Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 62


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 62 – The Eve of Strife

“Didn’t you use the zombies to crush the human army step by step?”

Alex wondered how to make those zombies obey, as well, if there was a hierarchy among the group of zombies.

But unfortunately, Alex was now unable to make the regular zombies obey his orders. Other than being able to get a few high ranked hunters to temporarily obey him. Probably they also lost their sanity when their brain gets eaten so they couldn’t be commanded.

“It’s utterly impossible to defeat humans with just zombies. If we go head-on with the humans, we will lose.

The red marker marks the area where the Black Light virus had spread. Compared to last time, the infection spread had shrunk by more than 10%. It could be seen that the army sent by the New Federation of China was effective against the zombies.

“How come? This virus is versatile and can spread easily across the globe over time, even if we didn’t do anything.”

Being the virus prototype, Alex naturally knew the horror of the Black Light virus. It was devastating. Not to mention the Black Light virus’ outstanding evolutionary ability. Once infected with a host with good genes, they could reproduce an even more powerful infected lifeform. Alex’s indestructible claws were also a product of the virus’ evolution. This virus was a perfect weapon. Within time, the entire human race would be devoured by the virus.

“Alex, don’t underestimate the humans.” Lucius never dared to underestimate humans. True, individually, they were weak. Lucius could single-handedly kill thousands of humans with a wave from his hand. But as a sole group that ruled the Earth, they were definitely not weak!

“That’s right… the 3 remaining Espers in the New Federation had the power to extinguish an entire city.”

Su Lei, who once was one of the high-ranked people in the New Federation of China, knew that they couldn’t be underestimated. They weren’t as simple as they look.

“Before I left my post, 2 of the 3 remaining A-rank Espers in the New Federation were each leading armies in these regions against the infected cities, doing indiscriminate attacks…”

Seeing that Alex seemed to have some difficulty understanding, Lucius gestured for an explosion, “That means, in order to extinguish the Black Light infected zombies, they blow an entire city whether there were still civilians surviving inside the city or not.”

“Fire does effectively clean up the virus, but doesn’t completely eradicate them.” Alex was sure that once the Black Light virus spread, there was no stopping it. Unless they had a vaccine for it.

Wait, vaccines…

“Get it now?” Lucius thought the most terrifying thing about humans was their intelligence.

“There’s a vaccine for every virus. It’s just a matter of time before the research progress is done. So doing time-consuming things such as waging war against hordes of zombies will be over once they have developed a vaccine for the Black Light virus.”

Hakein might be the world’s greatest scientist. But they shouldn’t underestimate the others. After all, scientists involved in the A-rank Esper Development Programs were not just Hakein alone.

“So? The New Federation wanted us. Are we just going to wait for them to capture us? What about this so-called ‘plan’? Tell me you’re not just going to crash in and get rid of their President?”

Alex wasn’t the kind of person who liked to sit back and wait for his death. But Lucius’s so-called ‘plan’ was way too risky.

Su Lei agreed, “The President is stronger than an A-ranked Esper, or at least I can’t even win against the President… not to mention that there are now 3 A-ranked Espers under the New Federation’s banner…”

“Ah… that’s it.”

The thing that Lucius was thinking about.

“How much do you think my head is worth in the New Federation?” Lucius’ gaze swept over Alex and Su Lei. “Ten thousand? A hundred thousand? A million? Not something that can be measured in money, right?”

“What are you thinking, Lucius?”

“I wondered how many people in the New Federation would come to me to fetch the prize…’

Lucius held up a finger.

“The A-rank Espers would go for it, I guess…”

As far as he knew, Lucius had already made the New Federation lost 3 A-rank Espers. One was Su Lei, who was now sitting in front of Lucius. The second was Mordell, who was silenced for his own sin, and the last one was a poor soul Arthas beheaded, whose name was forgotten.

Three. Exactly three of the New Federation’s top warriors were all crushed by Lucius. Now, he was one of the most wanted criminals in the entire New Federation of China.

“Just like Alex said, without obstacles, the Black Light virus would spread at an incredible rate, so the New Federation didn’t dare deploy so many troops. Otherwise, I would be now hunted down mercilessly by a few A-rank Espers. But of course, they would send someone for me, just like the poor soul who was beheaded by my servant.”

“What’s your purpose?” Su Lei didn’t think that Lucius was doing all of this to weaken the New Federation’s war power.

“To isolate the President.” Lucius pointed to the capital of the New Federation. “The capital had 2 A-rank Espers. Both of whom were no weaker than Su Lei. But now these guys had gone off to clean up the virus, and another one left to capture me…”

Then, the only person left would be Su Wuye!

“But that doesn’t mean the President would personally come to capture you. Along with the A rank Esper.” Su Lei wouldn’t think that man was someone that liked to wait.

“Then… I’ll just have to die.” Lucius smiled and spoke the truth.

“You won’t be if we’re together…” Su Lei couldn’t accept Lucius’ honesty and calmness.

“Do you know why when one-ninth of the New Federation was invaded by a virus, Su Wuye still sat idly in the president’s office?”

“The capital controls the country with nuclear silos…”

Su Lei suddenly understood. As a dictator, the President would never give someone else the responsibility of something as terrifying as a nuclear weapon. Since the last war, no, since the beginning of the New Federation of China’s establishment, he had absolute control of that.

“That sums up the situation. So next, I should find a peaceful city to mess around.” Lucius stood up and stretched out his body.

“But there’s no way I can defeat the President on my own…”

“Who says you’re alone?” Lucius pointed at Arthas, who was eating fish in the middle of the living room, “You should go with that kid…she’s no weaker than you.”

She? Su Lei just noticed Arthas in the middle of the living room.

“Un?” Arthas turned her head to meet Su Lei’s gaze as Arthas held a fish in her mouth. It didn’t even make sense!

“Well, it’s just temporary. You knew how to make steel brittle, Su Lei.” Lucius patted Su Lei on the back. “Then the battle plan ends here…”

“Hey, wait, Lucius! I still don’t have anything to do.” After realizing it’s over, he remembered that Lucius hadn’t given him any specific task.

“Ah, right. I forgot.” Lucius headed for the door and asked Alex before leaving, “Can you fly a plane?”

“Fly a plane?”

“Yep, a fighter jet.” 

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