Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 72


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Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 72, The Final Battle.

Who hadn’t seen snow before? 

Just now, molten magma was raging in this place. But now, in the blink of an eye, it was instantly engulfed in ice and snow. Everything in sight turned into ice and blue color. Su Lei fully understood the teenage girl’s power. But that’s not all. 

A sudden shriek was heard from the sky. What kind of creature was that? Su Lei looked at the otherworldly creature. Dragon! A giant dragon… although only its skeleton remains, it didn’t diminish its full power.

This group of giant dragons roared furiously in the sky, marking their arrival. Turning the New Federation of China’s troops that were rushing to support into eternal ice by their frosty breaths coming out of the dragon’s mouth.


The dragon’s appearance astonished him, but then the creatures that kept crawling out from the underground were a shock—an endless sea of skeletons whose eyes were burning with blue soul fire. The Lich King’s most loyal warriors had once again resurrected into this world. They picked up their rusty swords to fight alongside the king once again!

Arthas stood in the center of the calamity. Her long, silvery-white hair and cloak fluttered with the wind. Her burgundy eyes gazed solemnly at the frozen earth.

Su Lei froze. What…what’s going on here? Why do creatures that would only exist in legends suddenly emerged? It was all too much for him. Who is she?

“That child’s name is Arthas Menethil.” Lucius’ voice rang out amidst the bitterly cold wind, before appearing behind frightened Su Lei. “She might not look like it, but she was once the princess who led an army to wage war across the country. A princess from another world.” 

Lucius glanced at Su Lei, whose body was broken and beaten. His two arms were no longer usable, his other physical function plummeted due to excessive power outbursts. The Black Light virus infection had penetrated his body’s defense and wreaked havoc inside of him. Soon, Su Lei would turn into a mindless monster, whose soul had been devoured by the virus.

“This is… your power?” Su Lei listened to the sounds of artillery fire around him. The Scourge was fighting the New Federation of China’s troops. The situation was tricky, but the Scourge can hold them off for now.

“You’re my power too, Su Lei.” Lucius bent down to look at frowned Su Lei. Who was suffering from the pain of the Black Light virus invasion? 

But now, he was useless. The damage to his body was too severe. Now, the virus had gradually devoured his body. But it didn’t matter.

“I’ll finish what I started.”

He was just a tool anyway. Lucius’ goal had been accomplished, now, Su Wuye was frozen into ice sculpture by Arthas. He would be the one who delivered the final blow to Su Wuye.

“Lucius! Wait!!!” Su Lei was about to say something. But the pain holds him back.

It’s too late for regrets now, Major Su Lei. Lucius turned around and stepped on the frozen ground, heading towards the ice sculpture. Hiding the nail that could seal his bloodline behind him.

To shape a steel, he needs to forge it. But Lucius understood, he was facing a man who could control steel at will. 

Even though he was frozen in ice that could freeze his soul, he’s still alive. Su Wuye had the ability to break free from the ice prison, but he didn’t. He waited quietly, just like a sleeping beast, waiting for its ignorant prey to come to his pounce range and finish it with one pounce.

Su Wuye’s ability was to turn everything around him into cold steel, no matter what it was. But he was just like Su Lei, who could only turn the other person if he could touch him. What if he couldn’t touch Lucius? 

You can’t kill me. Lucius stepped forward to the man, his heartbeat began to race in front of Su Wuye.

As expected.

Just as Lucius arrived in front of him, Su Wuye broke through the ice sculpture and grabbed Lucius’ neck. Su Wuye thought as long as he could touch Lucius, he could kill him. But it’s no use! Lucius was about to turn into the blood to avoid Su Wuye’s arm when suddenly a figure appeared before him.

Blood that wasn’t his splashed all over Lucius’ face. Lucius’ eyes widened as he stared at the figure with disbelief.

Su Lei… his chest was impaled by the enemy’s arm.

Why?! Lucius was stunned. 

Are you an idiot? Didn’t I tell you death doesn’t exist for me? But why…

“…..” Su Lei was silent. He stretched out his hideous infected arm to grab Su Wuye’s hand that was impaling his chest. Hot air escalated as he exerted his power.

“You fool!” Su Wuye roared as Su Lei’s body began to turn into steel, spreading from his heart, at the cost of his own life…


After Su Lei said the word, Lucius was isolated entirely from this world by the scorching heat that beats even hellfire!

Flames rose up before Lucius, purifying the frost-covered world!

You… you’re kidding! I’m not even going to die!

Lucius gritted his teeth and reached out his hand, but the scorching flames rejected him, the burning pain stopped in an instant. That’s why Lucius hated humans. Humans were creatures ruled by their emotions, they were really troublesome to death! 

The scorching heat that represented the last remains of Su Lei’s life turned from a burning amber into an icy silvery white. The flame… turned into steel. Absorbed by steel!

“Foolish man!” An ear-piercing roar echoed throughout the area. 

The steel shattered, revealing Su Wuye and Su Lei, who had fallen to the ground. Su Lei’s chest had turned into steel, and Su Wuye’s feet were stepping on top of it.

“Humans have ruled the earth for millions of years! We have always dominated the earth! And will always be!” Su Wuye crushed Su Lei’s shoulder with a kick and furiously glanced at Lucius.

“That’s the end of this foolish man! Monster! It’s time for you to pay for your sins against humanity! I will deliver the judgment with my own hands!”

As Su Wuye stepped forward, the ground beneath him turned into silvery-white steel. Froze the Scourge and the skeleton dragon who was roaming the sky. Everything that didn’t belong to humans was wrapped in the silvery-white sheen, turning into a lifeless steel sculpture.

The troops from the New Federation of China flooded the square like a tidal wave, overthrowing the steel statues. 

Lucius was surrounded by humans…

The corner of his lips lifted up with an inexplicable excitement.

“Sin? Tell me, Mr. President”, Lucius walked towards the man. “Do you know what happens to steel when it’s heated?”

“All I know is that you’re going to die!” 

Su Wuye lunged at Lucius, so was Lucius.

Su Wuye raised his hand upwards and grabbed Lucius’ neck, then, a silvery-white hue spread down from Lucius’ neck. His flesh turned into steel at an incredible speed.

Su Wuye didn’t kill Lucius. He knew that the monster can’t be killed! The monster won’t die! So this was the only way to block him…

But suddenly…

His power was…

Lucius wore an eerie smirk on his face. He raised his normal arm holding the nail. But he didn’t stab his enemy! Instead, he stabbed himself!

After his death, he will be reborn. All damages will be healed. He killed himself with the iron nail though his brain in order to remove the steel from his body.


His laughter kept echoing throughout the capital city…

Lucius, who had been strangled by Su Wuye, had once again been reborn after death.

Returning his flesh into a pool of blood and falling to the ground.

“Useless!” Su Wuye stepped on the ground. Quickly turned the pool of water into steel. “Where are you now? Die!!!”

A drop of blood formed Lucius’ body mid-air. His scarlet eyes glowed in the night sky, he stabbed Su Wuye’s heart with the nail on his hand! But Su Wuye stepped on the ground beneath his feet, a large number of sharp steel spikes emerged from the earth and pierced Lucius’ body. Lucius, whose body was pierced by the spikes, dropped the nail to the ground. As his blood flowed, he turned into a pool of blood!

Just as Su Wuye was about to land another attack, his pupils shrunk! 

“Cough!!” Su Wuye coughed up a mouthful of blood, and a terrified expression appeared on his face. In his eyes, he saw Lucius’ malicious smile. A nail stabbed his heart. Wounded the undefeated God of War, who had ruled the New Federation of China.

Su Wuye took a few steps back, looking incredulously at his chest. 

“Su…. Su Lei!!!!” He turned to the man who had driven the nail into him and roared. 

Su Lei was expressionless. His infected arm still hung mid-air.

“You traitor!! You’re a traitor to the entire human race!!! No humans… No humans will ever forgive you!! Su Lei!!!”

Su Wuye covered his chest, falling to his knees. Even if he was incredibly strong, he couldn’t resist the power of the nail. It was the nail that killed Jesus!

Finally, Su Wuye’s tall body fell to the ground. The man who ruled with an iron mind and fist, mankind’s best leader, was killed by a nail forged by mankind. 

Su Lei, who had used up his body’s last strength, also fell backward to the ground.

The sky was hazy. Snow descended softly from the sky, falling on Su Lei’s face. Real snow this time. His warm body began to lose its warmth. His life force had dimmed out as the Blacklight virus had completely taken over Su Lei’s body.

A figure stood in front of him, blocking the snow…

“It’s all over… everything’s over. Nice work, Su Lei.” Lucius’ scarlet luster was reflected in Su Lei’s eyes. Along with silvery-white muzzles aimed at his brain.

“As a human… you don’t want to become those monsters, aren’t you?”

Humans? Su Lei coughed a few times. Not sure what he should say… he wasn’t qualified to be a human. He was no longer a part of the human race.

“Lucius…” Su Lei spoke the man’s name.

“What?” Lucius had already loaded his gun. His hand rested on the trigger, ready to end the human’s life named Su Lei.

“Are we… friends?”

Friends? You’re just a tool in my hands! You’re just a tool! Lucius’ hand trembled, gazed at Su Lei’s eyes, whose light had faded. Finally…

“Yes.. a friend. You’re my best friend, Su Lei…’

“Good…” He gently closed his eyes.

Gunshot pierced the silent night. The first snow of the capital city was colored in blood. The bullet ran through Su Lei’s brain, ending the legendary major’s life.


The gun fell from Lucius’ hands. Suddenly, Su Lei’s body was wrapped in a glistening ice crystal, freezing his body in the ice coffin.

“Master…” Arthas stood behind Lucius. She had taken care of all the New Federation of China’s troops. 

Lucius’ hand brushed over the ice-forged coffin. 

“Bury this Major, no… Su Lei. He’s a tool worth memorializing.” 


So why would he bury him?

Without asking any more questions, Arthas summoned a few skeleton soldiers to drag the coffin into the netherworld graveyard. 

Lucius looked up to the sky where the snow had fallen and looked at the corpse of Su Wuye on the ground. 

“Let’s go, Ar… It’s time to write the final chapter of this world.” 

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