Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 26


In a dark room, in the dark corners. A pair of scarlet eyes flickered in the darkness. 

“Seven zombies were all killed by these guys. They found them instantly.” Lucius sat on the sofa and interlocked his fingers, looking at a bloodstained epaulet placed on the table in front of him. “The power of the New Federation of China’s Guards is a bit too powerful… it’s simply… it’s like an army that was created specifically to deal with monsters.”

Lucius’s mind recalled the appearance of this particular troop. Where exactly did this troop come from? Lucius once again flipped through the documents placed on the table. The New Federation of China’s military was second to none in the world, both in terms of numbers and equipment, it was at the world’s top level. Likewise, the other countries feared their President. In this world filled with Espers, the hierarchy among human society was very strict.

“The water source in this city was completely blocked off. Releasing the virus in the subway was also quickly dealt with by this unit that arrived within minutes…”

Quick, fast, and clean! Not a trace of it was left. It seemed that this strange force had helped the New Federation of China deal with quite a few shady things. And now the New Federation of China has also implemented a water ban on rivers. That means it was forbidden to drink the water in the rivers. Lucius didn’t know how long the country would last just from their water reserves. Although spreading the virus with animals such as rats and crows was definitely an excellent choice. But now, something was worrying him. 

“Humans are really too powerful.”

Lucius held an injection syringe in his hand, which was filled with an amber liquid retrieved from one of the fallen soldiers. Lucius found a few experimental questions and was initially sure that the agent contained a sedative-like function within it. However, it was harmless to humans’ bodies…but it would cause their minds to become strangely oppressed and obey other people’s orders. But Lucius hadn’t figured out how to trigger the effects of this drug. Looking at those civilians in the square just now… The country has been putting these agents for a few years now in the water for the civilians. 

That’s…awesome! Although Lucius knew that the New Federation of China was a country ruled by a dictator, he didn’t expect that man could dictate to this extent.

Using drugs and controlling citizens? The Grand President was more terrifying than Lucius had imagined. Moreover, these agents possess the ability to suppress the Black Light virus, but only temporarily. Even if it’s temporary, Lucius couldn’t let it pass!

Being able to suppress means being able to destroy.

Who…who developed these agents?

Lucius wouldn’t allow them to develop an antivirus against the Black Light Virus. If the antivirus appeared, everything would be over.

“Interesting… things are getting interesting.”

That was only right. Lucius tossed this syringe aside. It would be so boring if humans were just easily devoured by the virus. He should find out all the factors that would ruin his plans and crush them all! 

The moment the syringe hit the ground, the crisp sound rang out. Before finding where it had come, he was going to let this city enjoy its last Christmas.

“Arthas…go out and watch the door, and don’t come in without my orders!”


Arthas, still wearing her cloak on her body, stood beside Lucius. As soon as Lucius ordered, she began walking out of this room and closed the door. She didn’t understand what Lucius was going to do. But then again, no one could fathom what was going on inside a monster’s mind.

“System…tell me the current status of the infected zombies.” Lucius closed his eyes and began to take inventory of how many people were now surrounded by despair.

[The current level of world destruction has reached 40%, with a total of 15,172,000 Despair Points. 20,32 millions of Level 1 Infected Life Forms, 702.000 Level 2 Infected Life Forms, 300 Level 3 Infected Life Forms, one Level 4 Infected Life Forms, and over 200 Mother Nest.]

The Black Light virus had now infected the surrounding cities along the river valley. Just within two days, the infection spread to two large cities with tens of millions of population. Which was enough to add another ten of millions of people into zombies. This was the Black Light virus. As long as it can spread, it’s endless! 

“More… it’s not enough…” 

A world map was spread in the table in front of Lucius, and the sections near the banks of the river were completely stained with blood.

“More…more despair…”

Lucius held up his own hand, looking at the scarlet six-pointed star seal on the back of his hand.


Only with greater power can I do all this.

My bloodline, my vampire power, no, my bloodline power! Let me see it, how terrifying is my potential. 

“System… My orders to you are absolute, right?


“Alright. Consume 10 millions of Despair Points to upgrade my bloodline into a high-ranked vampire, then raise it to a middle-rank bloodline.” 

The System’s vampire grading was very strange. The first three levels, lower, middle, and upper, was the vampire that only knew how to suck blood. And then, at the next level were the Noble Vampires, who danced with blood and gracefully living in the darkness. 

Each advancement required a tenfold increase of Despair Points. Reaching the middle rank required 50.000 Despair Points, high rank required 500.000. But the exchange was different at the Noble Vampire. For example, the low-rank Noble Vampire required 1 million, middle-rank required 10 million. But it’s too pricey. 

Lucius sat quietly on the sofa, waiting for the System to move. At the same time, he carefully gazed at the scarlet six-pointed star seal on the back of his hands. He had seen it before…it was his family’s crest. It isn’t normal. A weak vampire like Lucius that would only be enslaved by the Noble Vampire, but he had something luxurious like a family crest? In legends, only a True Vampire had a family crest. 

Or is it possible? He had the power in him, still hidden? 

A large amount of scarlet liquid appeared around Lucius’s body and gradually began to pour into Lucius’s body, transforming him. Making him stronger and more powerful.

But suddenly… 

“Do you deny your own power? Surely a half-hearted would always remain the same.”

What? Lucius heard a vague voice. He immediately made a quick decision to stop the System’s strengthening. 

“System, stop strengthening. Even if it cost some of my Despair Points, it doesn’t matter. Right now, stop strengthening my body…” Lucius’ eyes suddenly flicreked.


The scarlet liquid around Lucius’ body turned into dust and disappeared.

Was it true? Lucius stood up. Once again, carefully observed the seal on the back of his hand.

There was no reaction. When the System strengthened his body and soul just now, there was no reaction… This seal should contain more powerful power because the soul of the Lich King was sealed in it!!

“Heh… “Lucius suddenly thought of something: “So that’s how it was, was it?”

“My name is Lucius F. Alucard…”

Lucius is a vampire with a family name! Bearing the Name of Alucard… how could a vampire with a family name become a low-ranked vampire?! 

“System, can you scan my body?” 

[A full body scan, including soul, requires 5.000 Despair Points.]

“Alright.” Lucius reached out his hand and held the glass pendant he had on his chest, taking it out and looking at the starlight that was dotted in it. There was also a small six-pointed star mark on top of the glass pendant.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, his sister was many times more powerful than him. Many times more powerful! That’s why she ended up being burned to the stake by the Church to protect her weak brother. Her strength came from her vampire bloodline. Lucius also shares the same blood with her, so there must be a reason why he was weaker than her. So, where did his power go?

The seal? 

[An ancient sacred relic has been detected inside the host’s heart. Proceed to remove it?]

So how could my bloodline just be a low-rank vampire? Since when? When I was born? To seal my power as a vampire? To weaken me so I alone can survive in this world? 

Who was it? Lucius gripped the pendant in his hand. 

No matter who it was, he now possessed the power to unlock his true bloodline. What he needed now was not the System’s strengthening, but an awakening! 

It looked like his true rank was a remarkable existence. Otherwise, why would someone go through all the trouble of sealing his bloodline? 

“Cut all the chains that bound my life. I want to know what kind of existence the vampire bearing the name of Alucard really is.” 

[A total of ten million points are needed to break the seal of the heart. Since you failed to strengthen it just now, 9 million Despair Points will be returned. Proceed to continue?]

“It doesn’t matter if you used all my Despair Points. At the cost of even more people! All of their lives were used to cut off this damned shackle!” 

“Let me see my body, my blood, my soul! My true potential!”

Just after he finished his words, it was as if a sound of glass breaking was heard. His heart suddenly stopped beating. Lucius felt his body weakened, his vision blurred, and there was an intense pain coming from his heart. 

[This is the real you. You would turn into the monster that was feared by the world.]

Vaguely, Lucius seemed to see a pair of scarlet eyes like his eyes. But it dissipated quickly.


After the intense pain, he vomited a large amount of black blood that seemed to have been sitting in his body for a long, long time. Amidst the black blood he had vomited, an iron nail fell to the ground. He fell to his knees,… looking at the black blood, slowly started laughing. 

“Heh…Heh, Hahahahahaha!”

In the end, Lucius covered his forehead and let out a loud laugh.

“Mid rank bloodline? High-rank bloodline? All of it was a lie! I’m a True Vampire! I can evolve endlessly! Ranks don’t exist for me!” 

Lucius grabs the nail amidst the black blood. 

“That’s pretty impressive…” 

He knew what the nail was. It was one of the three iron nails that had once crucified Jesus!


A God!

Just to seal his own bloodline!

“Alucard?” Lucius kept the nail in his inventory, “My birth was… really… interesting!”

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