but fire. The Level 4 infected life form let out a painful screaming sound as the raging flames scorched its flesh and bones. 

The shadow of an armored vehicle could be faintly seen at the end of the street, and a few armed helicopters appeared above. The sound of gunfire was endless. When a Godzilla-like monster suddenly appeared, the military won’t just sit idly and watch, right? 

The one who was fighting the monster was probably Major Su Lei, one of the strongest human Espers. Then… What about that silver-haired girl? Has she been eaten by the zombies? Or did the military save her? 

[New Level 4 infected life form detected. Reward: 10.000 Despair Points.]

But the system notification gave him the answer he needed. 

“Hm… fresh human blood scent.” Lucius sniffed the air that reek of decay and detected a hint of cold and fresh human blood. The blood scent gave Lucius information about its owner. A virgin on the verge of death. Her soul was gradually being frozen. So, she wasn’t devoured or saved, but rather dying from the severe wounds and now hiding in the shadows?


Lucius followed the scent of blood. No zombies were wandering in this dead-end alley far away from the battlefield. Occasionally, a few rats escaped past him. On the end of the dead-end alley, fresh blood stained the wall.

“Ugh… Ha… ha… haha…” The faint sound of panting echoed throughout the alley.

Lucius sniffed the scent and continued walking. Seeing the previously majestic Valkyrie-like existence sitting down in the alley, in a miserable state. Her white Exorcist uniform was stained with blood, her abdomen was penetrated… blood kept spilling out from her wound. And the girl’s long silver hair scattered on the ground also stained with blood. However, the true fatal wound was on her chest. Her heart was stabbed. All she can do now was just lean against the wall, waiting for death. Or turning into zombies.

As her consciousness fading away, her vision dimmed, and her voice stuttered, she heard footsteps sound. The footsteps sound was vivid in her mind, replacing her waning beating heart. In the darkness, a pair of scarlet eyes stared into her soul. 

“Help…” She reached out instinctively. But the wounds on her body left her powerless even just to have a conversation. 

“Do you want to live?” 

Apart from the footstep sounds, another voice emerged from the depths of darkness in her mind. 

“This is amazing, truly amazing.”

“Your genes shouldn’t belong to the Church, this destructive gene that would excite a creature in the midst of the shadows to the point of trembling, or fear to the point of submission.”

“You’ve forgotten your name, haven’t you? You don’t even know who you are, right? Or why did you appear in this world? 

How did he…know?

The only remaining thought in the young girl’s dying consciousness, she had no memories. From the moment she descended into this world and was adopted by the organization called the Church, her memories were all blank, she had no past. She didn’t even know who she was or how she got here.

“I can give you a new life, free the power that lies dormant within you, and you will know who you are…on one condition.” Lucius leaned closer to the silver-haired girl, murmuring softly in her ears. 

“Give your everything to me. Your soul and body belong to me… how about that? Sounds like a good deal, right?” 

To know… who am I? The last ray of her consciousness was enchanted by the words. 

She woke up in this world, alone. There’s nothing else she wanted but to know where she came from and to continue living rather than being killed. 

Lucius gazed at the girl. The reason why he didn’t kill her and said all of this was because one thing only. The system’s notification that popped up as soon as Lucius approached her. 

[Unknown level of evolved infected lifeform detected nearby. Enter the creation interface? YES / NO] [Detected the genes of a fantasy character from the host’s imagination. The Lich King, Arthas Menethil. Detecting the life from could be controlled by the host.] 

“Can I exchange every fantasy I had in my brain? Why is it possible to exchange a fantasy character, but I need to exchange 10 billions of despair points for resurrecting someone?” 

So far, the thing that Lucius had wondered about was what life exchange existed in the system that existed in human fantasy. They had always been in the grey area, even a large number of despair points won’t help. It’s because they didn’t exist. That’s why Lucius couldn’t imagine the cost he had to exchange to create them. But, this strange world had brought something interesting on his doorstep. 

“I don’t know why the Gods did such evil things.” Lucius looked at the silver-haired girl in front of him. “But this child is the true Lich King… once I awaken the power sleeping in her body, then, she will become mine.” 

With a wave of his hand, Lucius agreed to the system’s instructions. A smear of icy blue color spilled out of Lucius’s fingertips, wrapping around the dying silver-haired girl who was covered in scars.

“What is this?” Lucius raised his left hand and found that a strange seal had appeared on his left hand.

A six-pointed star seal forged in scarlet blood…

It looks… familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere before. 

Found it! 

But right at the moment, the ice-blue luster that wrapped around the girl suddenly burst apart, like a butterfly emerged from its cocoon. A girl with pale white skin and long silvery hair stood before him, naked. But it seemed two small mounds appeared on top of her hair. 


Indeed, it was nekomimi, with the same color as her hair. But at her chest, where her heart should be, was hollow. This girl had no heart. Then, a great sword that emitted a cold air capable of freezing souls appeared in front of her, piercing the ground. Ice-blue luster spread from the eyes of the horned goat’s skull on the hilt of the great sword—the king who ruled over millions of undead, the Lich King’s sword, Frostmourne. 

“This isn’t the right place to sleep.” Lucius pulled up the Frostmourne from the ground. The sword’s coldness didn’t harm him, he couldn’t even feel the chill. Because a servant can’t harm its master. 

Lucius exchanged a cloak from the system to cover the girl’s naked body. As Lucius held the unconscious girl in his arms, he listened to the violent sounds coming from the battlefield. A howling behemoth echoed in the distance. 

The troops stationed in this city, including the major, were dealing with the Level 4 infected life form. 

The defenses around the city were weak now, breakthrough it! Leaving the city after killing the humans stood in his way. 

“It’s time to leave… to bring despair into this world.”

After Lucius left the alley, many scarlet tentacles suddenly emerged from the grounds, swirling the armored vehicles and impeding the soldiers. 

Just in two days…

In two days, the Black Light virus had devoured the entire city. Now, it’s time for Lucius to spread it to more cities and the entire world. 

Now, it’s time to leave. 

Tl’s note

Nekomimi: cat ears 

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