Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 248


You cannot trust anyone in this world.
The Gods Hunter was completely devoured by a monster comparable to the size of a planet because of the Federation’s wrong information.
The only two people left in the whole squad who were waiting for rescue suffered a severe injury.
“Lucius?! Lucius wake up, you’re okay, absolutely… it’s going to be okay!”
In Lucius’s line of sight, there was only Laisser Mille’s worried face.
Really? To worry to this extent?
Lucius felt puzzled at the moment when the Star-Devouring Insect was released. In Lucius’s script, he should have “died” from this turmoil, and only Laisser Mille was left as a Gods Hunter.
In this way, the Federation’s trust in Laisser Mille will drop to a freezing point.
But this white flying idiot, ignoring the risk of being eaten by Star-Devouring Insect, pulled him back from the brink of death.
But, one of Lucius’s hands and some muscles in his abdomen were taken away, and now with this kind of bleeding, it’s a miracle to survive in the space.
Was this guy saved my life? Lucius thought to himself somewhat mockingly.
Under the vacuum, I can’t hear what you’re saying, idiot.
Lucius felt the cold temperature of the space gradually eroding his body, if not for Mille’s constant use of spiritual energy to maintain the basic functioning of the body, he would have been frozen to death.
“The life-saving ship is coming soon! You will be saved soon, so, hold on, hold on a little longer! Please, Lucius!”
Lucius could hear what he was saying through the movement of Mille’s lips.
The Federation’s lifeboat?
Is it really “to save me”?
He had no idea what his fate would become!
Sure enough, shortly afterward, a glow of hope flared up in Mille’s pupils.
A small ship came close to his side. Without hesitation, he immediately flew into the ship with the seriously injured Lucius in his arms.
“Where is the medical staff? Get the first aid equipment quickly! Set the warp location to the medical planet! Quickly!” Laisser Mille shouted at the empty cabin.
Then this was the flame of hope that kept Lucius’s life alive in Mille’s mind, but in Lucius’s mind, this was rather a cold coffin leading to the cemetery.
There was no one on this ship, and no one knew where it would lead.
Only, after a brief pause, the warp begins!
The familiar feeling of weightlessness appeared in Mille’s body, and the speed at which the ship was traveling made him felt that something bad was pervading his mind.
Finally, the ship moored above the spaceport.
Mille looked at the open door, hoping to finally reach the medical planet.
But when he walked out of the spaceport ……
There was no doctor, no welcoming honor guard, or even the general public.
Facing him, only the cold muzzle of a gun, and questioning ……
This was the only non-mechanized military fortress of the Federation!
“Hey! What’s with you guys? There’s a wounded man here! Hurry up and get the doctor over here!”
His concern was replied by silence…
The group of soldiers’ eyes was so cold that Mille felt a bit baffled.
After the leading soldier signaled the rear, a group of military doctors came out of the crowd, but the way they walk looked like they avoid him.
Why…are they so afraid of me? The bad feeling inside his heart was getting stronger and stronger.
“It was as if… they looking at monster?”
He clenched his teeth, felt Lucius’s increasingly faint heartbeat, and finally laid him flat on the ground, took a few steps backward, and raised his hand high, signaling his surrender.
Only then did the military doctor tentatively approach Lucius, and after using medical equipment to lift him up, he disappeared to the back of the crowd.
“Now, can you explain to me why?” Laisser Mille scanned the few people present
“Why… would the Federation do this to the wounded.”
“Shut up! You lapdog of the Celestials.”
“Hey!” The soldier in the lead stopped the others from unleashing their emotions.
Celestials…they were talking about…Celestials?
Something suddenly shattered inside Laisser Mille’s heart.
“What the hell happened?” Laisser Mille stared closely at the group of soldiers.
They don’t trust you… it’s obvious.
Lucius stabilized himself in a somewhat injured state. His blood, however, managed to control some of the medical doctors that treated him. He now has a good vantage point of the scene unfolded in front of his eyes.
Now that the army of Gods Hunter has been extinguished by the insects, the Federation would definitely not allow this lawless army to rise again, secretly dispose of the only few people left in this army to get rid of an unwanted threat.
“How does it feel to be betrayed by a human being?” Lucius gazed at Laisser Mille, who was standing in the middle of the crowd, with his hand raised high.
“You still don’t want to resist? It doesn’t matter what happens to you…right…?”
“Then…how about this!”
After a slight movement of Lucius’s fingers, a ship suddenly descended from the sky again.
An old man with a walking stick stepped out from it.
“It’s a great irony that the spy of the celestial beings, Laisser Mille, is actually a member of the Gods Hunter.”
“I don’t understand what you are talking about.” Laisser Mille gazed at the old man, he remembered that this guy seemed to be some kind of researcher for the Seat of Eternity project.
The Seat of Eternity, the cage that forever binds celestial beings!
“Hurry up and say whether you still have another spy inside the Federation! Otherwise I don’t care what will happen to this little girl’s fate.”
The old man turned sideways…Laisser Mille stared at the little girl’s figure…
“Brother!” The long silver-white hair was a dead giveaway of who she was, but seeing her chained like a wild animal made him felt unspeakable anger.
“Hope!” Laisser Mille finally could no longer maintain his aloofness any longer, the earth suddenly began to shake, his pupils bloomed a brilliant golden yellow, tens of millions of sword blades of different shapes and sizes, surfaced in the location within sight of this planet’s humans, all aimed at the old man standing on top of the ship.
“Humph! I knew you could do this, damned mutant, a filthy mix of humans and Celestial!”
Suddenly in the middle of the crowd came out a person, Laisser Mille felt his chest throb, the surrounding sword blades instantly disappeared, and he fell to his knees powerlessly.

“I’ve long studied the power of the Laisser Family to restrict Celestial, how does it feel to be restricted by your own bloodline’s power? Pathetic brat!”
“Damn!” Laisser Mille tried to stand up, but the crowd rushing out around him and grabbed all of his limbs.
Hope… Laisser Mille looked at the young girl who was close at hand yet unreachable!
“As a Celestial…what is wrong with that? Do celestial beings have to be hated and killed by humans?”
“Hope, she’s innocent!”
“Witness it! This epic moment! The Celestials will become a thing of the past, and our Federation will rule the entire galaxy.”
Behind the old man, the giant metal that looked like a coffin appeared behind him.
No! No matter how Laisser Mille struggled, it was futile.
“Hope!” No matter how far he tried to reach out, he was never close to her sister.
He could only watch his sister swallowed by the coffin and then sent to the deepest part of the cemetery.
“Brother…” The metal tentacles grabbed the young girl’s feeble limbs, and finally, under her small, pitiful cry of sorrow, she was shut into that coffin.
Laisser Mille widened his pupils, wanted to say the words but was unable to do so.
Rain poured down as if to lament the loss of her sister… but then they realized that this was not an ordinary rain… it was a rain of blood!
“What a, disgusting sight!”
Eyes, a pair of crimson pupils, appeared in the surrounding space.
Humans are so disgusting no matter when or where they are, no matter what level they have evolved to.
The young man’s pupils tightly watched the helpless Laisser Mille.
“You want revenge, right? To that group of armies and scientist.”
The rain of blood continued to pour!
In a flash, Laisser Mille suddenly felt the power that bound him to disappear. Those soldiers around him also turned into blood and disappeared without a trace.
The blood-stained man stood in front of him.

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