Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 25


“A new virus recently appeared in the New Federation of China. It spread rapidly, right now, there are 12 confirmed infected cities, including 2 large cities. Nearly tens of millions of people were infected. The source of this infection is confirmed to have spread from the Wenhan Dam. Citizens of the New Federation of China, please don’t be panicked. Our country has already taken measures, and the President himself is involved in the fight. The virus will be eliminated immediately.” 

“The vaccine for the virus is being worked on and will be completed soon.”

“The New Federation of China has sent guards to protect everyone, so please don’t panic.”

“This infection had been completely different from previous virus infections. Have you ever seen people who are already dead eating the flesh of living people? It’s simply like the devil!”

“The zombie crisis! Definitely a zombie crisis!! Did the USA-made T-virus leak into our country?”

“The end…the end of the world is coming!”


Day four from the infection.

The news, newspapers, or various internet forums were talking about it. The biochemical crisis had become a reality. It seemed that the scenario behind it also followed. Anxiety spread throughout the country. A lot of people had bought airline tickets to flee to other countries. Whereas other countries were laughing at the chaos within the New Federation of China. Talking about it very lightly.

But it was just a speculation. It means a large portion of humanity didn’t realize what the Black Light virus would bring if it spread to the world. Humans were unable to believe unless they saw it with their own eyes. 

“This world… is becoming more and more chaotic.”

In a city far away from the Black Light Virus infection, a huge artificial pine tree was placed in Times Square with lights and ornaments placed on it. It was a few days until Christmas. Even in the New Federation of China, businesses still make money in this situation.


Snow slowly falling. A young girl wearing a uniform of a foreign school with long black hair sat under the pine tree. Tapping her finger on her phone screen to check the latest news. It felt like the world was getting boring, but… it seemed like it had some fun stuff again? She looked at a large amount of information about the Black Light virus on her phone screen. For some reason, instead of panicking, she seemed somewhat happy. But right then, the happy expression on her face came to an abrupt end.

“Tokisaki-san~” suddenly, two hands appeared behind her back and grabbed the girl’s breasts.

“Kyaa!” She shrieked and turned around quickly.

“Aoi, if you keep doing that, I’m going to get angry!” She pouted her mouth and smiled at the very petite girl in front of her, who gave her an urge to protect.

“I know. But someone told me that Tokisaki-san’s breasts are so big, it’s totally not what a high school student should have. By the way, what does Tokisaki-san plan to do for Christmas? Having dinner with your family?”

The girl called Aoi looked at her classmate. Her beautiful black bangs covering her forehead and left eye, revealing only her red right eye. It was a little strange, but she was used to it after spending so much time together.

Family? I didn’t have that before I came to this world…

How can I have this now that I’ve lost all power? 

But the humans in this world were so powerful that she had to learn to disguise herself.

“Ah… Yes…” She replied with some uncertainty. But in a trance, she noticed a figure with a very strange walking posture behind Aoi, jogging over here.

What was that? She narrowed her own eyes at the figure.

The entire Times Square was now filled with a festive atmosphere. Here, it was far from the infected area, so everyone was still living a carefree life. Humans were still unaware of what the virus would bring.

Until one day…


Saw the doomsday with their own eyes!

“Tokisaki-san?” Aoi tilted her head at her friend, who was staring at her.

“Grrrr!” A strange scream suddenly appeared behind Aoi. 

Then… blood. 

Aoi’s eyes widened. What? What’s this? She took a few steps back.

The hoodie from the figure’s jumpsuit fell from his movement. Revealing milky white eyes and rotten flesh. This man! He’s already dead! 

Aoi’s tiny body couldn’t withstand the immense strength of this zombie and was instantly pounced upon!

Help her? Tokisaki looked at the scene. Blood splattering everywhere gave her a thrill she hadn’t felt in a long time!


This was Times Square. Crowds were passing by. Of course, they would notice such a scene. Bloods stained the snow all around them. Everyone was panicked, and the screams of women were particularly ear-piercing! Just as the chaos was gaining further momentum.


A gunshot! 

What? She looked over her shoulder to where the shooter was. 

It was two soldiers. From the epaulets, they should be soldiers of the New Federation of China. Is that what they call a guard? How could a security guard have such a murderous aura? 

The two soldiers were dressed very strangely—a black uniform with a hood plus a gas mask to cover their face. The goggles of the gas mask shone with a strange luster. The soldier’s actions were decisive and swift. After killing the zombie, one soldier came over to check on the bitten girl’s injuries, while another soldier was around to maintain the chaos.

Surprisingly, after a few shouts from the soldier, the civilians settled back down…as if it were…magic. Of course, it wasn’t magic! In this age of advanced technology, the rulers would do anything so that their rule was secured. 

The soldier inspecting the victim’s injuries. Stealthily took out a needle and plunged it to her neck. 

But of course, Tokisaki saw it clearly. 

“Aoi.” She stepped forward originally to strike up a conversation.

But the girl had passed out from fear. Her eyes became dim and dull. 

“May I ask if you’re her…”

“Classmate.” She answered the soldier, whose voice was muffled through his gas mask.

“Now your classmate needs to be treated, please tell her family that we will take her away first.”

The soldier grabbed Aoi’s shoulders, but Aoi’s face didn’t show any resistance, as if she had lost her consciousness.

“Understood.” She understood what she should do.

After nodding, the soldier brought Aoi’s body and walked away. The other soldier also took an alert glance around a few times before carrying the figure of the dead zombie and following behind his comrade.

Should I follow? It looked like a lot of fun.

The thirst for blood made her want to know more about the world. So, she quietly followed the two human beings. As a non-human creature, no one would find out. After turning down a few alleys and reaching the end of a deserted alley, she leaned against the wall. She pricked up her ears to listen to the conversation. They definitely didn’t bring people here for therapy.

“How many was this?” Dull voices rang out at the end of the alley.

“Seventh, what should we do with all the bodies piled up here?”

“Leave it to the Doctor to feed those monsters. The recent virus infection has led to a breakthrough in the Doctor’s research.”

“Then, we should dispose of this child, as well.”

Then she heard the sound of a gun being loaded.

They’re really going to… kill her? She couldn’t stand it, but suddenly…

“Who are you?”

“Fire! Shoot him!”

There was suddenly the sound of intense gunfire in the alley. Then there was the sound of human flesh being torn apart.


“Don’t kill me! Don’t…”


After the human’s desperate screams, all sounds ceased to exist. The snowy night returned to its tranquility. 

What happened? She peeked out slightly in curiosity to look into the alley. A monster… a monster with scarlet eyes!

“So, you guys were the ones hindering me?” Lucius’ fair fingers were stained with blood as he broke the soldier’s neck and threw him aside. “Damn it, all seven infected zombies were shot by you guys! You can’t just go and kill them all!”

Lucius looked down the alley littered with corpses, smelling the blood. Feeling empty. But it seemed someone was alive.

“Sobs…” With tears in her eyes, the girl named Aoi, who had just been captured, looked at Lucius, who had fallen from the sky. Was he here to rescue someone? She internally speculated about the monster’s behavior. Only, her speculation was utterly wrong.


A gunshot rang out. The girl fell at Lucius’ feet. Blood flowing from her forehead. 

“Don’t look at me with those eyes.” 

After tossing his pistol aside, Lucius lifted his head to look at the alley, only to find the alley was empty. 

Was it my imagination? As a vampire, Lucius was only sensitive to human scents. 

It should be just an imagination. 


But on the other side….

I’m so excited… what’s with this feeling of excitement? 

She covered her fiercely beating heart.

She hadn’t tasted fresh blood for a long time….

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