Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 63


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 63 – The Almighty Lucius

Lucius took Alex out of the house and walked out onto an open road. This city was in the Black Light Virus’ territory. The location was marked with a red marker on the map. Even if there were some surviving humans, they must be hiding in the dark corners to survive.

The zombies on the boulevard backed away after seeing the two of them approaching. So apparently Yuri managed to take control of those zombies. He should deal with Alex before going back to Yuri.

“Why did you ask me if I can fly a plane?” Alex observed his surroundings. This boulevard was big enough to serve as a runway. But seeing that there was no plane, Alex was wondering what did Lucius want him to do with a plane? Dropping aerial bombs over the sky of the New Federation of China’s capital? If that was so, they would certainly shoot him down with an air defense system. As the world’s most influential country, their air defense was no joke.

“Of course, we’re going to use it.”

Lucius waved his hand, and then with a clanging sound, a black plane appeared out of thin air above the main road!

The Lockheed SR-71 ‘Blackbird’ aircraft. With top speed up to 3.2 Mach. No weapon system…

Cost 1 million Despair Points.

Lucius ignored the lengthy introductions that followed, just focusing on the speed of this scout plane. The Despair Points that Lucius now possessed had risen again from the previously 1 million to 10 million. And was fluctuating back and forth between 10 and 20 million, so 1 million Despair Value wasn’t much of a burden to Lucius. If the New Federation hadn’t fought back the virus, the Despair Points would have risen even faster. But it didn’t matter. If the plan worked this time, all obstacles would disappear.

Alex stood frozen. He had gotten a little more used when seeing Lucius take out a sword or gun or things like that. But to suddenly summon a plane out, Alex was completely intimidated. He should just change his name to Luraemon*. But he didn’t freak out, he remained silent in dealing with these incredible things that Lucius does.

“Well? Will you use this big guy?” Lucius patted the Blackbird’s fuselage, after which he opened the cabin.

“Someone from the Black Watch force is skilled in piloting an aircraft.” Alex walked up to the Blackbird, and after examining the arrangement inside, he looked at Lucius.

“Go on, then.”

After receiving permission from the owner of this plane, Alex rolled over and got into the plane. After pressing some buttons in the cockpit, the cold steel made a slight sound, signaling that it had awakened.

“I think I should be able to control it.” Alex’s brain had something in memory, “But isn’t our target the New Federation of China? There is no point in doing this now.”

“No, it’s very meaningful, and I’m after more than just the New Federation…”

“More than…a New Federation?” Alex suddenly understood what Lucius wanted to do, “Even the other countries?”

“Do you think other countries will let go of such a large piece of territory after the New Federation has fallen apart? Surely that’s impossible, right? Even if they are infected by the virus, they will definitely intervene in the name of military intervention. War has always been the theme of human evolution. Other countries have been watching the New Federation closely for a long time. So, as soon as this behemoth falls, those hyena-like guys will immediately surround it and tear it apart and divide it.”

“This isn’t the final song written for the New Federation, but for the entire world, understand? Alex! The whole world…”

Lucius pointed at the GPS that came with this plane.

“The destination you’re going to is marked on it, Alex. This is a mission that only you can complete. The New Federation is the most influential country in the world, but the country only second to it also has a power that was no weaker than the New Federation. It’s just that this country doesn’t have an Esper as powerful as the President of the New Federation.”

Lucius knew Alex’s abilities as the Virus Prototype. His disguise ability was simply perfect. Not only could he replicate his opponent’s appearance and body, but even he could also copy their memories and habits. What better spy could there be than Alex?

“You have 2 days to infiltrate their defenses and cripple their air defenses.”

“What about Dana?”

For Alex, Lucius’ plan could only take second place, whereas his own sister’s safety was the most important priority.

“Hold on a second…”

Lucius felt that as a proper siscon**, he really shouldn’t let his sister out of sight at a time like this. Lucius could understand Alex’s feelings.

‘What is he doing?’ As Alex watched Lucius run into the house, his instinct was to get out of the aircraft and follow him. But instead, he saw Lucius took out a coffin the next second.

Alex nearly jaw dropped.

Lucius carried the coffin-like object to the Blackbird’s back and pressed his hand to the back of the Blackbird. After Alex faintly heard some mechanical sound turning from inside the Blackbird, the Blackbird Scout plane changed so that it only accommodated 1 person instead of 2. And the coffin-like object was just enough to fit inside.

“This thing is a life-sustaining chamber. Dana is sleeping in it, so even if it’s bombarded by nuclear bombs, it won’t hurt the person inside.” Lucius described the function of that coffin-like object.

“Well? Can you go and help me crush that country’s air defenses?”


Alex took a careful look at Lucius’s entire body and was stunned not to find anything special. Other than the Yamato Blade he was holding in his hand, the rest was just ordinary clothing. Well, Alex chose not to overthink about where Lucius had tossed these powerful props from. But in Alex’s mind, the title of Luraemon stuck in his mind.

“Lucius, I’m going to ask you one last thing…” and Alex aboard the Blackbird, seemingly intending to take on the task that Lucius had entrusted to him.


“About your purpose…” after Alex locked eyes with Lucius’ eyes, Lucius was silent for a moment.

There was the usual smile on his face. “To survive, of course, to fight, live, and fight for our survival in this world that belongs to humans…”

“I hope so…” and Alex wasn’t doing this for Lucius, but purely for Dana’s sake.

Alex closed the cabin and activated the Blackbird.

Lucius took a few steps backward, and the supersonic reconnaissance plane whipped up a hurricane that fluttered Lucius’s clothing and flew into the sky…

“I fooled you…” the smile on Lucius’ face grew malicious, looking at the Blackbird’s disappearing shadow.

It didn’t matter to Lucius what the world had become.

Despair, Lucius needed more Despair Points…

No matter what it cost.

TL’s Note

*Doraemon, obviously.

**Siscon/sister complex: Excessive affection and love for one’s sister. Doesn’t necessarily lead to incest. 

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