Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 35


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 35 – Monsters That Can’t Be Killed

As Lucius took out that sniper rifle, he focused on dealing with the bullets from the gun in Lucius’s hand, and how to shoot him. But, when he pulled the trigger, he realized that Lucius hadn’t fired at all!

Instead, Lucius’s body turned into a puddle of blood and disappeared in front of him. His rifle fell to the ground. The bullet filled with holy water shot back into the wall.

“You liar!”

Lucius didn’t want to be blasted by holy water! It wouldn’t be fun if they faced one-on-one or gun-to-gun, western cowboy style. In a flash of lightning, Lucius’ figure appeared behind the soldier.

So fast! This time it was him who was surprised, obviously, when they were in the manor a few hours ago, Lucius’s speed couldn’t keep up with his speed.

But now… their speed was on the same level.

Lucius punched the nano-armored soldier hard. He, too, reacted quickly, tossing aside his heavy gun and started to retreat!

He ran away?

No, it’s obviously a trap…but, so what if it’s a trap?

Lucius followed until he broke through a few mechanical gates and followed the nano-armored soldier as he ran into a giant warehouse. After Lucius stepped into this warehouse, the warehouse, which originally was dimly lit, suddenly became bright.

The smell of smoke permeated the entire warehouse. The soldier wearing nano-armor stood right in the middle, and at some point, a gun was added to his hand, aiming at Lucius.

“Oh yeah… It’s all felt deja vu. Is everyone here preparing a big Christmas dinner?”

Lucius scanned the warehouse.

There were so many gun muzzles pointing at him as if all the guns in the world had been gathered there. Pistols, sniper rifles, automatic rifles, machine guns, etc. The soldiers in a uniform set up their defense fortress here, weapons ready in hand, waiting for Lucius. It looked like they had been waiting for Lucius for a while now. There were about one hundred and twenty-three people.

They all must be the leftover people who’re capable of fighting in the entire base. They gathered all the weapons and ammunition that they could find within the base here. There was only one target to shoot, to kill.

That target was Lucius!

“Am I supposed to put my hands up and surrender, professor Ye?”

Being exposed to these live-harvesting weapons, it was as if Lucius was naked in front of them. Lucius looked up at the figure, wearing a lab coat and holding a crutch, standing at the back of the entire array.

Ye Fusheng…

“It’s no use pretending to be strong.” Ye Fusheng stared at Lucius. Through the surveillance camera, he had been watching Lucius from the time he started his killing feast in the base. Ye Fusheng tried to identify his weakness, and felt lucky enough to find them!

“The reason why you’re not afraid of bullets is because you can turn yourself into blood! But the bullets inside Lieutenant’s gun right now were rapid freeze bullets!”

The Lieutenant that Ye Fusheng was referring to was the soldier wearing the nano-armor.

Lucius had twice fought the Black Watch and dodged the bullets through his ability to turn his body into the blood. So why did the vampire dodge? If the bullets couldn’t hurt him, he shouldn’t have dodged them. That’s why Ye Fusheng came to a conclusion.

“I don’t understand how you were able to come back alive, even with all those injuries, but it’s understandable that rats have a hard life! But now…”

With a wave of Ye Fusheng’s hand, all the soldiers around him lifted their guns and pulled the trigger. Cold steel clashing sound echoed throughout the warehouse.

“All I have to do is command my soldiers to fire thousands of bullets blessed with holy water at you! It’s absolutely a nightmare for a vampire. You might recover, yes. But not from these many bullets that ripped through your body. In order to resurrect, your body needs to be safe in one piece, right? That’s why you were afraid of guns. That’s why you hide by turning your body into blood!”

“It’s all within my prediction. Die you monster! I’ll show you what happens when you underestimate human intelligence!”

Or so he thought. He thought he was winning, and his enemy lost. But when he looked at Lucius again, he found out that he was smiling. It was strange for someone who was in a dire situation to smile as if he was excited about something.

Shit! Ye Fusheng hated that kind of smile! Vanity’s a great emotion. Maybe for humans…

“Human intelligence, you say? Right. Professor Ye, humans, are indeed such horrible creatures. It’s only a matter of time before the weapon you invented kills you!”

Lucius spread out his hands as if he was welcoming the bullets.

“Let’s try it then, human! Hold the weapon you call the firearm and pull its trigger! Shoot at me! Shoot bullets that could easily claim a human life!”

“Aim at my heart, my brain. Go on! Shoot anywhere you like!”

“Shoot! Shoot!” His scarlet eyes and the sound of Lucius repeating these words on his lips echoed inside the mind of everyone present in the room like a terrible nightmare. His voice eroded bit by bit to everyone’s sanity and brought fear to them.


“Shit! You’re going to get yourself killed! Attack!”

Ye Fusheng couldn’t endure the way Lucius laughed out loud with ease, even though he was clearly in a dire situation! Everyone couldn’t endure Lucius’s provocation either, and at the moment the order was given, everyone pulled their deadly triggers. Guns spat out tongues of fire into a bullet storm that aimed at Lucius.

Fear was an emotion that every human could relate to, but it would diminish once the humans had something to rely on, just like a gun in their hand. By holding it in their hands, they possessed power.

The power to kill!


The soldiers had completely lost their minds and were aiming at where Lucius stood. Lucius stood still while countless bullets went through his body like a mindless puppet. Bullets sliced through every part of his body, breaking his flesh, splattering blood everywhere. His brain and heart were destroyed to pieces under the rain of bullets. The power of hundreds of guns firing at one target in unison was not a joke, let alone defenseless target!

Soon, the guns ran out of ammo. When the guns ran out of ammunition, the round of shooting finally stopped. But there was someone who didn’t stop.

“Die!! Die!!”

One of the soldiers completely lost his mind, he still fired with the gun in his hand.

“Soldier! Stop! Target is confirmed dead! Soldier!”

No matter how much the Lieutenant tried to dissuade him, the soldier was one of the lucky people who survived after witnessing Lucius’ killing spree.


The Lieutenant punched him in the face to stop his frantic shooting. He fell to the ground and covered his face, his teeth were chattering, and his speech was slurred.

“Sir…he’s laughing!” The soldier’s eyes overflowed with tears, his body couldn’t stand up at all.

“Laughing? Who?”

“That monster!!!”

He could clearly see that he wasn’t the only one, as everyone else saw it too…

What was Lucius’ expression as the bullets ran through the monster’s body, and the metal storm tore through it, dismembering his body bit by bit?

It wasn’t worry, not even fear. It was a smile.

A smile that made everyone present trembled from the bottom of their heart.

“I can’t stop firing, sir…” he held the machine gun in his hands, “Or else…or else he’ll…”

“It’s over, soldier! The monster is dead!”

Ye Fusheng couldn’t bear to see the soldier’s cowardly act. Lucius’s body had turned into a mass of shredded flesh, completely losing its human-like appearance. Even though the vampire’s regeneration ability was incredible, it would be impossible to resurrect in this state!

But was it true?

He was laughing. The only person in the room that could laugh! A laugh that everyone presented in the room could hear!

“Go ahead… shoot…” hearing the laughter, the soldier’s eyes widened, his hand couldn’t hold his gun properly.

“Can’t kill… him…The monster… we can’t kill him! You can’t kill him! All of them will be killed… all of them.. he’ll kill all of them!”


Ye Fusheng raised his pistol in his hand. Mercilessly shot the soldier who had lost his mind. The soldier fell on to the ground, fear still crept on his face. His words represented the real thought of many people there.

The corpse that had just been ravaged by the bullets had turned into shredded flesh and turned into blood. The blood began to reform into the shape of a human body…

What kind of monster was he?! Ye Fusheng gritted his teeth and stared intently at the moving blood!

“Armor-piercing bullets, bombs, silver bullets filled with holy water shot through my heart, shot through my brain, amputated my limbs, shredding my flesh and blood torn apart… Is that it? It’s over already? That’s all you got?”

“It’s not enough at all! Humans!”

The blood spilled, showing an unharmed Lucius.

“Obviously not enough… what’s wrong? Haven’t you killed many people with the guns in your hands?”

“Babies, women, teenagers, old people, enemy soldiers, soldiers of your country, criminals, civilians!”

“With the guns in your hands, didn’t you shoot them one by one without mercy?”

Lucius had absorbed memories from the blood of Black Watch soldiers and knew everything they had done.

“So go ahead and kill me! I’m your target! All you have to do is pull the trigger and aim like you normally would.”

“What’s wrong? What’s with that surprised face?”

Lucius stepped forward and looked at the petrified crowd.

“Ah… I see. In your perception, the guns in your hands are absolutely capable of killing any life. One bullet for one life! There’s nothing you can’t kill! What a fragile life…”

“In that case…” scarlet liquid gathered on Lucius’s hand. He cracked a slight smile, “Then I’ll do it. Someone has to perform on the stage at a Christmas party, right? You guys are done performing, so… it’s my turn now!”

“Shoot! Attack! What are you stopping for? Nothing is unkillable! It’s all in my prediction!”

Ye Fusheng was the first to recover from the shock, and he immediately ordered everyone to attack again. The sound of raging bullets rang out once again.

Blood splattered all over Lucius’s body, but it didn’t affect his movement! The vampire species were faster than humans! Much faster! With a flash of scarlet light, Lucius broke into the line forged by the soldiers. Grabbing the nearest soldier, he pinned him up by the neck and lift him up.

“Did you…know?”

Blood wrapped around Lucius, deflecting the bullets for him.

“Rather than just killing you with your own blood, I prefer the feeling of tearing your bodies apart with my own hands!”

“Don’t!!! Stop…!!!” The soldier who had been choked by Lucius struggled.

Lucius squeezed his hand tight, and blood splattered all over his face. Without any hesitation, another headless body fell on the ground.

“It’s time to move on to the main meal.” Lucius smiled at everyone with blood splattered on his face. He softly spat out a few words as his lips parted.

“Human massacre.”

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