Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 73


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 73, Doomsday.

In the underground shelter room of the capital, a lot of the people were crowded here. Hiding from the zombies that were wreaking havoc in the capital city. With the shelter’s dim crimson light, the atmosphere was depressing.

All sorts of people sat here or stood there. They had only one purpose: to stay alive and get away from those zombies amidst this virus disaster that was sweeping the country.

That’s right, sweeping the country. 

Some talked and whispered in low voices, while others closed their eyes and prayed. The believers asked their Gods to shelter them. While others begged their government to protect them. 

“Everyone, it’s doomsday!! It’s doomsday!!” But some people were mentally broken from the hellish view. 

“Please calm down!”

The soldier in charge of the administration at the underground shelter walked towards the out-of-control citizen and held him down by the shoulders.

“Get off me! Let me out! The only thing you can do by staying here is to wait for death, and those zombies would kill you!”

The baby’s cries rang out in all directions as this citizen roared. Added to the gloom throughout the shelter. Men gritted their teeth, and the women shivered, confused for this country’s future, and this world.

Indeed, the virus was spreading. Zombies were devouring the human race step by step. Does that mean the world is really coming to an end? Just like in the movies? 

Of course, no!

The soldier used the butt of his rifle to knock the out-of-control citizen unconscious…he fell to the ground and quieted down, but the hearts of everyone present gradually began to sink to the bottom. The reason they didn’t despair was that there was still a glimmer of hope within them. The hope that this country could defeat the virus! The reason was that they had the ruler of the New Federation of China, the President that never lost a war! 

The clock was ticking, and all eyes went to the small television hanging on the shelter’s wall.

It was now 11.50 PM, 10 minutes away before the next day came. But it wasn’t the dawn that people were looking for. Instead, they were hoping for the reports that had become their daily necessity from a few days ago, the broadcast that they had almost grown tired of hearing. But now, they were incredibly eager to listen to it again. 

‘The virus has been successfully suppressed.’

‘Citizens… Please don’t worry.

And other messages…

Soon, at 12 PM and AM every day, the President himself would give a speech. Telling the New Federation citizens about how successful the virus suppression had been or how close to success it had been. Those who prayed opened their eyes. Those who wept dried their tears and almost all the citizens of the New Federation of China stopped what they were doing and looked intently at the screen.

Time turned slowly, and finally, the clock struck midnight. Quietly, the dark television screen flickered to reveal the President’s office. The news of the victory was very important for the crowds inside that were on the brink of despair.

The President’s figure finally appeared on the screen. Everyone inside the shelter breathed a sigh of relief almost at the same time. But… in the next second, they clearly saw what was presented on the screen!

It was a cross… A tall steel cross erected. Scarlet blood flowed down from the chest of the man named Su Wuye. The Majestic Su Wuye was now quietly tied to the cross.


“What the hell is going on here!!!”


Everyone couldn’t believe their eyes and shuddered to know why this was happening. The…pillar of the New Federation of China had crumbled.

“That’s right. It’s your President, Su Wuye.” 

An unfamiliar voice echoed in everyone’s ears, and the camera swiveled to return to the President’s office once again. However, the one sitting at the desk seat was not Su Wuye… but an unfamiliar face. His cheeks were pale as if it were bloodless. Scarlet eyes gazing derived at the camera, his lips cracked open, revealing his sharp shark-like teeth. 

Right now, Lucius was speaking what he always wanted to say in front of the citizens of the New Federation of China!”

“Good night, ladies and gentlemen. You must be wondering who I am, right? Why am I sitting here, and why was your President nailed at the cross and became a corpse, and where did those viruses come? Where did the things that made you despair come from…” Lucius held up a finger.

“There’s only one answer, and that’s me… I did all of that! I’m the one who spread the virus that allowed those zombies to wreak havoc in this world, making your comfortable daily life crumbles.”

“I’m the one who killed your loved ones, your lovers, and your friends! Likewise, the same man who killed your beloved, feared, and respected President, Su Wuye!”

Lucius’s words reverberated throughout the entire New Federation of China. And not only at the New Federation, everyone in the entire world was in an uproar. Questioning, denying, fearing, despairing, all sorts of emotions were growing within the humans.

“You can believe it or don’t. Whatever.” Lucius was laughing as he spoke. “But what I’m going to do next. After killing your loved ones, after killing your President, after plunging the New Federation into a living hell…”

“…is…killing you.”

Lucius intently gazed at the camera as if he were directly locked eyes with those who watched the broadcast. 

“Don’t look at each other, don’t look back, don’t hold the thoughts that the people I’m referring to were around you. It’s you! You humans!” 

“It’s not a terrorist attack or a coup. I want nothing more than to kill all of you, humans. That’s all.”

Just purely… to kill…

Not for status, nor money.

Just… to kill…

“Is this guy crazy!?!”

“Why would he do that?!”

“I don’t have any problem with this guy…”

“I’m innocent…”

Some citizens begin to wonder why…some didn’t even know who Lucius was, and now they heard that Lucius wanted to drive them to extinction.

Why? For what? I’m innocent…

“Why have you survived in this world, why are you standing here now…” As if answering some people’s questions, Lucius spread out his hands.

“What you once had, a peaceful and comfortable life, a family, the right to walk the entire world…”

“For what? Why do you own these?” Lucius questioned them, “Because you humans…are the masters of this world, and everything in this world must obey you? Obey you?! But what did it cost?”

“You may swear in your hearts that you are innocent and have not harmed any ‘person’! But…what about others than wasn’t humans? Other than your own kind?”

“There are millions of creatures in the world, and you, who rule this world, have the right to slaughter them at will! Because you need their flesh and blood to keep you alive! And you don’t feel bad about it because it’s the right thing to do! You, at the top of the food chain, take these massacres for granted! Kill them, eat them… I’m sure many of you have had a good dinner, right? Isn’t it wonderful to be on top of the world and deliberately deprive other beings of their lives?”

“The meat tastes delicious, doesn’t it? The blood tastes delicious, doesn’t it? It’s wonderful to be on top of the world, looking down on other species, right?”

What Lucius wanted to say…

“But from now on, you are no longer a species at the top of this food chain! The world is no longer yours to rule! Your status will change from the predator to the hunted. Experience it! Feel it! Hiding all day for fear of being caught and killed…”

Lucius did not reveal his true identity, nor did he give away his reasons for doing what he did. Because there was no need to do that. Why should a human pity a vampire? It was the same reason why Lucius should not sympathize with a human.

“Humans, it’s the doomsday. The end of this world has begun. Struggle hard for the mere life you have left! For those who were caught by the zombies will be gnawed away into nothing! Not a bone left!”

Finally, the TV screen suddenly went off completely, and the entire New Federation of China, and the whole world, fell into a strange silence.

“It’s… it’s a lie, right? It must have been some kind of terrorist attack or something? The President’s corpse was a double, too, right?”

“The doomsday is really coming…”

“Who is that guy?”

Some people were making their own comments. But the countries outside the New Federation of China reacted differently. 


“God, can you believe it? Those hard pillars of the New Federation have been chewed up by one man! Even that horrible man was killed!”

It was noon in the USA. The sun hung high in the sky. They had constantly been monitoring the New Federation of China. Right now, they already knew the situation in the New Federation of China. USA’s top ranks officers held an urgent meeting.

“It’s definitely a terrorist attack. Destroying humanity and bringing the doomsday? Ha, that guy must be dreaming. But the situation in the New Federation of China was certainly in complete turmoil. What about military intervention?” 

“Let’s observe again.”

While these top world leaders were arguing, an alarm suddenly sounded throughout the conference room.

The phone in front of the defense minister general who had proposed military intervention suddenly rang. He immediately picked it up and connected to the phone.

“Nuclear strike response detected thirty minutes ago!!!”

“What?!” He called out in astonishment, “From where? Where is the location?”

Which country was it? Did they want World War IV?!

“It’s… from… the New Federation of China!” There was an incredulous voice on the phone, “Landing… landing… in 5 locations!” 

He almost lost his grip on the phone. Five nuclear missiles? What was the New Federation of China trying to do this time? Do you want to destroy the world?!

“Get me the DoD! Intercept it! It doesn’t matter even if it exploded over another country!”

The technology has advanced to the point where it is now entirely possible to launch nuclear missiles to another country. But the problem is, it’s too easy to expose it and even easier to intercept…

Anyway, they had to stop it first. But…

“No response from DoD…”

“What?!” He stood up from the shock. “What the hell is going on?!”

“They were all destroyed… according to the recorded surveillance camera, all personnel in the Department of Defense are… all dead!!!”

“It’s not April Fool’s Day!” He almost crushed the phone.

But suddenly…

“Indeed. This… isn’t April Fool’s Day.”

Suddenly, a man in a black jacket with a hood stood in the doorway. His hands transformed into pitch-black claws stained with scarlet blood, and his eyes under the hood radiated with a murderous light.

“You…” the phone fell to the floor.

“I’m sorry, Mr. President…”

Alex’s claws were about to rip apart everyone in front of him when the sound of lightning flashes suddenly exploded out of the doorway and struck Alex.

The USA…also had powerful Espers.


A strangely dressed figure appeared from the doorway. Alex stood up to look at the fallen officials and took another look at the presence in front of him. A red light flickered from Alex’s body, it looked like it was about to burst out of him!

The Esper immediately sensed a danger approaching! 


Alex let out a horrifying growl, and suddenly, dozens of scarlet tentacles emerged from his body. Completely crushing the building, the ground, and humans! The roof collapsed as the walls crumbled. 

Alex ended it all! This was the power he possessed after devouring an A-ranked Esper! 

It’s starting. The world… starting to change. After retracting his tentacles, Alex looked at the ruined Congress and already knew what’s about to come. 


About a minute after the speech.

Arthas stood behind Lucius, silently watching her master. Since she was a servant, Arthas followed Lucius everywhere. 

Lucius was rarely truly feeling happy. Most of the time, his smile was just a disguise to get humans to let their guard down. Or when he was excited about a bloodbath. 

It was rare to see her master to actually feel happy. But today, Arthas saw it. 

On top of the skyscraper building in the New Federation of China’s capital, Lucius stood on the edge of the building, looking at the bustling city below. The wind was blowing, fluttered his clothes and hair. He held a glimmering pendant in his hand.

The dark-colored night sky was about to end. 

Arthas was wondering what Lucius was going to do. 

The sun slowly rose from the horizon…

No, it’s not the sun!!!

Arthas’ eyes widened at the orange glow that slowly rose over the horizon! 

That’s not the sunlight! Instead, it was an explosion! A violent explosion that all humans feared! And it wasn’t just once. The ‘sun’ appeared a few times all over the world, covering the world with explosions of the same power! 

Destruction… he’s destroying this world while mankind was trembling under the catastrophe. 

What rises over the horizon represents destruction… despair… 

Lucius held the pendant tightly in his hand, smiling both delightedly and maliciously. 

“It worked… I… made it! It really worked!” 

Leading this world into the doomsday…

Lucius was so excited he fell to his knees. Holding the pendant tightly on his chest as the glistening liquid dripped from the corner of his scarlet eyes. “Soon, Ji’er… I’ll be able to see you soon…”

Not too soon! Not even close!

Today is the day that will be written in history. The day that mankind had fallen into the Age of Doom. The day this Earth has been reduced to a barren wasteland. 

The doomsday came.

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