Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 42


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 42 – Carry Out the Plan

Lucius moved from place to place from time to time, he never had a real home. As a vampire, although he hadn’t learned to transfigure into a bat yet, Lucius wasn’t particularly interested. According to Lucius, a house without his sister wasn’t a real home. Hence, he never intended to stay in one place for a long time. Plus, the New Federation of China’s information gathering ability was first class. He could just move to a place and be kicked out tomorrow.

So Lucius was shady enough to find an uninhabited house to stay for a while as he plotted his future plans. Of course, this ‘uninhabited house’ was the result after the owner of the house became Lucius’s dinner.

In a room with a big table, a huge map of the New Federation was placed on the table. The regions that were painted with red marks were the regions that were currently infected with the virus that Lucius brought.

‘ The current level of world destruction has reached 44%, and my despair points accumulated 5.072.010 points. With 27.32 million level 1 infected bodies, 704.000 level 2 infected bodies, 323 level 3 infected bodies, 1 level 4 infected body, and about 200 nests.

This was all the infected zombies that Lucius was currently able to get his hand on, including the soldiers before. In just one night the number increased highly to 7 million.

The chain of infection of the Black Light Virus was truly incredible!

“Ar…” Lucius crossed his fingers below his chin, stared down at the map. Only a small portion of the territory marked with red, the remaining empty part was still too large. Lucius had OCD, so it’s tough for him not to paint red all over the map.

“Un?” Arthas, who was drinking milk on the side, looked up.

“What do you think we should do next?” Lucius hadn’t forgotten that the one in front of him was the Lich King, who had experienced hundreds of battles, leading her Scourge Legion to set the world ablaze. There’s no difference in what Lucius was doing right now.


Finishing her drink, Arthas silently reached out her finger and pointed to the red area.

“Um… resistance.”

Arthas didn’t seem to be good at expressing her words. She had no choice but to find a blue marker and made some drawings on the red area.

“The New Federation…is…resisting.”

“Resisting?” When Lucius heard this, he suddenly reached out the remote control and turned on the TV on the side table, the Breaking News was broadcasting the virus on it all the time.

‘The New Federation forces have been sent out to destroy the virus. Exactly three A-class Espers had gone to destroy the virus, and a vaccine is currently under development. So, people of the New Federation, please don’t panic. The virus will be annihilated out soon.’

With the host’s impassioned speech, paired with the clip of tanks easily crushing the zombies and killing hundreds of them with a single cannon shot, it did look inspiring enough.

“Annihilate…” Arthas’s ears perked up. A soft, ethereal voice slipped out of her mouth. But the words weren’t as soothing as her voice.

“Ar, do you mean we should first deal with the New Federation troops that were scavenging the infected areas?”

“Un…” Arthas nodded in agreement.

“Right. These zombies are excellent weapons. But without intelligence, they will never be able to defeat humans.” Lucius looked at the clip on the TV screen, showing the zombies’ little resistance in being destroyed by the human torrent of steel.

“In the end, puppets will always be puppets that will be thrown away once they have served their purpose. But it’s kinda sad to throw them away. If I could command this horde of zombies, little by little, we will make steady progress. Chewing the human army bit by bits!”

These infected were no worse than human artillery!

Just as a hunter suddenly appeared from the sky on the TV screen, after hitting a tank, the screen was suddenly interrupted. The tank was seen as a fierce destructive power. This only showed that the infected had the power to destroy the human army.

“But it’s too slow, Ar…”


Lucius turned off the TV and looked down at the map of the New Federation.

“It’s too slow! If it continues at this pace, we’re like having a real war, an unfair one. My territory is only roughly one-tenth of the New Federation! If it progresses this slowly, I have no time to wait! I need to push it faster!”

Now that this legion of zombies had yet to be formed, taking them on against the New Federation’s army was still unknown. A-class espers alone would be able to exterminate large numbers of zombies. Not to mention the New Federation’s ultimate weapon.


“Ar, you know what? I have something in my memory.”

The Dead River floated from beside Lucius, extracting a fragment of memory and transmitted it to Lucius’s mind.

“There are two reasons why the new Federation is feared by the world, the first is their President and the second is their force…The World Coverage Program, which was secretly carried out by the New Federation thirty years ago. They now can launch a nuclear bomb at over seventy percent of the world’s territory from the nuclear silos spread in the New Federation… I guess if the New Federation is pushed too far… Maybe the man will just send us a few nukes.”

He’s the man who willingly turned into a ghost to defend his territory! Territories occupied by others must be recaptured even if they are to be destroyed.

“Then…” Arthas was really out of ideas.

“My target is here.” Lucius reached out his hand and pointed directly at the New Federation’s capital, “This place, in particular. More precisely… it’s him.”

Lucius threw out a picture from his hand, and the person on the paper was none other than the President of the New Federation, Su Wuye!

“Master…” suddenly, Arthas understood what Lucius wanted to do.

“Ar, do you know? Since the President personally spoke, the rate of obtaining despair points has dropped a lot. And the number of people who died has not decreased, but the despair points have decreased. What does this mean? Many people die with hope… A kind of hope called ‘we will be saved’! Where does this hope come from? This man…a man who is like a patron saint in the hearts of the people! The people believe that the President will destroy the virus! So they have this kind of hope!”

“But Master.” As far as Arthas knew, this man was also a powerful Esper, rumored to be above an A-rank Esper!

“A body of steel, a heart of steel, creating a nation of steel. Su Wuye, one of the three S-class in the world. One of the Espers with the ability to turn everything in sight into iron, even if it’s alive or himself. There are three cities in the USA that have become iron graveyards. Where both civilians or soldiers become iron statues.”

Lucius now could understand some of the things happening in the New Federation very well. There’s countless classified information regarding the New Federation in the Dead River.

“It’s really powerful, just being looked at will take your life away, but ah, there’s a limit to this ability. There has to be physical contact to activate it, so ah, there’s still a battle to be fought if it’s an A-ranked ability.”

The so-called A-rank was a fifth-rank life form. Lucius was evaluated as unranked beings, which meant that it was impossible to determine his rank. But Arthas was exactly a fifth-rank life form…

“Ar, what do you think could be done to make indestructible iron brittle?”

Lucius stood up, thinking it was time to head out.

“Let’s go, go see an old friend. If we succeed, the new Federation will certainly perish.”

“Hope is a good thing, a very good thing. For mankind who harbors hope, when their hopes crumbled, what’s left is despair!”

The President’s the hope of the citizens of the New Federation of China. And if their President dies, then the entire new Federation will be in despair.

“What a wonderful thing.”

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