Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 61


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 61 – Conflict

Lucius ‘borrowed’ a civilian’s house again in a rude manner. He couldn’t help it.

War required planning.

Alex went off to calm down Dana, while Su Lei went to the toilet to clean his wounds. So, Lucius was left alone in the room. But the room atmosphere suddenly became awkward.



Yuri gripped tightly at Lucius’s coat and hid behind him, peeking at Arthas, who stood silent in her place. Arthas’ cat ears kept twitching as she gazed at Yuri, who was hiding behind Lucius. Not knowing what was going on at the moment. After thinking a while at the awkward situation, Lucius understood at once.

“Yuri, you liked her, right?” Lucius looked over at Yuri, who was hiding behind him.

“Eh…no…no…” he gripped Lucius’ clothes tightly, still not daring to meet with Arthas. It seemed like Yuri had a crush on Arthas.

“Arthas, you know this kid. Now he can help us drive away those zombies.” Lucius pointed at the apprehensive Yuri. “We’re on the same side now. It’s okay, Yuri. You don’t have to be afraid of Arthas.”

“But, master…” Yuri didn’t know why he didn’t want to let go of Lucius’s cloak. It was awkward for Lucius.

“Hmm…” Arthas let out an annoyed cooing noise as she watched Yuri’s actions and stepped in front of Lucius.

“What’s wrong?”

But instead of answering, Arthas reached out and grabbed the front of Lucius’s coat. The back part was held by Yuri, while the front was held by Arthas. Arthas surely behaved a bit strange today.

“…” Yuri tugged on Lucius’s coat. “Well… Um… Master, if I find the mother nest, I think I should be able to control those zombies.”

“That’s great.”

The zombies were a mess now. It was expected of Yuri to have the ability to manipulate zombies as a Level 4 infected life form. And right now, Lucius needed that ability.

Almost instinctively, Lucius reached out and patted Yuri’s forehead. Arthas’ ears perked again as she watched the scene. And then she tugged on Lucius’s cloak.

“What’s wrong?” Lucius looked at Arthas.

“I can also manipulate…”


As if to prove it, Arthas summoned a skeleton soldier. After that, Arthas’ burgundy eyes stared intently at Yuri.


Yuri bit his own lip as if he was a little unhappy.

Lucius looked back and forth at the two of them, figuring out where the awkward atmosphere was coming from. This guy probably wasn’t interested in Arthas anymore. Although it was a bit absurd, Lucius could feel his sense of dependence.

So that’s why? Not only that, he planted the seeds of loyalty on Yuri’s body, but he accidentally planted it on his heart as well. Lucius glanced at the Band-Aid he had given to Yuri at the back of his neck. Did he also capture Yuri’s heart?

Good. It saved him so much time as Lucius was doubting Yuri’s loyalty. As a level 4 infected life form, Yuri had no reason to help Lucius. But now, it seemed like Yuri would kill himself if Lucius told him to.

An incredibly loyal pawn.


But this timid behavior was also a big problem. Why would a level-4 infected life form be afraid of Skeleton Soldiers? He could just devour them, right?


“Ar, what’s wrong with you again?”

“I-I’m scared…”


It’s fine for a level-4 infected life form to be afraid of skeletons. But she was the Lich King, why would she say she was afraid of a tiny skeleton? Where’s her dignity as the Lich King? Besides, from her expression, she didn’t look afraid at all!

“Ar…” Lucius felt that there was no time to spend with them anymore.

“Un?” Arthas waited for Lucius to tell her what to do.

“I took some canned fish inside the company when I came back. It’s on the table in the living room, go get it if you’re hungry now.”

Hearing ‘canned fish’, she was interested. But hesitated again when she looked at Yuri behind Lucius.

“Yuri.” But suddenly, Lucius spoke. “There’s a mother nest 1 kilometer to the north. Now is the right time to prove your use to me. As a level-4 infected lifeform, you can easily pass through the city’s horde of zombies, right? Gather all the zombies in the city here in 30 minutes, whether ordinary infected zombies or advanced. If you can’t do my bidding, I’ll get rid of you like trash.”

“Eh?” Yuri released his grip on Lucius’ hand abruptly. That word… he would be abandoned…

“Hurry up and go now. You only have 29 minutes and 50 seconds left.”

“I got it, master Lucius.” Yuri pulled the blanket draped over his body, and frantically ran out towards the door.

Then, Lucius turned to Arthas again.

“It won’t be good if your stomach isn’t full, right?


Arthas calmly released her grip on Lucius’s cloak and walked over to the living room.


Although having this family member helped Lucius very much. But Arthas had some other feelings for Lucius other than master and servant relationship.

Lucius thought about it a lot, and most definitely, it was as the enemy. Yes, an enemy, if not contractually bound. If it were Lucius, he definitely wouldn’t obey the person who had killed him.

But Arthas was different. There was no way for Lucius to guess what she was thinking.

“Anyway, they’re just a tool.” Lucius walked to the table. Soon, he took out a map of the New Federation of China and spread it across the table.

Whoever it was… Alex, Su Lei, Arthas, and Yuri…

Lucius took out a red marker and marked it on the map, ending with a big cross at the New Federation’s capital city.

They were all tools…tools to destroy this world in order to drag its inhabitant into despair.

Smiles were mere camouflage for Lucius. They were tools that he didn’t need to pity, tools that could easily be discarded without any burden when needed.

That was what Lucius had always reminded himself. Feelings for others, such things were just a burden.

“I think the only people I need to tell about this plan are you two.”

Alex and Su Lei walked into the room after taking care of their own business separately.

“What exactly is the plan… “Alex still had some doubts, could really do this? Killing a giant country like the New Federation, with just these few men?

“The Plan begins.”

It was planned from the beginning. In this world, those who had power were far more important than those who didn’t. Despite the fact that the number of ordinary people was much more.  

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