Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 7


At night, Lucius stood on the balcony and looked at the city. Aside from the solar-powered street lights, the city had been plunged into complete darkness. From time to time, low growls were heard, the voice should come from zombies. 

The despair points Lucius accumulated had turned into around 56.000. After taking care of the three ignorant humans, he would exchange them into permanent skills and some of his bloodline power. He should find a relatively secluded place. 

The city was shrouded in darkness. The only moving figures in the streets were all zombies. Maybe some survivors were hiding somewhere. But sooner or later, they would join the zombie horde anyway. If the New Federation of China tried to stop it, then he had to intervene somehow. Lucius was thinking about breaking through the city’s perimeter blockade when he suddenly heard a sharp scream from the room behind him. What’s going on? Lucius originally planned to kill the bald man while the group was sleeping. Vampires were excellent assassins, as long as the bald man had no gun, he wasn’t a threat. But it seemed the peaceful night was over. 

“What’s that little bitch screamed for?” 

As Lucius walked into the room, he noticed that Wang Hu couldn’t restrain his lust. All the negative emotions he held during the day completely exploded tonight. He carried the female student, Xia Ying, on his shoulders. Heading to the bedroom. As for what he’s going to do, it was clear enough. 

Xia Ying struggled weakly, crying. Her slender arms hit the burly man’s back, without avail. 

“Help me…” in the end, Xia Ying could only call on her classmate for help.

Lucius glanced at the other corner of the room. The teenager was huddled in the corner, hugging himself and trembled. Just this afternoon, he clearly said he would protect her et cetera. But now, the naive boy could only tremble in fear. That man had a gun! He will be killed if he fights back! Fear prevented him from moving. Xia Ying looked desperately at her classmate, who seemed to have no intention of helping her. 


Her last scream made Sun Qi cover his head and close his eyes tightly, trembling, he tried to calm himself. “It’s not my fault… it’s not my fault…” 

Lucius looked at the scene with an indifferent look on his face. This was the inferiority of mankind. Lust, fear, and cowardice…

The bedroom door was left open. Wang Hu threw Xia Ying onto the bed and pressed on her shoulders.

“I’m going to make you feel good…”

Curses and screams and cries came from the young girl. Xia Ying struggled, but her effort only made things worse. Her clothes were disheveled, even faster. 

But, that made things easier for Lucius. Because this idiot had been blinded by his lust. He had thrown his assault rifle under the bed. 

“Heh, heh…”

Lucius put on a suspicious smile on his lips.


Xia Ying would never have thought that she would be in this situation. The man’s hateful face and her classmate’s fear of death made her desperate. This morning, she just saw the scene where her precious friends were tearing each other apart. Shredding their fellow classmates’ guts and flesh and eat it! The world had gone mad. Right now, she would rather die than to suffer like this. She can no longer endure the pain. The world she once knew had turned and utterly fallen apart. Xia Ying couldn’t find something she could hold on to any longer. 

Until, in a flash, she suddenly saw Lucius’ eyes. Peaceful and gentle. 


It wasn’t her imagination. Lucius was now standing by the bed, watching the cursed foreplay where Wang Hu was almost naked. Xia Ying’s clothes were disheveled. 

“Motherfucker! Mind your own business! Get out of here!” Wang Hu turned his head to find that Lucius suddenly appeared next to him. He turned furious and reached out to grab him. But in the next moment, the bald man found himself unable to breathe!

“Ah… sorry about that.” Under his glasses, Lucius’ eyes narrowed and smiled. But his actions were exactly the opposite of his friendly expression. He grabbed Wang Hu’s neck, choking him mid-air. “I… don’t like my meal to be tainted.” 

With a fling of his hand, Lucius directly threw Wang Hu’s body onto the wall like a dead dog. His tall body hit the wall with a heavy thud. 

“You…brat!” Wang Hu was enraged as he glared at Lucius. Still dizzy from the fall, the pain on his back killed the leftover of his sanity!

“Do you know who I am?” His tall and burly body rushed in front of Lucius as he raised his fist to charge at Lucius’ head, “I’m the local mafia in this area!”

Slow, too slow! Lucius stepped aside, dodging the man’s punch. But he didn’t give up and raised his fist again in anger!

“I’ve killed 5 men! I won’t lose to you, you bastard! Arghhh!!!” 

He let out an angry growl and tried to grab Lucius’ slender body, but he lost his balance and got his head hit the hard floor. 

However, when he turned to open his mouth again to say foul things to Lucius. A cold metal suddenly entered his mouth, slamming his teeth and tongue. The pain of it made him snap back to reality. The smell of gunpowder spread in his mouth. Wang Hu stared widely at the thing that was inserted into his mouth. 

It was the muzzle of his assault rifle! 

Lucius held an assault rifle with one hand. His finger resting on the trigger, staring indifferently at Wang Hu, who was sitting on top of the floor. Once he pulled the trigger, he would be dead with a headshot. 


Wang Hu’s Adam’s apple moved up and down as he swallowed his saliva. Cold sweat drenched his bald forehead as fear spread throughout his body. 

“You said you have claimed five lives with your hands?” Lucius took off his glasses. His scarlet eyes gazed at Wang Hu.

Wang Hu locked eyes with the man in front of him and wondered why he suddenly wanted to escape. 

“Then, I’ll tell you something.” Lucius cracked open the corners of his mouth, flashing out his sharp shark-like fangs that looked absolutely terrifying. “I… I mean, my body… there were 50.000 human lives inside me! I’m the cause of the disaster in this city.”


Wang Hu stiffened at the terrifying fact. 

“And you will become one of them.”

Without any hesitation, Lucius instantly pulled the trigger of the assault rifle in his hand. A huge recoil came from the gun in Lucius’s hand. The sound of a gunshot echoed throughout the room as blood and brain matters splattered all over the room. Then, a headless corpse fell into the floor. Bleeding profusely. 

Humans were so fragile. Just now, this man was screaming non-stop. But now he was dead, becoming a headless corpse. 

“A….” The frightened fragile girl lying on the bed, crying. Covering her mouth as she stared with disbelief at the scene. 

Killing… it’s… blood again…. What’s wrong with this world? She questioned herself. Gradually shifted her gaze from the corpse to the man with the gun. The young girl stared melancholically at Lucius. Hoping to find something familiar in this mad world. Such as Lucius’ gentle smile and eyes from her memory a few hours ago. But now…

“It’s your turn.”

His scarlet eyes and sharp fangs revealed by his cracked mouth. Lucius threw down the assault rifle and walked step by step towards the young girl on top of the bed. 

But now, the only thing she saw was a monster. She couldn’t think clearly. Xia Ying cowered back, with a feeble struggle. 

“Why are you afraid?” Lucius walked to the bedside and gazed at her. “Answer me. Why are you afraid?” 

I… why am I afraid? 

Finally, the young girl covered her head helplessly and screamed out the words she held back deep in her thoughts. 

“Because you’re all monsters! A monster! Everyone’s a monster! Whoever it is…is…a monster!”

The world had turned upside down. Far from the one she once knew. Everything around her now looked devastating. 

“A monster? Yeah, we’re monsters.”

That’s the only words that could describe vampires from a human perspective. We’re monsters! Monsters were humiliated and hunted down by humans. But it’s different now. Now, I hunt humans! 

Lucius grabbed Xia Ying by her collar, and in the midst of this young girl’s desperate screams, he showed his sharp fangs and bit down hard.


Her pupils shrink. The feeling of her blood being drawn away made her despair. Yet, at the same time, a strange feeling of pleasure grew within her body.

“Gulp… gulp…”

Lucius’ blood-sucking sounded pleasant in the silent room.

What a wonderful taste! 

Lucius grew excited, licking her tender skin with his tongue, hoping for more blood. So this is the taste of a virgin’s blood? It’s not enough. Lucius was thirsty, he couldn’t care less about the girl’s wellbeing. He swallowed her blood whole. 

Blood flowed down from her neck on the bed, and Lucius’s lips became even more scarlet after being stained with blood. Only after he was satisfied did Lucius finally released his bite. 

“Tch. She’s broken already?” 

At this point, Lucius gazed at Xia Ying, who collapsed on the bed like a broken puppet cut off from its strings. Her eyes were empty as the last shred of hope in her eyes fading away. 

“Well, it doesn’t matter. It’s no longer useful anyway.” Lucius wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. Tonight’s dinner was the most delicious meal since the first time he was born. 

It seemed like he will be addicted to virgin blood. So this was the reason behind the vampire’s taboo for not drinking the blood of a virgin maiden? 

Lucius couldn’t help but become unable to resist the urge for this delicacy in the future. Taboos don’t exist for him now!  

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