Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 38


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 38 – The Viral Prototype 

Lucius didn’t understand what the virus prototype meant, but it sounded like it was pretty powerful. The incomplete Black Light Virus was injected into the young man of USA descent in front of him, Alex Mercer, by Lucius himself. The system had explained before the injection that the Black Light Virus seemed to be compatible with him.

So… what kind of creature was this so-called virus prototype?

Based on his memories, Lucius opened the frozen coffin to release Alex. Accompanied by cold fog, Alex’s body fell to the ground. The first thing he did after opening his eyes was gasping for air. After greedily inhaling the cold air into his lungs, Alex scanned his surroundings, puzzled. Seeing the figure standing in front of him, he subconsciously asked.

“Where…am I?”

“Who knows? Maybe it’s in hell, maybe it’s in heaven.”

Lucius’s voice alerted Alex. He carefully inspected Lucius’s appearance.

“You’re…Lu…cius?” Alex’s memory of Lucius stopped at Lucius, giving himself a gun, living in the world to protect someone.

Protecting…that one person!

“Damn it!” Alex covered his head with his hands.

His memories were a mess. It felt like he had several memories mixed together, unable to figure out which one was real. In his memory, there were only the emotions of blood and fear on perpetual repeat.


Those people with guns were saying things like not to kill him.

Why…those civilians pointed at him and called him a monster?

What the hell…happened?

Lucius stared straight at Alex. Lucius couldn’t understand why Alex had become like this. He was supposedly in a virus-infected state now. In most cases, Alex would have turned into a zombie that only knew how to gnaw on human flesh, but he didn’t…

Alex still maintained his human sanity, even remembering Lucius, who had given him help, and his sister.

Now Alex was a HE…not an IT.

Are you human? Or a zombie? Lucius continued his observation of Alex. Perhaps vampires also had that human emotion called ‘improvisation.’

“Who the hell am I?” Alex was freaking out from the mass of memories inside his head that didn’t belong to him.

He was unable to recognize his own existence? Or was it schizophrenia? Lucius was certain that if he hadn’t split the Dead River outside of his own body in the first place, he would have become just like Alex.

His body was being filled with souls that didn’t belong to their own bodies. Could it be that Alex had become like that now?

While Alex was in confusion, Arthas, standing next to Lucius, raised her Frostmourne once again with vigilance. Lucius saw a dark figure creeping up behind Alex.

“You… don’t move!”

A solemn female voice was heard. A soldier wearing a smaller nano-armor suddenly strangled Alex’s neck, took out a tactical knife, and put it against Alex’s neck.

The female soldier who was shot by Lucius on her lungs was presumably awakened inside the medical ward and found the entire base was empty. Only to find zombies, so she found her way here.

“Master…” faced with this scene, Arthas was able to save Alex from the nano-armored soldier just by summoning the undead army. She awaited Lucius’s order.

“Alright, I surrender.”

But Lucius actually raised his hands up in the air in a very unrestrained manner.

“?” Arthas turned her head in confusion, her ears, which had been standing straight up, went limp, and looked at Lucius.

“Arthas, behave.”


Arthas, who had missed the battle, was very disappointed. She inserted Frostmourne into the ground in front of her and then raised her hands like Lucius.

“What the hell is going on in this base? What about number seven and number three? Where’s the professor? What did you do? Answer me, invaders!”

The female nano-armor user sought out the question with a demanding tone after seeing Lucius and the petite girl holding their hands up in surrender.

“How should I know, Miss?” Lucius looked like he was indifferent anyway, “Maybe they were eaten by the monsters. Maybe they lost their hand, foot, or something.”

“Stop joking!” She again pressed the knife against Alex’s neck a little closer, “Tell me the truth! Otherwise, I won’t spare your friend’s life!”

My friend’s…life…

Lucius’s scarlet eyes looked at Alex, who was silent. His eyes turned colorless like a dead person, now Alex didn’t know who he really was. Once he found out who he really was, Lucius was curious and interested in what would happen next. Lucius felt there was nothing better than awakening him with such a life-threatening situation.

“I’m… not kidding.” Lucius smiled and looked at her, but the words that came out of his mouth were so eerie. “Your teammates, all of them were eaten up by those monsters! Whether it’s their meat or blood, it’s the most delicious thing for those little zombies! All eaten up…every part! Including you as well!”

“You asked for this!” Under Lucius’s repeated provocations, the nano-armored soldier finally couldn’t stand it any longer. She swung her tactical knife, trying to kill Alex by slitting his throat.

Alex’s neck splattered with blood. The cut was deeper than a slit that Alex’s head looked like he was about to be decapitated.

But… he didn’t die!

What the hell?! Just when the soldier tried to decapitate Alex’s head, he suddenly grabbed the soldier’s hand with a force stronger than the soldier in the nano-armor!

Yes. That’s right… Let me see what you got. Lucius stared at Alex with a deadly gaze.

What kind of being are you? A human? A zombie? Or a monster?

Alex let out a dull grunt from his mouth as he grabbed the soldier who was holding his neck and hit her with a splendid over-the-shoulder slam that knocked her to the ground.

Alex then instinctively sat on the soldier’s waist and punched the soldier in the face with his fist, shattering the nano-armor. The armor’s strength depends on its user’s strength. Now that she was wounded, her armor weakened.

Sure enough, under several heavy blows from Alex, the helmet completely shattered open, revealing a surprised female human face. Even against his female opponent, Alex showed no mercy and landed another hefty punch on her head. Her head burst open, blood, and brain matter splattered everywhere.

After that, a large number of pitch-black tentacles grew on Alex’s fist, faintly flickering with some reddish luster. Swallowing the human body whole, and the wound on Alex’s neck was instantly healed.

A virus prototype? Lucius recorded this scenery in his mind. Yet again, he seemed to have accidentally created another remarkable monster.

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  1. Someone says:

    Why did she even try it? She’s just 1 soldier and apparently (from her PoV), everyone died by only 3 people yet she think that she alone can do something? Pretty stupid

    1. Nyawthorn says:

      Haha yes, that’s true. If it were me, I would just grab my ass and start running!
      But she’s a member of the Black Watch elite troops. As the New Federation of China’s lackeys, there’s no ‘running away’ in their dictionary. Their humanity have been completely stripped off, I think.

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