Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 3


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 3 Bear The Name of ‘Avenger’

The dam was guarded by soldiers from the New Federation of China in their camps.

This was the tricky part. Even though his body was three times tougher than humans, getting shot with bullets still hurts.

Lucius was now hiding in the forest near the dam, gazing at the Wenhan Dam, which looks like a giant sleeping steel beast in the distance. There were a large number of lights illuminating the dam to make it easier to guard it at night. From time to time, some soldiers could be seen patrolling past with guns.

The reason why there was a military camp in this area was because of the current turbulent world situation. Since World War III, warfare technology has developed rapidly from exoskeletal armor, laser beams, laser guns, and used extensively in warfare. Maybe in a few years, he wouldn’t be surprised if a Gundam was created, although it would be ridiculous in the real world.

But the current most powerful warfare technology available, exoskeleton armor, does have a bit resemblance with Gundam when worn on the body.

There was probably something about this city that the New Federation of China invested a lot of money and resources to protect. Besides, being downstream of a huge dam, the entire city will be drowned if anyone tries to blow up the dam.

“Damn it, there’s no way to get in.” Lucius bit his fingers, trying to figure out the pattern of the soldiers patrolling the dam. Being a nocturnal species, Lucius’ vision was crystal clear even in the darkness. But the several meters high barbed wires powered by hundreds of thousands high voltage was no way for him to get in.

Indeed, he was a vampire, but as an inferior vampire, he couldn’t turn into a bat. Other than his slightly stronger body than humans, he had no other special abilities. Once he could unleash his own bloodline, he might be able to use some legendary magic abilities. But now, he was just an ordinary vampire.

“What the…” Lucius saw the heavily guarded gates of the military camp suddenly opened. A few soldiers in green uniforms threw out a man covered in scars. Then, a fat man in the sergeant’s uniform came out of the gate as well.

Lucius concentrated, strengthening his superior vampire hearing and sight, but barely able to make out what they were saying.

“Don’t ever think I had no guts to shoot your face! Your wife is happy with me! If you come back, you’ll be dead!”

After saying it, the sergeant-like fat man kicked the wounded man, who fell to the ground, spat out a mouthful of blood, and was thrown out from the barracks like a piece of trash.

“Oooh, an NTR*?” Lucius continued to look at the man, supporting his trembling body and tried to stand up. He left the barracks with a blank expression.

From the way he was dressed, he should be a nearby villager. There were no female soldiers among the military barracks of the New Federation of China. So maybe that fat sergeant couldn’t control his sexual desire and went out to force himself on a civilian woman. This place was quite remote, and that sergeant seemed to have a high status. Even if this problem was brought to the police, the police officers can’t do anything about it.

“That desperateness… “The man walked towards the forest which Lucius was hiding in.

Well, there was a way to enter…

“System, what happens if the Black Light virus is injected directly into a creature?”

[Warning. This is a very dangerous act, the extremely high Black Light virus concentration can completely alter a creature’s existence.]

“So, they become stronger?”

[They will become extremely dangerous and violent…]

“That’s exactly what I want!”

Lucius asked the system to redeem a syringe with his 1 despair point. A syringe and needle appeared in his hand, he extracted a little bit of the virus from the crimson liquid. Looking at the desperate, wounded man. He stood on a tree branch, his scarlet eyes faithfully watching the wounded man as he walked slowly, with a seductive voice, he spoke.

“Do you… want revenge?”

Vampires were a degenerate race which, in human lore, would lure humans into corruptions and turn them into filthy beings equal to them. As a vampire, Lucius also had the ability.

“Who is that?” The wounded man raised his head and scanned the woods in fear.

“Are you going to give up just like that? After your wife has been taken from you?” The seductive voice echoed throughout the woods.


He called the police only to get sued back for false charges and slander on an officer. So he was sent to jail for two months. After being released, he went to the military camp bravely with hatred and spirit of vengeance. But the moment he entered, he saw his wife snuggling in the arms of that fucking fat man!

He had no money, no power. He had nothing, even his family was lost.

He had nothing but hatred!


“I can’t beat him, I’ve lost everything.”

“No… But you still have your life.” Lucius’s voice seemed to whisper right next to the man’s ear, seducing him like a demon, “Do you want revenge? Just give me your life. And you will have the power of revenge! Kill the people who took everything from you!”

Killing… the people who took everything from him? He was startled. But the fat man’s hateful face kept appearing in his head. The pain in his body made his hand clenched together. Anger and hatred overflowed him.

Revenge…whether it was his own wife or to that damned fat man that had taken everything from him. For the first time, the man craved for something.

That something was… power!

“Give me power…”

He accepted the demon’s temptation. Lucius’ scarlet eyes glowed with excitement. This is it! The face of a human being who had fallen into despair and was offering his life for revenge! No matter how many times he saw it, he never got tired of it!

“Go kill those humans that you hate.”

In the middle of the woods, a tiny silver light flashed, and the syringe in Lucius’s hand shot precisely above the man’s neck. The liquid that represented destruction inside the syringe flowed into the man’s neck little by little.

Then, he collapsed dead. But he was given a new life.

As a monster!

Lucius stared with excitement, he stood at a branch. Looking at what the man had become… a real monster!


Low growls rang out in the midst of the woods as the human body began to deform. Scarlet muscles appeared on top of the original skin, claws made of bones up to a meter long popped out between his hands. The body covered by a large number of scarlet muscles contained devastating power. Tentacle-like muscles coiled around the man’s body, transforming him and eventually became a newly born monster.

The monsters were nearly two meters long. Its limbs lay on top of the grass. Its claws shattered the surface, fangs appeared from its bloody mouth, with a tongue longer than the body. Corrosive liquids dropped from it, corroding the grass around the creature.

“Uahhhhh!” The monster let out a roar that shook the entire forest. It used its powerful limbs to fly high into the air and leaped into the barracks.

Lucius silently followed the creature to the edge of the forest and looked at the alarmed barracks.

“I’ve decided to call you a ‘hunter'”.

Lucius spread his hands and closed his eyes. Listening to the roar of the creature and the desperate screams of the crowd and the sound of bullets flying by.

“This is just one step in the change, the beginning of the end.”

TL’s note

*NTR : Netorare (寝取られ, most commonly abbreviated as NTR) is a notoriously controversial genre of hentai featuring cuckoldry.

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