Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 67


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 67 Battle of The Dead

That man! He’s crazy!

As a spirit who had claimed thousands of human lives, Tokisaki Kurumi couldn’t help but be stunned when she saw almost the entire city was gradually being devoured by the spewing scarlet frenzy.

After swallowing everything within sight, the flesh slowly stopped. Leaving only the mindless zombie. Those who managed to escape the wave were also hunted down by the zombies. The seed’s power was beyond Lucius’ imagination. It was hundreds of times more powerful than a bomb.

It would be great if he were able to redeem it earlier, as everything would be easier. But well, the system was only able to redeem things that existed inside Lucius’ imagination and memories. Things outside his imagination were out of the list. However, now he had a faithful servant, so these kinds of things wouldn’t happen again. Now, he should think about what to do with his dinner tonight. Lucius looked up to glance at Tokisaki Kurumi. But this spirit was instead laughing while holding her stomach. The sound of her laughter contrasted with the human and zombie noises in the city.

“Very well… this stage, it’s fantastic. I love it very much…” Tokisaki Kurumi looked really delighted, “Those human lives were no more than ants for you. If I wasn’t so hungry, I’d probably…” She wiped the tears from the corner of her red-eye and looked at Lucius with an eager gesture. “….like a close contact with you. Am I right, Lucius?”

“Looks like we have the same thing in mind,” Having absorbed her blood, Lucius knew Kurumi’s memories. True, she loathed humans, but not all of them. She only wanted evil ones who don’t deserve to live in this world. But she never had weak spots for them. They did have a lot in common, didn’t they? They even considered each other as food.

“Almost. But this time, I’ll devour you for good!” A pellet gun appeared in her hands. Behind her, a huge clock gradually emerged and began to tick slowly.

Zefkiel, Time Emperor… Her spirit ability.

If Lucius remembered correctly, this girl was able to keep her existence going by stealing human time she devoured.

“Such a shame!” Lucius’ hand was on the hilt of the Yamato Blade: “I happen to be hungry too. You will be my dinner today!”

“Let’s try…” Tokisaki Kurumi waved her hand, and the time around her began to distort, and the light was dim.

Lucius felt as if his body had grown a fraction heavier, but there was nothing unusual about the zombies, but instead, the humans who had escaped had all fainted and fallen to the ground, the zombies instantly captured them.

“I forgot about it, undead existences don’t have any time for me to take. But it doesn’t matter, you’re my main meal~”

The barrier was to absorb human time… including her own time.

“Come on!” Kurumi’s right eye bloomed with a scarlet luster…

“The ability to manipulate time on a wide scale?” Lucius gradually drew the Yamato Blade, “Between time and space, which one is more powerful? I…”

“I’m looking forward to it!”

Soon after she released her barrier, Lucius stepped on the ground to leap and kill Kurumi, who was standing on top of a building. His strength and speed were no longer within a human’s reach. The power burst gave him teleportation illusion.

“Tch!” Kurumi raised her gun at Lucius. The teleportation illusion could only be used in a small area. Even when Lucius was moving at such speed, she could still aim at him. Bullets were fired continuously, accompanied by a gunshot. The pellet gun didn’t need to be reloaded.

However, the Yamato Blade was pulled out of its sheath in a flash of icy blue light, splitting most of the bullets in half. But Lucius, who was never a sword master, had a loose bullet hit his shoulder.

Blood blossomed on Lucius’s shoulder, but Lucius got closer to Kurumi.

That icy blue light flashed once again. At the moment when the Yamato Blade sliced through, Kurumi’s hand that was holding the guns were cut off, falling to the ground with a loud thud. Lucius, on the other hand, already got to her place.

“I’ll cut off all of your hands and feet before feasting on you.”

As Lucius withdrew his sword, the cold steel on Yamato Blade reflected Kurumi’s surprised expression.

He clearly didn’t touch that blade just now. So that’s how it is? The icy blue flash happened just now? What an interesting weapon.

“It’s too early for that…”

Kurumi held the gun with her other hand. Behind her, the huge clock hand began to turn slowly, finally pointing to 4.

“Dalet!” After the gun absorbed the power from the clock, she didn’t point it at Lucius. Instead, she pointed it at her forehead and pulled the trigger. Along with the gunshot sound, Kurumi’s severed arm went back to her body like a time warp. She had the power to temporarily manipulate time. This time, she warped the time before her arm was broken.

“Now, you have nowhere to run, Lucius.”

Kurumi pointed her gun again at her forehead.


She pulled the trigger, and the same laughter appeared near Lucius, from another person who looked exactly the same as the one in front of him. They wore the same smile on their faces and the same clothes on their bodies.

Was it an illusion? Of course not. Lucius knew they were all real and not illusion. It’s her clones! It was the same person from a few hours ago, or a few seconds ago. She made her past to reappear in this world.

“Ah, what should I do now, Mr. Lucius?” With a huge clock behind her, Kurumi looked at Lucius, who was surrounded by her clones. She spoke with an inexplicable excitement, “You’re surrounded by me! What should you do?”

What should I do?

Lucius raised the Yamato Blade and drew it out slowly. The sound of the blade cutting through the sheath was crisp.

“Of course, I’ll kill all of them without leaving a single one behind! If I can’t kill them once, I’ll kill them twice! If I can’t kill them twice, then ten times! A hundred times! Thousands of times…until you run out of your time, you’ll be trembling all alone!” 

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