Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 30


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 30 – Boom!!

The Black Watch…

Maybe it was just a coincidence. This force was not officially documented by the New Federation of China, nor anywhere in the world’s history. It was as if they were shadows underneath the New Federation. But this shadow-like force exists and real, with the power above any army that the New Federation of China had published in books.

By becoming a member of this force, they would lose their human rights and civil rights. They would become complete minions of war, the New Federations’ henchman. Pulling the trigger for the sake of fighting was their sole purpose in life.

History won’t remember them, but their shadow existed in every war. Specializing in the unseemly things, they’re arguably the last line of defense of the new Federation. As the last line of defense, they would sacrifice everything, including their own lives, to defend their country. The fact that they had over 70% D-rank physically enhanced people in the force was enough to make other armies retreat.

It wasn’t until recently that this troop was gradually exposed to the public. Their commander was one of the only six remaining A-rank superpowers in the New Federation.

Apparently, Lucius turned out to be the primary target of this unit.

Now, they seemed to be planning to capture him alive. The next moment Lucius was exposed to the bright light. They didn’t immediately open fire. Instead, they gave Lucius the chance to escape to the second floor.

After Lucius’s figure disappeared in front of them, this team didn’t seem to chase him.

Ye Fusheng was leaning against an armored vehicle with a pale expression. He covered his amputated right arm.

“Professor Ye Fusheng, do you need medical attention?” Behind him, a soldier dressed as a sergeant questioned him.

“No, my body can regenerate.” Ye Fusheng declined the sergeant’s kind offer, “Now you catch the little mouse that will be hiding in this manor!”

“What about the life and death of our target?”

“It doesn’t matter. I need him whether he’s dead or alive. It would be better if you shot his head! And after you kill him, don’t forget to stake him in the heart! This rat must be killed” Ye Fusheng raised his hand at the sergeant, “But, leave his body intact for me. I will dissect it by myself.”


The sergeant left as soon as he received the order. Ye Fusheng leaned on the armored car, looking around at the blackened troops.

So what if this rat was powerful?

Now he’s dealing with a modern armed force of 500 men! Two armored vehicles and two helicopters were enough to flatten this manor! One man’s power is limited, after all.

He will die along with gunfire!

Ye Fusheng watched as the sergeant picked up his megaphone and was about to give an order to attack and suppress fire to the entire unit!


A gunshot sound cut through the silent night…

In front of Ye Fusheng’s face, the petty officer’s body burst open, and his upper body shattered. Blood splashed onto Ye Fusheng’s face.

‘What the fuck?’ Ye Fusheng raised his head and looked towards a window on the second floor of the manor. A black muzzle was sticking out from the manor, and behind the scope, scarlet eyes flashed. The muzzle of the gun was smoking, and the next moment there was a loud reloading sound, as well as the sound of a discarded magazine.

“Oh, fuck.” Ye Fusheng was exposed to the muzzle. Sweat dripped on his forehead. He had the feeling that he was haunted by death, and it wasn’t an illusion.


A second shot burst out. The bullet shot through Yeh Fu Sheng’s waist. Not into his body, but to the armored vehicle he was leaning against. The bullet easily penetrates the exterior armor.

Ye Fusheng was petrified. He knew exactly who was pointing the muzzle at him!

“Tch… did he miss the shot?”

Lucius was standing on a window on the second floor. He holds a giant anti-material sniper rifle, model Barrett-M82A1. The kind of gun that one shot could easily kill an elephant.

Lucius didn’t use any auxiliary brace. He held the weapon’s recoil with his body. His monstrous body tenacity had no problem in withstanding the violent recoil force. The system charged 1.000 despair points for the weapon and 50 despair points per round for the bullet.

Lucius looked at the Professor’s astonished expression from the scope. He was about to fire the third shot when suddenly Ye Fusheng’s expression turned into anger. Out of anger, he snatched the dead sergeant’s megaphone and said, “Open Fire! I repeat, open fire! Shoot every moving thing inside the manor!”

“Open fire?”

Lucius was stunned. But his instinct told him to duck under the window. As soon as he ducked, bullets stormed towards the manor. Sound of gunfire broke through the silent night. Every window of the manor was completely shot to pieces. A large number of bullet holes appeared in front of Lucius.

“Uwah… Scary.” If he went out uncovered right now, his body would’ve been full of holes. But, Lucius didn’t care. Instead, he felt excited.

“Master!” Arthas’ worried voice rang inside Lucius’ head. She wanted to summon her own undead legionnaire to help Lucius break out.

“You’ll be watching this battle from where you stand.” Lucius leaned against the wall. “If you act now, the cowardly humans will be scared.”

“But master…”

That’s 500 well-armed troops!

Lucius didn’t even have any long-range strength to fight against. It was impossible for one person to breakthrough.

“For now, just stay and watch from where you are.” Lucius waited for the right moment. “I’ll give you a signal when I need you.”

 “They had 500 men in total…” Arthas reminded Lucius of the number of people Lucius was facing. Hoping to make Lucius understand the difference between the enemy’s side and his side …alone!

He can’t do it alone!

“500? No, no, no, it’s 499…” Lucius’ mouth lifted, forming a smirk. Displaying shark-like teeth already thirsted for blood. His blood scarlet eyes gazed at the yellow and orange bullets on his pale hands. “They’re about to fall…”

“Master…” Arthas’s voice didn’t fall under Lucius’ forceful demand.

“There’s only one enemy! Don’t stop the open fire! Team one, raid the place, and find the person hiding in there! Prioritize to capture him alive, but if you can’t, bring me his dead body!”

‘You’re just a lab rat! How dare you point a gun at me?! That won’t happen twice, under this rain fire. Continue to hide in the shadows! And then I’ll find you!’

Ye Fusheng roared at the megaphone. He squeezed the megaphone tight, nearly crushing it.

It’s true. Under such rain bullets, Lucius couldn’t fight back. Some of the Black Watch’s personnel began to scout inside the manor. Soon, they would infiltrate.

He was alone? So what? Modern warfare was not won only by mere numbers.

He heard footsteps ascend the stairs to the second floor. They had come towards their death! A little closer!

The sound of footsteps approaching. ‘Come, just a little closer!’

After pressing his last bullet inside his weapon, Lucius pulled the trigger as the gun emitted a loud sound.

Lucius’s smirk grew wider. He slowly spat out a word.


The onomatopoeia word for an explosion.


The moment words escaped from his lips, the dark night sky was suddenly illuminated by a violent burst of light. An ear-deafening sound dwarfed the gunfire sound.

It was an explosion!

Splendid and bright. Continuously exploded at a random point in front of the manor. It was land mines. Lucius had already speculated that this was all a trap, and he had to ensure his safety. So what? Monsters were still monsters. He would never let humans bind him. Landmines were the content inside the ‘Christmas gift’ Lucius gave to Arthas.

He originally thought the Professor could safely reach the troops because Arthas didn’t know how to install the mines. But by the looks of it, it seemed that like the Lich King had done a great job in fulfilling his orders.

As the violent explosion occurred, the bullet storm that previously fired the manor also stopped.

“Well done, Arthas. I’ll give you a proper compliment later.”

At this moment, Lucius raised the anti-material sniper rifle in his hands. He aimed at the Professor among the troops. His fingers pulled the trigger.

“Professor! Take cover!!”


The bullet shoots from the rifle’s muzzle with a loud sound.

“Guahh…” the bullet landed on Ye Fusheng’s abdomen. The normal human body couldn’t withstand the bullet’s devastating damage. Ye Fusheng’s body was about to be torn apart. But he wasn’t dead yet.

“Kill him…” Crimson color began to dye Ye Fusheng’s shirt. The blood spread wider as he fell on the ground. His hands gripped the grass on the ground.

“Professor! It’s too dangerous for you to stay here!”

“Kill him for me!” Ye Fusheng glared at his subordinate. “Give me the exoskeleton armored unit from the helicopter! Kill him!! Dismember his limbs and bring him to me! I’m going to mutilate his body, one part at a time!”

“Copy that!”

“It’s all just like I predicted…” Ye Fusheng gritted his teeth. “Country rats, you can only hide now. I had speculated everything! You won’t have the chance to pull the trigger again! I won’t give you another chance to live!”

The bullet storm raged again.

Once again, Lucius had to hide under the window. After all, Lucius didn’t want his body to be shot into a honeycomb.

“Oh, the shooting started again?” Lucius didn’t seem to worry about his dire situation. “I thought I aimed at his head this time.”

“Ah, never mind…” Lucius tossed his huge sniper rifle to the ground at the sound of footsteps coming. He sensed that they had infiltrated the manor. His defensive line had been breached, now it’s time to face them. “Human conceit is a nice emotion to have.”

Lucius seemed to give up resisting.

“How troublesome. No matter how I look at it, I’m dead this time. The sweet taste of victory is wonderful, isn’t it?”

Lucius was telling the truth as he had no other way out.

“Come on…human. Kill me and take my body as a trophy.”

Death was a good thing for a vampire.

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