Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 34


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Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 34 – The Hunters

This was supposed to be a battle to hunt down the escaped vampires.

“Shoot! Don’t stop shooting! Keep those zombies at bay!”

This was supposed to be a battle to search for the missing subject.

“My ammunition stock has run out! Report, sir! I’m out of ammo!”

“Go back and resupply! Quick…”

This was supposed to be our base.

“Sir! The rear said we’re out of ammunition! We can no longer hold our defense!”

“What a stupid thing to say, there are two more magazines here! Quick, fill it up, and don’t let those zombies advanced!”

We were…supposed to be the hunters…

“Our defensive line has been breached! I repeat! A very fast-moving zombie has breached the line! Aa..Aaarghhhh!!!!”

“Back off! Everyone get back! Abandon this place and evacuate to the fourth floor!”

But somehow…

“They’re catching up!”

“Don’t look behind! Hurry up and keep up with our speed!”

It all turned upside down. We were the one hunted down by the monster…

“My foot! It grabbed my foot! Help me! Help me! Sir! I don’t want to be eaten!”


Nearly a hundred zombies walked through this steel tunnel, wearing the same clothing that the soldiers guarding this base wore. Some of it also wore the researcher’s lab coat. They were once human. But now, they all had turned into walking corpses that only knew how to eat every human they encountered without mercy!

“Barricade the gates!”

Except for the fallen soldiers, the rest of the soldiers who were stationed on the bottom floor in pursuit of Lucius with high spirits, they all fled back in disgrace to the fourth floor.

The steel gate seemed effective to completely block the zombies from entering. Even though the zombie landed some several heavy impacts, this steel gate didn’t budge. After all, this research base was one of the top priority locations in the entire New Federation of China. The base was built with high-quality materials.

“We’re safe for now.” The team that managed to escape breathed a collective sigh of relief.

“Take a headcount, resupply ammunition at the upper armament, and wait for new orders.” The captain was giving orders to everyone.

Drip… drip…

Apart from the zombies slamming the iron gate, suddenly, there was sound liquid dripping somewhere. Obviously, the sound of the zombies hitting the blockade door was much louder, but the sound of this liquid dripping became extraordinarily clear to everyone’s ears.


No, it’s impossible.

Blood gradually spilled out from the cracks in the gate, slowly dripping after dripping onto the floor, turning into a pool of blood…

The commander, who was leaning closest to the door, looked up to find all of his soldiers stepped back as if they were afraid of him.

“What are you all afraid of, exactly? Those monsters? They’re locked outside the gate.”

He couldn’t believe what was happening now because… a pair of scarlet eyes quietly appeared behind him. At the same time, he slightly lowered his head and saw a beating heart held tightly by a slender hand.

Whose heart was that? He choked…the pain finally reached his brain.

It was…his own heart!

“Humans… will never shut down monsters.”

It wasn’t the human commander they were afraid of. Instead, they were afraid of the owner of those scarlet eyes…


Lucius ruthlessly crushed the heart. Shortly after, a corpse with an empty chest fell down, blood splattered on the ground.

“Hmm… Now it’s your turn.” Lucius stood in front of them.

At this point, the difference between the Black Watch soldiers and the ordinary soldiers was clearly visible! The ordinary soldier trembled and succumbed in fear, with no thought of resistance. However, the Black Watch soldiers instantly raised their guns and pointed them at Lucius, pulling the trigger.

They were the troops that dealt with monsters, and the emotion of fear was an obstacle to them, trash… For them, pity and fear had the same value.

Shoot all enemies in front of them!

“I won’t give you another chance to fire a single bullet!”

With a wave of Lucius’ hand, the blood that once flowed through their bodies that they depended on for their lives, became the weapon that killed them!

The blood flowed in their veins was burst open, as their hands which were holding the gun turned into blood pools.

“I won’t kill you just yet… “

Lucius summoned the glass bottle filled with crimson liquid in his hand. Just as he was about to do his trick again, a warning of danger suddenly appeared in Lucius’ mind. Sometimes, listening to one’s instinct was one of the advantages of being a vampire.

Scattered blood across the floor instantly formed a barrier in front of Lucius!

Blood Barrier.

[Summoning blood to form a barrier strong enough to partially deflect attacks.] [Consuming 100,000 despair points.]

Now that Lucius’s despair points were growing at the rate of ten thousand, this skill exchanged was just a cheap exchange.

The bullet hit the blood barrier in front of Lucius. But instead of stopping, the bullet passed through the barrier towards Lucius. The barrier slowed down the bullet’s movement speed, giving Lucius enough time to react. Just before the bullet hit him, he stepped sideways and avoided the bullet. The bullet missed its initial target and exploded with a clear liquid at impact with the giant steel gate at the back.

A bullet filled with holy water? After sniffing the air, his vampire sense immediately recognized what it was. He was disgusted by it.

These were bullets used by the Exorcist from the Church, specifically to hunt down demons. How deep the Church meddled inside the base?

“Evacuate now.”

A cold mechanical voice seeped through the jet-black nano-armor. The figure stood at the end of the tunnel, holding a gun with the size of the anti-material rifle Lucius once held. He disarmed his aiming stance and stood tall, holding the heavy-looking hand in one hand.

“U…understood!” The scared soldiers, who surrendered and fell on the ground, were frantically running to the back of the tunnel.

Lucius didn’t stop them and just watched the prey in his hands fled. Because compared to these fragile beings that could be killed with a single hand wave. The guy that just appeared at the end of the corridor made Lucius feel threatened.

Only the elite soldiers of the New Federation of China could possess extravagant equipment such as nano-armor. The reddish googles on the nano-armor and Lucius’s scarlet eyes were terrifying under the dimly lit tunnel.

Lucius locked eyes with him, neither of them making any movement.

“How’re your teammates? It hurts to have a bullet run through your body, right?

But he didn’t reply, staring straight at Lucius, his finger slowly touched the trigger.

The air in the entire tunnel suddenly faded into a solidified state, the sound of the zombies banging the gate outside suddenly disappeared. Every muscle in Lucius’s body began to tense as he stared at his opponent…

“Yeah? What are you going to do…” and Lucius’ hand lifted up slightly, and his body began to shake.

And finally, a drop of blood on the wall, slashing down the wall, making a sound at the moment it dripped!

“It’s that one!”

“Shoot the target!”

Almost at the same time, an anti-material sniper rifle appeared in Lucius’s hand. He pointed at the opponent in front of him!

His opponent also aimed his gun at Lucius!

At the moment, both sides had the other’s head in their sights. With no intention to escape, or dodging, only one bullet would determine the winner!

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