Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 29


“Check the water meter?” The man couldn’t seem to understand Lucius’s meaning.

At this time, Lucius raised his head, and that man was dressed in a butler-like outfit.

“You…” he locked eyes with Lucius’s eyes for a moment, and the words were choked in his throat, froze. The pale moon in the sky suddenly turned into a scarlet shade in the butler’s eyes. The scarlet moon turned into two. It was Lucius’ eyes. 

His body lost its color. Nobody realized drop after drop of blood flowed down to Lucius’ feet. Forming a key that entered the keyhole and twisted open. To an outsider, it seemed like the butler was the one who had opened the door. 

There were several existences with killing intent within this area, presumably snipers. They were aiming their guns towards Lucius. Once he made a wrong move, the bullets would shoot through his brain. But right now, he didn’t look like he was doing anything suspicious—just a courier with a package in his hand. And the butler signed for it instead of his master. Wasn’t that…normal?

Yes, it’s normal.

The butler’s body stiffened. A large amount of blood kept pouring from his feet into Lucius’ body. Lucius used the Blood Transformation to completely absorb the butler’s blood into his Dead River. This butler was the first member of the Dead River. 

“It’s alright.” Lucius walked into the manor and patted the butler’s shoulder, “I’ll deliver a splendid gift to your master.”

The butler’s body didn’t move. It was because he’s already dead, Lucius had drained all of his blood. Now, he was nothing more than a dried corpse. 

Lucius should rush and find the professor before someone discovers something abnormal. He walked inside the manor’s hall. But… what’s with this sense of uneasiness? The hall was dark. Do humans celebrate Christmas in the darkness? No. It means… This was a trap. They were already waiting for Lucius, right? Lucius took off his hat and tossed that package in his hand to the ground.

“That’s quite a greeting, Professor Ye…”

At the moment Lucius’s words fell, the lights of the entire hall suddenly lit up. Seven soldiers wearing pitch-black uniforms and gas masks abruptly rushed into the hall, picking up their rifles and pointing them at Lucius. Lucius spread out his hands and looked at the middle-aged man standing in the manor with an innocent face.

“I never thought you’d even be able to deceive your own subordinates.”

It’s a bait… 

Lucius understood. Him going home for Christmas vacation was just a cover. Lucius wasn’t the only creature in the world who could read other people’s memory. With so many Espers in this world, there must be someone with the same ability. From the very beginning, they had given the soldiers false information. 

“From the moment an infected person appeared in this city. I already suspected that the person who spread the source of the infection was in this city.” The middle-aged man in the white lab coat looked at Lucius, standing alone in the hall, about ten meters away. His rimless glasses reflected the white light. “And I don’t trust these soldiers’ loyalty. Anyone would always leak secrets under torture.”

The professor named Ye Fusheng stood where he was, looking at Lucius. “But I never thought I would actually catch you tonight, you little rat. Am I right, the vampire, Lucius F. Alucard?” 

Lucius and Ye Fusheng looked up at each other. 

“I don’t remember my name being so famous in the New Federation of China.”

“The New Federation?” He was disgusted as he held up his fingers, “How can a country rat hiding in the shadows be famous? I just know you from my research, as one of the few remaining vampires in this world. I’m interested in studying you. Very… very interested!” 

Another mad scientist. Lucius knows there weren’t many vampires in this world ruled by humans. Hiding in the shadow alone. Maybe Lucius was the last vampire in the world. But, who knows? 

“You’re the one spreading the virus, right?” Ye Fusheng asked a lot of questions at once. “How did you get your hands on those wonderful things? Did you develop it yourself? Or did the vampires themselves cause it? Ah… If it’s the latter, then I’ll have to study it properly after dismembering your body.”

At Ye Fusheng’s command, the seven soldiers holding assault rifles gradually leaned towards Lucius.

“I’m already tired of studying the human body, so maybe there’s something new to discover from a vampire.”

“Professor Ye Fusheng.” Lucius scanned the few soldiers, all of them were just ordinary people, none of them were Espers.

“It looks like you’re confident of capturing me alive.” 

“Of course! According to my research, the low-rank vampires are not much stronger than an ordinary human. Just like a rat, I just have to pinch your tail and lift it up, and you’ll be helpless!” 


That’s right. The low-rank vampires were like rats in the human world. Just step on them, and they’ll perish. 

How… weak… 

“You sure the rat won’t bite you back before it dies?”

“Thank you for your reminder.” Ye Fusheng snapped his fingers. “Soldiers, shoot his feet and hands! But don’t kill him! I need him alive for my research!” 

“Soldiers?” Ye Fusheng suddenly realized that the soldiers under his command hadn’t followed his orders. Just standing there, unmoving.

“What’s wrong? Why didn’t you shoot? What’s going on?”

Ye Fusheng was starting to become a bit annoyed at his subordinates disobeying his orders, but suddenly… there was blood…

Under the pale moonlight illuminated the hall, a large amount of blood suddenly flowed in the hall. It was a macabre and beautiful color. Blood began to pour incessantly from the soldiers into Lucius’ body as the center. 

“I’m sorry, Professor Ye Fusheng.” Lucius’s fair fingers were also stained with blood at some point. Lucius licked the blood from his fingertips, his scarlet eyes emitting a light called hunger. “The little rat you’ve always thought of as a rat has somehow turned into a monster that can easily eat you.”

Those soldiers all died. While Ye Fusheng was talking that useless nonsense, Lucius used heart squeeze and blood transformation to quietly take their lives away, one at a time.

“Now it’s your turn, Professor…”

“How is that possible?! Hmmm, but this situation is also within my speculation!”

Ye Fusheng ran backward instantly. With speed surprisingly a few seconds faster than Lucius’s reaction. This guy was also an Esper! At around C-rank. 

But it was nothing. Lucius made this complacent human pay the price. One of his arms hasn’t escaped Lucius’ range of Blood Transformation. In a moment, his arm turned into blood and poured into Lucius’ body. Ye Fusheng’s forehead overflowed with sweat, but he still fled the manor, retreating backward at speed no less than a vampire. But Lucius didn’t take advantage of the victory to pursue him. It was because he had received a very important message from the blood he had just absorbed. 

“I see…” Lucius stood there, reading the memories the blood carried, “You’re merely one of the leaders in this project.” 

Even if he kills Ye Fusheng, the Black Light virus vaccine project won’t stop! 

Damn it! He was trapped! This guy was also just a decoy! He wasn’t the main person in charge of this project. So, who was that person?! 

Lucius searched through Ye Fusheng’s memory, but couldn’t find any important information. Because right now, he had no time to think as the torrent of blackness appeared outside the manor! The sound of armored vehicles tracks turning, the roar of helicopter engines. A spotlight hit the manor, illuminating the interior, exposing Lucius to his enemies. Numerous guns were pointed at him, an army suddenly appeared outside the manor! 

So… he was completely ambushed? 

By the General…

“It seems there was nowhere to run.” Exposed to the intense illumination, an anti-material sniper rifle suddenly appeared in his hand. “Then, let’s see how strong the New Federation of China’s lackeys, the Black Watch unit is.”

A plan emerged in his mind, a crazy one! Since he had no way to find out where the vaccine was being developed, then he just had to let them take him there! 

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