Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 6



The young girl’s petite body stood in front of Lucius, her own hand outstretched, grasping upwards eagerly. Lucius’ hand was holding an arm, a broken arm, presumably her mother’s.

“I don’t think you can feel full, right?” Blood dripped from the broken arm into the girl’s mouth, making her hunger rose higher.

“Sorry, but I’m thirsty too.”

Lucius looked at the little girl who looked like a child grasping for candy. His mouth formed a pleasant curve.

“Hey, bring me some food, little one.” 

A pair of glasses suddenly appeared in Lucius’s hand. He just redeemed it from the system.

[Disguise Glasses 7,000 despair points. After putting on the glasses, the host’s appearance can change into a human’s appearance, also emitting the same scent as a human.]

No matter how people saw it, Lucius’ appearance was of a vampire. Someone would immediately notice something wasn’t right about him—especially his scarlet eyes and shark-like sharp teeth. There was no way Lucius could blend into human society. 

But these glasses solved his problem. All he need was a perfect disguise. The downside was, once he wore the glasses, the zombies would definitely want to devour him. Lucius had no idea whether the Black Light Virus was effective against a vampire or not. But he certainly didn’t want to become a zombie, so he ‘used’ the little girl’s mother for some quick solution.

The balcony of this apartment connected directly to the hallway. Lucius slightly opened the curtains to prevent himself from being exposed to the sun. Throwing the bloodied arm across the hallway.


As expected, the little girl immediately dashed out at an incredible speed and jumped to the hallway.

“Phew.” Lucius put on his glasses. At the same time, dark circles below his eyes disappeared. His once pale moonlight skin turned into a healthy glow, his fangs disappeared, and his scarlet eyes turned black under the glasses’ disguise. Only his slender build remained unchanged. The current Lucius looked like a slightly gentle teenager with glasses. However, Lucius’ appearance would add a lot of points to this harmless feeling of his own. The more harmless, the better.

Lucius reached the door of the room and finally heard the sound of a gun firing.

“Motherfucker! Where did this guy pop out of!”

“Come on…hurry up and run!”

“It’s too tight in here!”

The three of them roared, screamed in fear. Lucius felt as if the plan was working.

After that, he took a deep breath, every vampire is a pro actor!

He put on a terrified face, pushed open the door to the room, and immediately saw the three people being chased by the petite zombie. Running away frantically.

The little girl was small, but she moved faster than a human, and the man’s bullet couldn’t hit her.

“Quick! Over here!” Lucius called out to the three people and waved his hand.

When those three saw that Lucius had opened the door to the room, they grasped it as if they had found a ray of hope to save their lives. They rushed to the room where Lucius was. After everyone ran in, Lucius immediately closed the door.

Then dull crashing sounds were heard on the door. Fortunately, the little zombie girl’s strength was unable to leave a single scratch on the door. One of the good things that the Federation of China had was their strong door, aka barrier.

After several banging noises, it stopped. It seemed like the little zombie spotted another human and left the door alone. 

After listening to the young female walker drift away, Lucius turned to look at the few survivors he had rescued. The bald man holding the rifle gun had a hideous scar on the corner of his eyes. From a glance, one could tell that he wasn’t a good person. While the remaining two looked like students from a high school, they were wearing the same uniform. The young male and female must be classmates. Upon entering the room, the two of them instinctively hid in a secluded spot.

After Lucius finished his observation, it seemed like the other party also had finished their observation of Lucius. His young appearance with glasses made him looked like a helpless and harmless teenager.

“Heh…” the tall man laughed disdainfully when he saw Lucius’s appearance.

“Thank you very much. My name is Sun Qi, this is Xia Ying…my…classmate.” The young male high school student carelessly gave out his name and his classmate.

“Lucius.” Lucius barely managed to squeeze out a smile to the three humans. He saw the young girl was sweating in panic.

“Don’t be afraid, Xia Ying. I will protect you.” The naive young high school student seemed to have a crush on her. Although they had a bit of a shocking experience today, the male student’s mental condition was better. Sun Qi patted Xia Ying’s back, comforting the frightened young girl.

“Tch! This little play ends here.” Finally, the man sitting there spoke. He glanced at Lucius and raised his assault rifle in a demonstrative manner, “My name is Wang Hu, I don’t care what strange things are happening in this shitty world. But I’ll tell you anyway.”

“From now on, you’ll have to listen to me! Or you’re gonna get shot! You understand? I’ve killed five men with my own hands!” Hearing this big man named Wang Hu speak, he should be a member of the underground mafia group. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have a gun.

“Yes…of course…” with a trembling voice, Sun Qi fearfully agreed to the man’s words. Thanks to him, he and his classmate hadn’t turned into a zombie.

“……. “

Lucius didn’t answer this man but pushed his glasses up to express his dissatisfaction in silence. Wang Hu stared at Lucius’ silence and felt some dissatisfaction inside him. But Lucius suddenly spoke.

“The three of you must have been hungry after running here, right?” A friendly gaze reflected beneath the lenses of Lucius’s glasses, “There’s food in the fridge in the kitchen, so feel free to get it if you’re hungry.”

“Great. You understand what I mean!”

Indeed, Wang Hu’s was hungry. He had not eaten anything since he had escaped from the chaos earlier this morning. He glanced at Sun Qi, who was catching his breath, sitting on the sofa beside him.

“Why don’t you hurry up and grab some food for us?”

“Uh…yes!” Sun Qi went to the kitchen, but when he saw the scene in the kitchen, his stomach churned, and he couldn’t help but vomit. The scent of fresh blood filled his nose, and those bits of flesh and remains made Sun Qi understand that it was human remains!

“What the fuck happened here?” Hearing the sound of vomiting inside the kitchen, Wang Hu stood up and walked over. After catching a sniff at the scent of blood, even the man who had killed other men couldn’t help but frown. Now, only the female high school student and Lucius left in the living room.

Lucius gazed at the surprisingly beautiful girl. Her hair styled in a ponytail, her young face made Lucius barely could hold his lust. But he remembered the man had a rifle gun. He didn’t like being disturbed when having dinner. Patience… vampires were known for their patience.

“Thank you for saving me.” Lucius locked eyes with the girl named Xia Ying. She squeezed out a smile on her tear-stained face. Lucius’ appearance held women captives. With his glasses on, he did looks like a reliable big brother. 

“Well, it would be a shame if I can’t save a delicious maiden like yourself.”

Delicious maiden? What does it mean? Did he mean I’m pretty? Xia Ying wasn’t sure. She wanted to ask Lucius further, but the two other men had come out of the kitchen.

Sun Qi’s face looked pale. It looked like he had vomited a lot. He held two small boxes of cookies and handed them to his classmate. On the other hand, Wang Hu took a pile of canned meat. In the doomsday, this was the difference between a man with power and those without. Lucius watched the scene in silence.

“I’m sorry… “Sun Qi knew that this was not enough, but the man had monopolized all the food, leaving only this little.

“Um…it’s fine.”

Surprisingly, Xia Ying didn’t have the spoilt nature of a big city girl and gladly accepted this little amount of food.

“I…I’ll protect Xia Ying.” Sun Qi gritted his teeth, “I’ll… I’ll make sure you eat better.”

Ah, how naive teenagers are. Wang Hu didn’t say anything. He was busy eating. Some of the canned meat spilled on the floor without being finished. Sun Qi wanted to complain, but he could only swallow his words after seeing the man’s rifle and his burly build.

“Um…” Xia Ying looked at Lucius, who just sat there with empty hands and twisted open the lid of the cookie box as if she was planning to give it to Lucius, “Aren’t you…hungry?”

How naive… Lucius pushed up his glasses and looked at the young girl. In the doomsday, this kind of compassion would kill her, and Sun Qi had already eaten his portion of the cookies.

“No need.” Lucius shook his head, “I already ate.”

I want to eat you! Lucius’ eyes lustered with desire, staring straight at the young girl’s tender neck.

What a delicious looking meal!

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