Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 75


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 75, Visitors From The Otherworld.


From Arthas’ impression as the Lich King, they were a creature of shadows, hidden in the darkness. As creatures that were represented by bats, they were supposed to have the homecoming nature of bats. But… the vampire named Lucius was a bit different. Instead of creating a stronghold or something like that, he now traveled around the world with Yuri, who had now evolved into a Virus Matrix. However, he was looking for a temporary stronghold after arriving in Italy. It was a large, deserted manor. 

After the doomsday, the world was covered in a layer of fog. Thick dust covered everything, but this manor was different. Aside from the lack of greeneries, the manor was surprisingly clean. 

Arthas stood at the entrance of the manor and gently pushed open the door. The sound of rotting wood creaking resounded through the hall. Under the shadows, the figure that was standing in the middle of the hall turned around. 

“Welcome back, Ar…” Not much had changed from Lucius in two months. 

“Un…” Arthas nodded silently, her personality was quiet in the first place. She wasn’t good at expressing her inner thoughts. But right now, she was curious about the stone that Alex held in his hands. 

“That…” Arthas was about to open her mouth.

“Uwaaaa…” A small child’s cries suddenly rang out in the middle of this hall as the side door of the hall was slammed open, and a tiny figure ran out of it.

“Master Lucius! Help me!”

“What’s wrong, Yuri?” Lucius looked at the figure hiding behind him. The Virus Matrix was captured two months ago. It was the consciousness of the Black Light virus with the ability to manipulate legions of zombies. The reason why the world was devoured by the virus. A large part of the credit should be given to Yuri, who gave the intelligence to the zombies whose brains had rotted away.

But this Virus Matrix is now like a child, no, he is a child. Yuri was naked since he turned into the Virus Matrix, he disliked wearing human clothing. 

“Umm…” The cat ears on top of Arthas’ long silver-white hair stood up sharply as she watched the scene…

“Miss Kurumi…Miss Kurumi, she…” Yuri gripped Lucius’ corner tightly and looked at the room in fear.

“Bad boy, you shouldn’t run away…”

The spirit… who had been killed hundreds of times by Lucius, Tokisaki Kurumi, now walked out of the room, holding a very cute looking medieval dress. 

“I think you looked cute in this dress. Why are you running?” Kurumi held the woman’s dress in her hand towards Yuri. 

“I…I’m a boy!!!” Yuri blushed and defended, “There’s no way I’m wearing that!!!”

“But the Virus Matrix was genderless, right?” Kurumi approached Yuri, who was hiding behind Lucius with tears on the corner of his eyes. “But you look so cute, it’s a pity for a boy to have such a cute look. Just accept the reality,” 

“No!!! Please don’t! It’s not appropriate, right? Master Lucius, help me!” 

Yuri could only rely on Lucius.  

“Kurumi, have you had enough of your dress-up game?”

Lucius thought it was really a miracle that this girl could talk to him face to face, just like a friend.

“Of course not. Mr. Lucius, don’t tell me that you actually like this type? Cute boy or something.” Kurumi teased Lucius without hesitation. 

It is entirely impossible to see that a few months ago, the two people fought each other with the idea of ​​killing each other.

“As a food, I think you should be a little more calm, right?”

“Then, as a food, shouldn’t you become a bit more frugal? Recently, Mr. Lucius’ strange taste had increased…”

Lucius treated Kurumi like a walking blood bank, and Kurumi treated Lucius like food. After the doomsday, the world had fallen into chaos, and the human number declined sharply. Women, who were weaker, declined in numbers even more dramatically. So, it was hard for Lucius to find food. 

During the two months, Lucius would fight Tokizaki Kurumi once every week on an average basis. Regardless of the outcome, both of them were immortal monsters, they can’t kill one another. But the recent battle seemed to have come to the edge of the knife. The gun collision turned into an argument. It might sound silly, but that’s how it was. Lucius needed her blood, and Kurumi needed his time. 

She seemed to have never confronted humans in this world. She single-mindedly wanted to gather enough power to travel through time and space and return to her original world. So hunting humans to ingest their world became her goal. It just so happens to coincide with Lucius’ goal. So the current Kurumi was Lucius’ enemy, but they can face each other as friends in normal times.

“I don’t have time to quarrel with you. If you want to gather enough power so you can return, you better stay quiet.” 

“Oooh… So scary.” The dress in her hand suddenly disappeared, and she walked towards the door. Looking over her shoulder, “What did you tell them to ask for those pathetic humans?”

Alex stood expressionlessly in the doorway and tossed the lustrous azure stone in his hand to Lucius. Lucius stretched out his hand to catch the stone…

“It’s…glowing…like something terrible is sleeping… ” 

Yuri was curiously examining the stone in Lucius’s hand. As a Virus Matrix, Yuri had a very keen intuition for living things. Arthas also cast her puzzled gaze at Lucius. Everyone present wanted to know what kind of item that made Lucius had rushed from Great Britain to Italy.

“A life from another world.” Lucius tossed the stone in his hand up into the sky, before falling into his hand. He examined the patterns on it, “This world isn’t as simple as you think.”

One by one, Lucius’ gaze swept over Arthas, Alex, and Kurumi. 

“Don’t you think that this world is a bit scary?” Lucius had been feeling strange all along.

“A bit scary?” Alex really wanted to spit out something like ‘it’s because of you’ or something like that.

“Ah… In this world, there are slightly more visitors from the Otherworld.”

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