Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 66


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 66 The Arena

“It can’t be helped.” Tokisaki Kurumi waved her hand, helplessly, “In order to survive in this world, you will always have to obey certain people’s rules, right?”

“So the enemy of your enemy is a friend? Or did they promise you something?”

Lucius couldn’t figure out why a spirit who loathed humans like Tokisaki Kurumi ended up helping humans?

“Of course, they will grant me my wish, that is, I want to devour you. So, it’s a win-win solution for both sides.” Tokisaki Kurumi was wearing her spirit form dress, she seemed prepared this time.

Suddenly, Xia Ying fell to the ground behind Lucius.

“I’ll keep this child for now.”

The other Tokisaki Kurumi stood behind Lucius and snatched Xia Ying in her arms. Now, Lucius was left alone in the dark alley.

“What’s wrong? Are you scared of facing an army? Or…did you already plan to run away?”

When Tokisaki Kurumi saw that Lucius was silent as if he was searching for something, she thought Lucius was preparing to run away because of his cowardice.

“Scared? Of course, I was scared…”

Lucius showed his sharp teeth as his lips parted. He looked at Tokisaki Kurumi and spoke slowly with an intimate longing look…

“I was afraid I might get overfed today and couldn’t stop… because your blood is delicious, right? Oh, how I miss it.”

“Stop that nonsense!” Tokisaki Kurumi wouldn’t let the man who had killed her twice to survive no matter what. Her rifle appeared in her hand, and she pointed it at Lucius, “I’ll crush your limbs, and I’m gonna enjoy it!”

But when Tokizaki Kurumi tried to aim for Lucius…

He… disappeared?

Lucius, who was standing in the alley, disappeared in front of Tokisaki Kurumi…

What’s going on?

“I said…”

In the next second, Lucius whispered in Tokisaki Kurumi’s ears.

Tokizaki Kurumi’s eyes widened in surprise.

Since when?

“Don’t you think it’s better to enjoy dinner in peace and quiet alone? My appetite gets worse in front of these many people…”

The hot air exhaled from Lucius’s breathing made Tokisaki Kurumi’s body went numb as if she had been electrocuted. She immediately jumped back a step and dodged Lucius…looking vigilantly at Lucius, standing there with the Yamato Blade.

The soldiers surrounded Lucius, holding guns in their hands, pointing it at Lucius, and opening fire. Lucius was now the New Federation of China’s most wanted criminal. Obviously, no mercy should be shown. Bullets were pouring out in all directions, tearing the ground apart, crack after crack. Only the sound of bullets firing was heard. Lucius drew the Yamato Blade in his hand, an icy blue light flashed, and the surrounding fell silent.

‘What…happened?’ Tokisaki Kurumi looked at the soldiers who had stopped firing in confusion.

“I have a question…” Lucius’ voice was heard again, and then he slowly withdrew the Yamato Blade in its scabbard. “I know that the country of East Japan was annexed long ago and now classified into a territory of the New Federation. Your name seems similar to the name of the people in that region. So, are you one of the A-ranked Esper in this country?”

As the Yamato Blade was fully withdrawn in its scabbard, the blood of those soldiers splashed out from their bodies like fountains. Their corpses crumbled and fell like dolls that had been torn apart.

Lucius’ eyes became a deeper shade of scarlet.

‘He killed all of them? Is that the power of that blade?’

Tokisaki Kurumi suppressed her inner surprise, but still managed to maintain a calm surface.

“Esper? What is that? Although humans did call me that from time to time, I’ve never been a human, to begin with.”

A spirit is still a spirit, not a human…

“So, you’re one of those six Espers?”

“So what if I am? You better pay attention to your surroundings more. The humans are coming again.”

Tokisaki Kurumi was currently trying to understand Lucius’ power. She had no idea what his power was as a vampire. Not to mention that she couldn’t kill him by piercing through his heart, and he’s surprisingly fast. And there’s also that powerful-looking blade. Kurumi was filled with uncertainty. Well, let’s use these humans as experiments first.

There were around 3,000 soldiers stationed in the area, and now alarms were chiming loudly throughout the area. A large number of heavily armed soldiers were rushing towards Lucius. And not only that, but the loud roar of tanks were also heard.

A spotlight shone on Lucius’ body, a thick smell of smoke filled the air.

“There are way too many people tonight. I think it’d be enough with just the two of us.”

‘Just the two of us? How is that possible?  Even if he could kill many people, there’s no way he could kill so many people at once, right?’

A dark red object floated from Lucius’ hand.

A sense of danger immediately spread in Tokisaki Kurumi’s heart. She immediately jumped on top of a building in the back, but the humans weren’t so lucky.

“Flower! Use that flesh and blood for your nourishment! Full bloom!”

Lucius threw the seed harshly to the ground.

In the next moment, the seed shattered and spread fast. Soon, the entire ground was covered with dark red muscle tissue. Spreading quickly as if it were the roots of a tree, completely covered the area with its gruesome red color. Devouring the flesh and blood as they entangled one another.

The soldiers who stood above the horrendous red carpet of living tissues all fell to their knees. They held their heads, struggling for a moment before standing up again.

“Uh…uhhhh!” Shrieks, roaring in the mouths of these newly transformed zombies, iterated all over the city! The cries and roars of humans rang out at the same time.

Those soldiers who had yet to be infected already lost their fighting spirit. Simply because the scene that happened in front of them was too terrifying.

The Black Light virus devoured not just the humans, but also the lifeless buildings. The red wave, centered on Lucius, began to dye the city night scenery in red. The scarlet flesh lumps of sticky liquid constructed by the Black Light Virus began to coalesce on top of the buildings and on the ground, devouring everyone and everything it touched. The dark red color ruled the city.

Lucius stood in the center of it, looking at Tokisaki Kurumi, who jumped atop a building and cracked a smile.

“Come on now, the stage is set. Let’s have a proper fight. Oh, how I already miss the taste of your blood…”

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