Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 40


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 40: The Wrath of the King of the Whomping Meow

Before Lucius left, there was a sudden jarring alarm throughout the experimental base. Probably some sort of self-destruct procedure had been remotely activated.

Good for Lucius, he didn’t need to destroy the base by himself. Just when Lucius and Arthas were about to reach the exits…

“Master…” Arthas blocked Lucius’s path, looking at the black legion of steel appearing in front of him.

“We just destroyed such an important underground base of the New Federation of China. It’s impossible they won’t react.”

Lucius scanned the steel legion that appeared in front of him. It had the size of an army with around 2.000 men, tanks and various armored vehicles, and other equipment and a few helicopters.

Now, their Commander should say something like ‘you’re surrounded,’ or something. Lucius was indeed surrounded. If he were to step outside, he would probably be swept into pieces by the legion’s bombardment.

“But… it’s okay, Arthas, to your home turf.”


“Don’t meow me. This isn’t the time to act cute. You’re the Lich King, right? Your legion should be able to destroy them.”

Lucius didn’t know how much information the New Federation of China possessed about himself. But since he had been captured in the underground laboratory, Lucius gained a lot of information about the New Federation of China. He had a raw plan of world destruction in his mind. Now, Lucius didn’t have time to play anymore.


Arthas nodded as she cheerfully ran out towards the exit of the base.


“The President ordered us to kill just one man, Lord Hakein. May I ask why do we need so many men?”

The CommanderCommander of the army legion was standing on a tank, scanning the heavily armed soldiers around him. A legion of this size was enough to fight when it came to a real war, right? But killing a single man with force capable of waging war? That’s simply excessive.

“No, no, no… Captain. You need to be careful.” Over the Commander’sCommander’s radio, Hakein’s voice seemed to be tense, “You’re not dealing with a man. You’re dealing with a monster. No, perhaps I should not say one. But numerous, a very large number of it.”

“That…” the CommanderCommander was clouded by Hakein’s strange statement. A single man but with a vast number? What does that even mean? Did he say it wrong? But as the field commander, he wouldn’t dare to correct the New Federation’s… No, the smartest person in the world, Hakein Mustaine.

“In a moment, you will understand it. Despite the President’s order, if you think you can’t beat them, Captain, you may choose to retreat. After all, that person isn’t a monster that could collect dead humans.”

“Do you mean that my army, the people under my command, can’t even defeat an unknown monster?”

The CommanderCommander, who had some strange and tangled feelings inside, hardened at Hakein’s words.

“YES, that’s right.”

“But we have a whole two thousand and three hundred men…”

“Numbers mean nothing to that monster. Didn’t I tell you? Describe that monster not as ‘it,’ but as ‘them’! Ah, my research has begun, so the Captain will see to it that we retreat.” Hakein’s tone was still flippant by the end, and he shut off the radio.

“What the hell is going on?”

As an experienced war commander, he might not have fought a real war for a few years, but he wouldn’t make the mistake of taking the enemy lightly. Could it be that their opponent was an A rank Esper? Otherwise, even as a B-ranked Esper, he wouldn’t be able to survive under the artillery. Regardless, the soldiers behind the CommanderCommander were the ones he relied on for safety.

“War has never been a collective battle. One person can’t change anything. Let’s see what it’s like to have a monster that the President himself ordered to be killed.”

But just as the CommanderCommander thought of this…

“Sir! There are figures at the exit of the base!”

“What? What does it look like?”

The CommanderCommander was a little curious, though…

“A female.” The soldier seemed very surprised, “It’s a female, her age is visualized to be no more than sixteen.”

“Huh?” The CommanderCommander wimped out, he picked up his binoculars and looked at the entrance to the base. Wasn’t what written on the report was a young male? Why??

Arthas’s silver hair gently swayed with the wind. Her petite body looked powerless under the muzzle of this steel army, giving her a feeling of pity. The troops outside the base were not the ruthless Black Watch elites that killed innocent civilians just for the sake of New Federations of China, even abused cute girls. They were just ordinary marines.

The atmosphere stalled when Arthas stepped out. Marines were human too, they had families of their own. They couldn’t pull their triggers as ruthless as Black Watch.

“Commander…sir, what’s your order?”

But at least, they followed orders.

Just as the CommanderCommander was equally stunned for a moment, Arthas made a move first. She drew the greatsword in her hand, the Frostmourne. The runes on the sword gleamed with ice-blue luster, the soul fire burned in the eyes of the goat-horned skull beneath the hilt.

The wrath of the Lich King would trample the entire world! All living creatures would become a feast for her undead legion. They who felt mercy on her paid the ultimate price. Their stunned silence gave Arthas enough time to summon her legions.

Arthas stabbed the Frostmourne into the earth, and the fusion power of death and frost kept pouring into the earth… opening a portal connecting to the nether realm and summoned the Lich King’s legion!!

A catastrophe!

“What…what’s that?” The CommanderCommander suddenly noticed a large number of white figures appearing in the open space in front of the silver-haired girl.


Soldiers with damaged blades in their hands, holding shattered shields, eyes burning with azure soul fire. The soldiers who had died but continued to fight for the Lich King, the most loyal of soldiers ever existed. An overwhelming number of skeleton warriors emerged from within the earth, along with ear-piercing screams.


The marines who normally fought with only human targets became a little overwhelmed at the sight of these skeleton soldiers, which only appeared in legends. Such things as an undead warrior were scary enough, what was even scarier was their overwhelming number.

“Attack! Fire!!!” The CommanderCommander suddenly understood what Hakein meant. Without further due, he immediately gave the order to attack.



An otherworldly roared from a creature of the nether realm as if it was dying. A majestic roar that would make other lower life forms succumbed to its power. 

That creature…was a dragon!

A skeleton dragon suddenly emerged amidst the skeleton legion! A gigantic body, with a mouth that breathed out cold air capable of freezing everything. The dragon spread wide its skeleton wings and flew into the sky—roaring loud, marking its existence to this world.

“Mother…fucker…” The CommanderCommander saw the skeleton dragon flying in the sky. The binoculars in his hand-rolled down. This world had gone mad. What did I see? The undead dragon…

“Retreat…retreat!!” It was no longer an existence that these ordinary marines could handle.

“Hurry up and retreat! We failed in battle!”

So the CommanderCommander decisively chose to evacuate.

“Ar, you really overdid it.”

Lucius sat on the head of this skeleton dragon, looking down at the army running in panic. Then looked at Arthas standing in front of him.

“You scare all those humans away.”

“I…can’t??” Arthas tilted her head to look at Lucius.

“It’s all right, that makes things easier for us.” Lucius looked at the fleeing crowd below and then at the endless sea of skeletons, “From today onwards, the New Federation of China should face this doomsday. Otherwise, this scenery will be staged anywhere in the world.”

“Only those who resist will make us feel more pleasant after defeating them, isn’t it, Ar?”


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