Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 249


“Now, Laisser Mille, what are you going to do?”
Lucius, without any reservation, Completely showed his most terrifying side in front of Laisser Mille.
Among the broken open arm, crimson blood spread out and changed into the shape of a sharp blade, the blood overflowing from the wound in his abdomen was like a snake… piercing through all humans who were close to the area around his body.
The smell of blood so thick that any human would vomit spread around Lucius, and his scarlet pupils were more terrifying than ever.
Those soldiers around him have begun to shout words like monster and demon.
Lucius turned around and reached out to Laisser Mille with one hand that looked similar to the human hand.
“Now that people have realized that you’re Celestial, what will you do? Oh, as you can see… I too… am a monster.”
“……” Laisser Mille, who fell to the ground, stared straight at the gruesome scenery, frozen at the view of the humans around him being slaughtered by Lucius’s blood, this… Is this… Lucius? This is indeed considered a monster among monsters ……
But … but ah … Laisser Mille clenched his fists, glared at those soldiers with deep hatred. Both Lucius and himself are not human. At that moment, he understood ……
In that case ……
“Can i…trust you? Lucius ……” Mille asked.
“Didn’t I tell you? I always stand behind you, try to trust me, Mille!”
The same monster trust! The same monster that was hated by humans. They only have each other in this world……
Laisser Mille reached out and grabbed Lucius’s arm, and stood up ……
“Now go to your sister’s side, take her back! Laisser Mille …… take back what belongs to you!”
The blade-shaped sword around Lucius helped him to clear a path for Laisser Mille to walk.
Laisser Mille did not hesitate any longer.
Releasing his power, the sword creation that his heart had fantasized about, all at once!
Everything around them fell silent for a short while.
All living things were penetrated by one sword after another!
Laisser Mille ran to the side of the Eternal Seat.
“Brother ……”
“Hope, are you okay?” Hearing his sister’s voice, who was safe and sound, he was relieved.
“Now is not the time to have a pleasant chit-chat.” Lucius’s voice rang in Laisser Mille’s ears, “Mille, it’s time to run away.”
“?!” Laisser Mille lifted his head among the clouds. A large number of military ships had broken through the atmosphere and entered the planet.
“Naiya…” Lucius wasn’t going to tangle with the Federation’s chief battleship that was capable of destroying a planet with one shot.
His own battleship had the function of space-time teleportation.
“Traitor to humanity!” As Lucius’s figure gradually became transparent. On top of the descending battleship, someone seemed to want to block Lucius’s spatial teleportation.
“Sorry, sorry, I wasn’t originally from the human side. You’re free to call me anything you want.”
The Yamato Blade appeared in Lucius’s hand.
“A small gift for you.”
Infinite-Dimensional Slash!
The spatial cracks intertwined with a web-like pattern covered the figure. It was followed by the scattering of blood in all directions. A plague that could not be erased spread across the planet.
Lucius and Laisser Mille’s figures also disappeared from the planet.
On top of the non-Federation battleship not far away.
“Naiya, did you upgrade? It’s become an aircraft carrier class.”
Lucius passed through the rift in space and arrived on the Naiya. Surprised to find that the bridge was many times larger than before.
“Nothing, maybe because I had a big breakfast.” Naiya felt the flirtation in Lucius’s words and looked at him with a displeased look, “So…”
“… You got fat?” he joked.
“It’s more appropriate to use word like grown up!”
“Yes, what about the two siblings.” Lucius did not intend to continue joking. He scanned the bridge and found that there was no Laisser Mille and that big coffin figure.
“Those two siblings I teleported them to the warehouse area.” Naiya pointed to something similar to a teleportation array not far away.
After Lucius waved his hand at Naiya, he immediately teleported to the warehouse.
This Seat of Eternity thing.
Honestly, Lucius had seen it twice. The first impression was a giant piece of metal, the second felt like a coffin made of gray metal …… this time, after a close observation, he found out that this thing was surprisingly large.
And Laisser Mille fell to his knees in front of this chunk of metal block that looks like a coffin as if something was lost.
“Is there no way to destroy it?” Lucius went to Laisser Mille’s side and touched the coffin with his hand.
“Assimilated…” Laisser Mille said with a little gnashing of his teeth
“The bastards of the Federation, using the characteristics of the celestial being able to assimilate with machinery and forced Hope to assimilate with this thing!”
…… The existence in front of this metal block called Seat of Eternity was Laisser Mille’s sister, Laisser Hope?
Once destroyed, her body will also perish.
Plus, no one could control the Seat of Eternity ……
To say that it is a coffin is really not an exaggeration.
“Brother… it’s so dark here…” the maiden’s sad cry came out in it.
“It’s okay, Hope, I’m here, it’s okay!”
The feeling of being right in front of your eyes but unable to touch must be hard to bear.
If Lucius was correct, these two siblings might spend the rest of their life like this.
“This, is this the thing you are protecting? Laisser Mille.”
“Ah…more important than my life.” Laisser Mille did not ask anything about Lucius. He was the only person he can trust in this world… to know too much was an act of distrust.
“By the way, this is yours, right?” Laisser Mille suddenly took out a pendant from his body.
“When?!” Lucius snatched the thing in Laisser Mille instantly.
That was…the only remaining proof of Jill’s existence in this world.
“At… at the time of the duel between the Hunter and the Celestial, it was accidentally ripped off. Lucius…. you were quite scary at that time… that cowardly look, it should be your disguise, right?”
“Of course.” Lucius did not want to mention more about that battle on the Star-Devouring Insect. Lucius put the pendant into his spatial device after looking at Laisser Mille
“Now… What are you going to do?”
“What else can we do…the Federation must pay the price, the price of making Hope lose his freedom.”
Sure enough… he picked the right person. Lucius felt the hatred in Laisser Mille’s body grow.
“How to retaliate? Now the Federation is ruling the entire galaxy.”
“You will help me, right? Lucius ……” This was the last glimmer of hope in Laisser Mille’s heart.
“I…of course I will help you but… I might need the power of Celestial to also back me up, can you do it Laisser Mille?”
Only by supporting each other could they survive in this world.
“Then how about continuing the title of Gods Hunter? It must be a hard feeling for the Federation to be defeated by its own ace unit.”
“Gods Hunter?” Lucius looked up in confusion.
“Did you forget that we are the only two remaining hunters among the Gods Hunter Unit?” Laisser Mille revealed the uniform he was wearing, and the shoulder patch above one intact arm was the Divine Spirit Hunter’s team emblem
“Let’s rebuild together and build this unit into a true Gods Hunter! People who hunt the gods!”
“Then… who will be the leader?”
After experiencing a battle, Laisser Mille more or less also has some reluctance to this legion’s disband.
“You, Laisser Mille of the Gods Hunter, if I’m not wrong, you have enough ability to rival the Federation’s four marshals, don’t you?”
But Lucius didn’t have any leadership skills.
“In my case, I’m not going to participate.” Lucius only said this proposal because he found it interesting
Anyway, these were only verbal agreements, but ……
“Sure then… So you will accompany me, right?” Laisser Mille seemed to take it seriously, to revive the Gods Hunter and so on.
In the end, Lucius agreed to his request.

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