Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 43


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 43 – The Cost of Power

Red Night City.

Located at the heart of the New Federation of China, it was a medium-sized city. But the city’s technology was so advanced that it was only slightly below the capital of the New Federation. But now, the city had been devoured by the virus. However, it wasn’t entirely occupied by zombies as the citizens were still fighting back.

“I know…” Lucius stood on a building, looking at the city engulfed in flames, and the roar of the zombies was endless.

Now, it was the eighth day of the infection, and nearly one-ninth of the New Federation’s territory was being ravaged by the virus mercilessly. This was still the result of the New Federation’s military personally appearing to suppress the virus.

“What is the true face of this city.”

The view beneath the city was no longer zombies freely roaming the streets. Human armies were crushing them little by little. This city was the only way to leave Wenhan City, and the army below was probably the army of that A-class Esper, Major Su Lei, who used to sit in Wenhan City.

Lucius’s target was this Major.

“Say, Ar. What do you think is the best way to make someone want to kill someone?”

Lucius questioned Arthas, who was standing behind him.

“Hate,” Arthas answered Lucius with some uncertainty.

“Correct. 100% correct.” Lucius gazed down at the city engulfed in flames, “Hate can make a person lose their mind and become stronger. So, Ar, now I need a tool to control their hatred to accomplish my purpose.”  

“But Master…”

“Ar, did you know? Human potential is limited in a sense.”

“?” Arthas didn’t know why Lucius suddenly said that.

“That Professor Ye provided me with a very good piece of information.” Lucius pointed to his head, “According to the New Federation’s research, human potential is limited, evolving by themself to B rank is the limit. An ordinary B rank Esper. Even if he is always fighting and familiar with his own abilities, it will take 376 years to evolve into A rank. But this has exceeded the limit of human life span, let alone fighting every day!”

“Strange, isn’t it?” While Lucius believed that humans are highly adaptable creatures. He did not believe that humans could evolve quickly to the extent that an Esper alone could destroy a city. It was already against the rules set by the gods.

“So how did the New Federation of China come to have six A-ranked Espers at the moment?”

Lucius, however, knew exactly what kind of existence the so-called A-rank Esper was.

“Cannibalism.” Lucius’s lips parted and slipped out an inhumane word.


“Like rabid dogs and crickets, or praying mantises… They ate their own kind to gain greater strength.”

Lucius was becoming more and more impressed with what the New Federation was doing to enhance its own national power.

“In the A-rank Esper development program that started decades ago, that guy named Hakein Moustaine discovered a special crystal inside the brain of an Esper. By liquefying it and injecting it into the body of another Esper, somehow… It can increase the power of the Esper to a certain degree.”

“This… is what’s known as breeding.”

“It’s a project that’s been going on to this day. Selecting young bodies with the qualifications to become Esper let them live together. When they reach adulthood, those who survived, drank each other’s blood, and took each other’s power. Those who survived last would become an A-ranked Esper, respected by the people.”

They had done it all!

It was the price of gaining power. Slaughtering your own countrymen one by one with your own hands!

“A-ranked Esper are pawns of the New Federation from the beginning of their existence. They don’t have the luxury, such as childhood memories. Major Su Lei too. I’m sure he was confused about his identity and why he was born into this world.”

“And then…”

Lucius put a smile on his face.

“I’m going to go and help that poor Major and retrieve his lost memories of the New Federation he serves. How much effort has given to him.”

“He is…righteous.” Arthas vaguely remembered Su Lei stood up to protect civilians.

“It’s precisely because he’s righteous that it’s interesting. A ‘hero’ is a great title, isn’t it? It looks even better when he’s fallen, too.”

Lucius felt that it was time to prepare the pawns to be used in this battle.

“Then Ar, you watch from the sidelines while I prepare the pieces for this battle. For the upcoming battle.”

The inhabitants of this city weren’t only distinguished by such a simple distinction between humans and zombies. If Lucius had it right, there was another group of people in this city… an existence that wore human clothing but was even more ruthless than zombies.

The Black Watch!

This city was slightly special because it’s under the direct jurisdiction of the Black Watch. Because there were some unspeakable things underneath this city.


“Damn, didn’t they say that the city wasn’t infected?”

A soldier dressed in a bulletproof suit, holding an assault rifle in hand, complained after killing a few zombies running towards the area.

“I heard it was last night. An outbreak in Times Square. And the source of the infection is still unknown.” His teammate answered him.

“Our mission was to destroy zombies. Since when did it change into escorting countless civilians? How long do we have to stay in this hell?!”

“There’s nothing we can do about it. With Major Su Lei here, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

 “The scouting mission is over. There are not many zombies left here. So, Sergeant Major, hurry and get back to your unit. You will die if you stay out here for too long.”

“I have a daughter waiting for my return at home. Why would I die here?”

The soldier called Sergeant Major had a thick beard on his face. His appearance looked like a battle-hardened veteran soldier. He had just shot and killed a zombie that ran over to him but found that the assault rifle suddenly jammed in his hand.


He found himself for the first time fighting continuously for so long, following Major Su Lei. Scavenging cities by cities, killing countless zombies.

“Sergeant Major!”

The soldier on the other side of the room suddenly blurted out.


He had tried to dispose of the malfunction of the gun he was holding, but instead, he found a shadow lunging at him!

It’s a zombie! But the gun in his hand couldn’t fire a single bullet!

Blood splattered everywhere…

“Get off!”

The zombie bit into the man’s shoulder, and he grunted, raising his rifle and ramming the walker with the bottom part of his rifle. After sending the zombie flying back, he immediately grabbed the pistol from his waist, continuously firing the zombie who tried to crawl back.

“Sergeant Major!”

A few soldiers on the side rushed to his side and helped him walk to a dark corner of the alley.


He gasped, the lacerated wound on his shoulder spilled a lot of blood.

“We need to bandage your wound immediately!” The soldier started looking for the bandages.

“That’s enough!” He snapped loudly and grabbed the soldier’s hand. “You know what happens when you get bitten by one of those monsters! And you understand, right?!”

“But… Sergeant Major!”

“Now, you’re the Sergeant Major of this unit.” He stared at the slightly younger-looking recruit, “Quick, the Major needs our information. Get out of here and tell the Major that this road had been cleared off most zombies, and the food supplies are depleting. Those civilians haven’t been getting food supplies for a long time!”


“a soldier of the New Federation.” He pounded his jammed assault rifle with his hand, “Move! That’s an order!”


They knew exactly what the man was ready for.

“Take care, Sergeant Major.”

After handing over the few remaining assault rifle magazines to the sergeant major, they resolutely chose to leave.

From the dark corner, a pair of scarlet eyes watched over the dying human.

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