Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 41


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 41 – War Declaration

The New Federation of China was a country with a dictatorial system. No matter how democratic it was, the New Federation of China was still a pure dictatorship. Everything in the new federation was decided by one person, the President of the New Federation of China.

Just from the fact that they used drugs to control their citizens to get the stability of their reign. The rulers of the New Federation completely carried out the dictatorship. No one would resist, and no one would dare to resist. Not just with the New Federation, but most other countries were the same.

As for the reason?

That was the result of the harsh hierarchical class among the human communities. The appearance of Esper gave humans a brutal hierarchical class. Such things as human rights and equality simply didn’t exist between ordinary people and Esper.

Perhaps in the era before the Esper, humans could comfort themselves with the thought that they were equal. They’re all human, what he can do, other people can do it too. Or something like that.

But the arrival of Espers had completely overturned this one rule.

People were no longer equal, or there was no such thing as equality.

Espers had higher speed, intelligence, strength, and even all sorts of special abilities than ordinary people. They were superior to ordinary people in every field. As they had stronger power than ordinary people, so why couldn’t their status be higher than ordinary people?

This was the new rule of this world.

High-ranked Espers ruled the country, ruled the world, and powerless ordinary people could only survive by clinging to these people with great power.

Especially amidst war…one would feel the powerlessness of ordinary people. Even a heavily armed army of thousands or even tens of thousands of people was nothing more than a bunch of lambs to be slaughtered in front of powerful Epers.

Humanity had evolved for thousands of years, so was their society. But the only constant thing was a hierarchy. Equality couldn’t exist in human history. Therefore, in a world where the higher races ruled over the ordinary people, the President of the New Federation was an extremely powerful Esper.

Su Wuye.

The man who was feared by the whole world in the Third World War.

The USA elite troops that invaded the New Federation territory during the Third World War were crushed to pieces and thrown into the Bohai Sea to sink. He led the Black Watch troops into the back of the enemy’s base and burned down three cities of the enemy country filled with civilians.

It could be said that the President of the New Federation was like a Godly being that the whole world feared. But because of the President’s power, after the Third World War, no one dared to provoke the New Federation of China again for so many years.

The President was an executioner, a qualified executioner. Even a cruel and ruthless executioner. For the sake of his country, I wonder how many mass graves had been dug.

But for the citizens of the New Federation of China, the President was the person that brought them a peaceful life, just like a God. Even without the sedative drugs, the President’s glorious service made him popular among the New Federation’s civilians.

The President ruled with an iron fist. He was only interested in dealing with state business or thinking about how to make this country stronger.

“And now? You’re on TV as a speaker?”

Lucius stood in the original city center’s Times Square. At the very top of a building, the screen that was broadcasting the recent news suddenly stopped broadcasting.

Originally, the recent virus infection had caused panic among the citizens. Even though Christmas had just passed, not many people were visiting Times Square. But just as the news stopped broadcasting, people subconsciously stopped their walk and raised their heads to look at the screen.

After that, the view of the office of the President of the New Federation of China was presented to all the citizens. A middle-aged man sitting on a chair in the office.

Time couldn’t heal the scars on his face. He maintained a serious expression all the time. This man, even when sitting in his office, one could feel that he’s a soldier. No, not a soldier. He was a warrior who fought with his own hands on the battlefield!

Su Wuye, the man who personally claimed thousands of lives, both innocent civilians and soldiers, leaving no one behind. The man who created the dreaded Shadow Force, the Black Watch. The President of the New Federation of China!

“And now… Finally, you can’t resist?” Lucius waited to see what the man had planned to say to the entire nation, in front of all the citizens.

Was it to soothe the nation?


The New Federation of China gave everything to its citizens. They didn’t act like nannies and create privileges for the incompetent. Those who were incompetent would die.

That’s just how it was.

“By this time, the virus had spread and infected fifty-seven cities in total, with hundreds of millions of people affected.”

Not only in appearance, but his voice also carried an overwhelming feeling. He was merely standing there, but through the screen, the citizens could feel that he was focusing on them.

“Where did the virus come from this time?”

He didn’t mention the past, nor the future. He only spoke about the present matter. That’s how Su Wuye dealt with things. What could be solved today must be acted on today. Not just empty words.

“It wasn’t a natural evolution, or a leak from the New Federation lab, or some incredibly stupid God that caused it! It’s caused by foreign races that don’t belong in the New Federation of China! A virus spread by an alien that we can’t even call human!”

“The New Federation of China had been silent for too long. War! It’s been too long since we’ve had a war! Men of the New Federation of China! You have no time to struggle in panic! As the New Federation of China, fear is a disgrace! You might be weak, but you are not a coward who will be a laughing stock in other countries! Take your weapons, your guns, and arm yourselves! Protect your wife, your children, your parents! Let the world sees the bravery of the New Federation of China!”

The entire country saw the broadcast, and every word of Su Wuye penetrated the hearts of the nation.

“The virus is spreading all the time! But you have the power to destroy it. Shoot it! The New Federation of China has never been defeated from just a virus attack, the New Federation of China will crush it. We are never alone. The army of the New Federation of China had been engaged in the battle to eradicate the virus. In a war that involved more than just the military. You all are a part of it! There is no more time for fear in order to protect our homeland.”

Su Wuye slapped his hands on the table in front of him and stood up, gazed through the TV screen as if he was staring eye-to-eye with Lucius.

“This is a declaration of war. A war! Aliens! The sins you committed in the New Federation of China will be paid for many times over! Soon, you will be sent to the stake in front of all the citizens!”

After Su Wuye finished his final speech, his voice echoed throughout almost the entire city. While the civilians below who had watched everything without blinking, froze where they stood.

“The President himself is speaking on the broadcast?!”

“How many years ago was the last time?”

“I remember it was during the Third World War, the USA was about to land a siege on our country’s border.”

“Ah, that time! The President himself led the army to attack the USA base from behind and turned the battle outcome upside down. Before that, His Excellency as the President also issued a declaration of war.”

“The New Federation of China will be undefeated if the President is with us, right? There’s nothing to be alarmed about this crisis.”

The crowd on the street was discussing the recent broadcast.

“War…?” Lucius looked up at the screen that had changed into the flag of the New Federation.


How many years passed after Lucius last heard the word? The only one who could survive this one word is now one of the dominant ones?

Interesting… Things were surprisingly interesting.

“The medicine factory that could produce sedative drugs to control the citizens was destroyed by me. Nearly a tenth of the entire territory of the New Federation was taken over by my virus. You can’t hold back now, Mr. President?

Lucius looked at the passing by crowds. They, too, noticed Lucius.

“Then, let’s try it.” Two bottles of scarlet liquid appeared in Lucius’s hand. It fell into the ground and shattered, crimson mist rose up.

“A wonderful war to crush the New Federation or even the entire world.”

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