Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 37


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 37 – The Frozen Graveyard


Arthas’s burgundy eyes gazed at the blood-stained Lucius.

“This? Ah…” Lucius summoned his Dead River. Little droplets of blood that could grow bigger, the more they absorbed blood, the faster they grew. Now, it’s almost the size of Lucius’s finger.

The Dead River had just appeared and sucked all the blood from Lucius’s body. The Dead River could also make clothing, like the white shirt Lucius was now wearing. The bullet shot traces disappeared.

“I just finished dealing with this base. Ar, do you want to take a look together?”

Lucius wasn’t going to leave just yet. There were a lot of things in the base that Lucius had to look at. Such as the medicine production factory and the prototype virus.

Arthas didn’t say anything and obediently followed Lucius. There was nothing special about the scenery along the way other than a few zombies gathered in horde somewhere for dinner…or breakfast.

Although Arthas’s appearance was of a petite girl, the kind of girl that one wanted to hug and cherish, in reality, she was a true Lich King. She seemed to have gotten used to the view of zombies having their meal. As an undead, there was no such thing as eating.

Based on the memories of the scientist, Lucius walked to the medicine production factory. This base was huge. After stepping into the medicine plant, he understood it entirely. The general streamline of the production factory was entirely operated by machines. The amount produced wasn’t large, and this factory had already stopped the production long ago. Around the time, Lucius caused the ruckus.

Looking at the remaining agent, it was no more than twenty bottles. Showing that this agent wasn’t something that could be mass-produced on a large scale.

“This is the only production factory in the New Federation of China. Although it’s useless if we still can’t capture the inventor, Hakein Mustaine.”

Lucius walked over to the finished product area. He picked up a bottle, looking at the amber liquid inside, examining it carefully.

“Ar, what do you think of the ingredients?”

“…….” hearing Lucius ask her, Arthas tilted her head to look at the bottle of potion in Lucius’ hand. One of her cat ears was standing up, and one was drooping down, wondering what he was thinking about.

“Can’t guess?”

Lucius pulled open the seal that sealed the potion’s bottle, and the amber liquid flowed through Lucius’ fingers. After a few seconds, the entire bottle flowed out.

“It’s horrible…” Lucius tossed the bottle aside.

“?” Arthas looked at Lucius with puzzlement.

“As expected…humans are a scary creature.”

Lucius walked over to the room after the factory that indicated the raw material room, which was also a door blocked by steel and required a password to enter. The river of death that surrounded Lucius was like a search engine that transmitted this part of Ye Fusheng’s memory to Lucius’s brain. Lucius stretched out his hand and entered the password, and the gate opened.

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The white fog suddenly appeared in the door. Arthas instantly rushed to Lucius’s side and drew her sword, ears perked up on alert to look inside.

“It’s okay, Ar.” Lucius tapped her shoulder, calming down the nervous kitten.


Arthas withdrew her sword and stood beside Lucius, looking into the newly unlocked room with Lucius.

What was inside the foggy room was… human body.

Or rather, frozen bodies. It was a refrigerated chamber, and a large number of human bodies were suspended within a membrane. Something like an infusion tube pierced into the spines of these humans, constantly extracting something unknown material. However, these bodies were the ingredients that were made to be the agents that were put into the food, or drinking water, of all the citizens.

“I originally thought that only our blood-sucking species would feed on humans.” Lucius looked at the humans who had been frozen unconscious for an unknown amount of time, “I can’t imagine that the humans themselves have been doing this all along?”

There were all sorts of humans of all races encased inside the glass, and Lucius approached a grown man, looking at the description hanging below the glass.

“This guy’s name is Hawk Luther, a soldier from the USA in World War III? Were you got caught here after being captured? It also means that he’s been frozen here for all those years.”

Lucius swam between these frozen membranes.

“This guy… is a prisoner who was sentenced to death, it seems like he was also caught here three years ago, the New Federation of China is really putting things to good use! .”

“And one of the New Federation’s own soldiers.”

“All condemned prisoners and soldiers from enemy nations? Who the hell invented the drug that turned an existence that was trash to the New Federation into a treasure? That’s awesome.”

Lucius spun around and was suddenly caught by Arthas, pulling the end of his shirt.

“What’s wrong, Ar?” Lucius turned around and found that Arthas was pointing in a direction with her hand outstretched. Lucius looked over in the direction that Alsace was pointing…

“That’s… scary. Yet they call themself humans, and we’re the monsters.”

What was within Lucius’s line of sight was not those prisoners who were sentenced to death, or enemy soldiers, or even adults…but… a little girl.

The color of her skin had turned pale white, and her lips had turned dark purple, and from the looked of it, she should be a caucasian.

“Angela Michigan? Angel?”

Lucius looked down at the note about the child.

“Her…mother.” Arthas pulled at Lucius’s shirt again and pointed to the other side.

There was a larger vacuum membrane. Inside, there were a frozen girl and a grown mother. They held each other’s hand tightly even though they were frozen inside the eternal coffin.

“A prisoner of war from World War III.” Lucius looked at the description on it to be sure: “It seems like they were captured and brought here.”

“In that case, the humans are frozen in this warehouse…”

“It wasn’t just the enemy of the nation who had a hatred for the New Federation. But also civilians of enemy nations who had nothing to do with the war and only came to New Federation for bait?”

Lucius was becoming more and more impressed with the power of the New Federation’s rulers. They had unimaginable power!

The phrase “If you are not one of our kind, you must be killed.” was really coined for him.

Perhaps, from the ruler’s perspective, there was no distinction between civilians and soldiers in war. Everyone in hostile nations must be destroyed, mercy should not exist.

“Their muscles and every drop of their blood had completely crystallized. They had been put down frozen for a long time. If they were awakened, they would die.”

Lucius’s gaze circled around the room and spotted a familiar figure.

“But I think we can awaken this one.”

Looking at the outermost frozen vacuum, a figure was sleeping in the membrane. Lucius looked at the label below and read the name.

“Alex Mercer…Viral Prototype…”

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